linux server not responding to ping

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Verify that the Linux system receives and responds to the ping package

Simply to find that a system can not be ping, need to confirm that the server received a PING packet is not responding, or it did not receive a ping packetExecute the following command on a Linux systemTcpdump-i eth0 ICMP-I: Specifies which network

Users can ping and tracert through the website, but can't open

Problem Description:Recently replaced upgraded server, there has been a problem, is that many users can ping and tracert through our site, but when the landing is not normal, occasionally refresh can open, very abnormal.Catch packet found that the

Simple configuration of Linux Server for NFS 6.8

Concise configuration of Linux Server for NFSI. Introduction TO Services for NFS NFS is the abbreviation for the network file system, which is the web filesystem. A contract for the decentralized file system, developed by Sun, was announced

High-performance Linux Web cluster builds detailed steps up to million requests per second

This tutorial is more detailed, can be said to be hands-on, so if you have the need to do not start, please put some patience to read How do I generate millions other HTTP requests per second?Load Generation tool (Load-generating tools)One

Linux security configuration steps

Brief Introduction to Linux security configuration steps-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. I. Disk partitioning 1. If the system is newly installed, consider the security of

Red Hat Linux Security Settings

Windows Server 2003 system configuration Scheme Network security means that the hardware, software, and data in the network system are protected from accidental or malicious damages, changes, and leaks, and the system runs continuously, reliably,

CS Comprehensive Introduction and problem solving _cs script

Server connectivity Issues Your Counter-Strike executable is out of date. Counter -Strike'll now update to the current version It means your CS version and server version do not match, please upgrade Workaround: Upgrade version LAN severs are

Linux Server Basic Security Configuration manual _linux

If you want to build a Linux server, and want to be able to maintain long-term, you need to consider security performance and speed, and many other factors. A proper Linux basic Security Configuration manual is particularly important. In my article

Red Hat Linux Security Settings Method _linux

Windows Server 2003 System configuration Scenario Network security refers to the network system hardware, software and its system data is protected from accidental or malicious reasons to be destroyed, changed, leaked, the system continuously

System security policies for preventing buffer overflow attacks in Linux

Buffer overflow attacks are currently one of the most common attacks by hackers. to cope with the emerging buffer overflow attacks, we have studied how to prevent buffer overflow in Linux, summarizes the security policies for preventing buffer

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