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What you need to know before you learn a shell script

Knowledge before learning shell scripts1) Record command historyThe commands we've knocked on, Linux will be recorded, and presets can record 1000 historical commands. These commands are saved in the. bash_history file in the user's home directory.

Instructions for using the Linux system Sleep command

Sleep, which means sleeping, is used primarily to delay the time of a shell script in a Linux system, or to use it in a Windows system where the following small series describes the usage of the Read command in a Linux system, and distinguishes

Linux Sleep command parameters and usage--linux hibernate delay execution Command __linux

Use Rights: All usersUse mode: Sleep [--help] [--version] NUMBER[SMHD]Description: Sleep can be used to delay the current action for a period of timeParameter description:--HELP: Display auxiliary messages--version: Display version numberNumber:

Linux Shell sleep/wait (reprint)

Linux Shell sleep/wait (reprinted) 2007-04-27 18:12Bash's basic configuration is made up of configuration files./etc/profile is called a global configuration file for the shell.Another file in the personal directory under the personal

Uninterruptible Sleep (D) status "Go" for Linux processes

Transferred from: of the processes running in the KVM virtual machine are suddenly out of the question, and the problematic process cannot be killed with kill, and using PS you

Review shell scripts

What is a shell script. First, it is a script and cannot be used as a formal programming language. Because it's running in the shell of Linux, it's called a shell script. To be blunt, a shell script is a collection of commands. For example, I want

Basic knowledge before learning shell scripts [Image and text]

In daily linux system management, shell scripts are indispensable. If you do not write shell scripts, you are not a qualified administrator. At present, many organizations are required to write shell scripts when recruiting linux system

The basics before you learn shell scripting

Reprinted from: The basics before you learn Shell scriptingA shell script is essential for everyday Linux system management, and if you don't write a shell script, you're not a qualified administrator. At

Random Talk about shell scripts

I. about the shellShell, English is shell, the meaning of the shell, as in the computer, there is also a layer of meaning, that is, the shell can be seen as a computer system encapsulation of the shell for the user to use, so the user can manipulate

Basics of learning shell scripts [graphic]_linux shell

A shell script is essential to day-to-day Linux system management, and if you don't write a shell script, you're not a qualified administrator. At present, many units in the recruitment of Linux system administrators, Shell script writing is a must

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