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Introduction to Linux programming tools C compiler and C programming tools (1)

The release of Linux contains many software development tools, many of which are used for C and C ++ application development. This article introduces the features that can be used for C application development and debugging in Linux. tool the purpose of this article is to introduce how to use the C compiler in Linux Th

Introduction to Linux programming tools C compiler and C programming tools (1)

The Linux release contains many software development tools. many of them are used for C and C ++ application development. this article describes the tools that can be used for C application development and debugging in Linux. the purpose of this article is to introduce how to use the C compiler and other C

Linux Learning Notes 4:linux task scheduling, process management, MySQL installation and use, use of SSH tools, Linux network programming

bufferedwriter (OSW); PrintWriter pw=new PrintWriter (bw,true); Send Pw.println ("Hello Wrold");Read the information returned by the server side InputStreamReader isr=new inputstreamreader (Sk.getinputstream ());//can read information sent from the client Bufferreader br= New Bufferreader (ISR);//For better reading, put it into the BufferreaderString response=br.readline ();//Read it outSYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN ("Server response is:::" +response); }catch (Exception e) {e.printstacktrace (); } }}

Linux Programming Learning: Linux operations must-have system tools

, IfconfigIfconfig is a built-in tool for configuring network interfaces. Most network monitoring tools use Ifconfig to set the network card into chaotic mode to capture all packets. You can manually perform ifconfig eth0 Promisc into chaos mode, using Ifconfig Eth0-promisc to return to normal mode.8, UlimitUlimit is a built-in tool that monitors system resources and can limit any monitoring resources to be exceeded. For example, to do a forkxxx, if t

Introduction to Several Linux programming tools

Linux provides many Linux programming tools, including: 1. editing tool, 2. compilation tool, 3. software Tools, 4. development Kit, 5. project management tools are described below. 1. editing tool for

Introduction to Linux programming tools

Intel will release some Linux programming tools on Thursday to enable Linux programs to run better on the microprocessor it produces. The following is a detailed description of these tools. 1. editing tool for Linux

Two auxiliary programming tools perf and GDB under Linux

to record each symbol.Perf is a program performance detection tool built into the Linux kernel. The specific source code should be found in the kernel.Before using a graph system to run the experiment, found that multi-threading performance is poor, but can not find bottlenecks, using perf can easily see, is omp_barrier_wait_end, through the search can know that this function is OpenMP synchronous method, then can infer the problem in OpenMP task ass

Network Programming learning in linux-network debugging tools

Network Programming learning in linux-network debugging tool-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. For details, refer to the following section. Before starting network learning, it is necessary to know how to use some common network

Summary of common usage of programming tools in Linux

This evening, I got familiar with the programming tools in Linux, including VI, emacs, GCC, GDB, makefile, and autotools. Initial involvementIn Linux, none of the above tools can be fully sophisticated at half past one, but often each tool has some commands that can be used

Linux Network Programming-----> Project Management Tools----->makefile

1. Background in Linux under the written C or C + +, when the file is small, we can be compiled into a single executable file to complete, but there are many files, especially a file because the call to a file function and need to include the compilation, then the individual compilation is very laborious, It's time to have Project management tools----->makefile. With a large number of IDES (integrated devel

Linux under Programming tools

"Delete execute file and object file ..."Rm-f $ (OBJECTS) MainAttached. Suffixes:.c. o #表示任何x. c files associated with the X.O fileMake uses implicit inference rules/generate multiple executables#示例-Generate multiple executables 1. Phony:clean AllBIN = 01test 02testAll: $ (BIN)Clean-rm-f $ (BIN)#示例-Generate multiple Executables 2-generate the. o Intermediate file using your own custom rules.. Phony:clean AllBIN = 01test 02testOBJECTS = $ (BIN:=.O)All: $ (BIN)01test.o:01test.c02test.o:02test.cCl

Array and string processing tools for Linux-shell programming

/#PATTER}: Deletes the first string of the Var row by the pattern match.${var/%patter}: Deletes the end of the Var line by the pattern-matching string.Case conversion:${var^^}: Converts all lowercase characters in Var to uppercase.${var,}: Converts all uppercase characters in Var to lowercase.Variable assignment:${var:-value}: Return value if var variable is empty or not set, otherwise returns the value of var variable${var:=value}: If the var variable is empty or not set, return value and assig

Learning Linux programming with me (iii) ------ tools

This time I will talk about the remaining two tools.Emacs is a heavyweight editor in Linux. In fact, it is not just an editor. You can regard it as an integrated development environment, which will be mentioned at the end of the article. Emacs is designed to focus on editing. It provides support for shell and other tools, but is completed in its editing environment. There are a lot of shortcut keys for a st

Debug GCC programs using gdb in Linux programming tools

The Linux programming tool contains a GNU debugging program called gdb. gdb is a powerful debugger used to debug C and C ++ programs. it enables you to observe the internal structure and memory usage of the program while the program is running. the following are some functions provided by gdb:It enables you to monitor the value of variables in your program.It enables you to set breakpoints so that the progr

Summary of programming tools in Linux

Linux programming tool Summary-Linux general technology-Linux programming and kernel information, the following is a detailed description. SED and AWK In general, sed is a more advanced data stream pattern matching and processing tool than grep, but its basic operations a

Introduction to programming tools in Linux

interprets it as value), date (display and set the system date and time) clear) Chapter 3 common Linux server configurations 1. FTP server and NFS server Chapter iv vi and VIM 1. VI installation and configuration Install Ubuntu Vim Configuration File Location Set syntax highlighting Set Windows C/C ++ auto indent (Add the following set statement to Ubuntu Vim) 2. Move the screen 3. move the cursor by words 4. move the cursor by sentence 5. move the

Linux Shell Advanced Programming Tips 2----shell tools

"ExitProcess" 2hold1=/tmp/hold1.$ $HOLD 2=/tmp/hold2.$ $function exitprocess () { echo-e "\ Nrecived Interrupt .... " echo-n" Do you really wish to exit? ( y/n) " read ANS case $ANS in y|y) rm_tmp_file ;; N|n) ;; *) exitprocess ;; Esac}function Rm_tmp_file () { echo "2.4.evalBrief introductionThe eval command will first scan the command line for all permutations before executing the command. This command applies to variables that sca

Highlights of efficient Java programming tools and Java programming tools

Highlights of efficient Java programming tools and Java programming tools Java developers often find ways to write Java code faster and make programming easier. At present, more and more efficient programming

Linux development tools-gdb (I) and linux development tools-gdb

Linux development tools-gdb (I) and linux development tools-gdbIii. gdb debugging (I) 01.gdb: gdb is short for GNU debugger and is a programming debugging task. Function: start the program and run the program as needed according to user-defined requirements; the program to b

Options for professional tools such as programming languages/programming software, etc.

Previously, I was always keen to learn the choices of professional and various tools such as programming language/programming software. Learn single-chip tangled assembly/C, ICC/GCC, learning embedded when tangled ucos/linux, Learning plc Tangled Simens/rockwell, LD/SFC, learning electrical and tangled cad/sw-e. Now it

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