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Seven years of conflict between Windows and Linux

Conflict 1: Linux and Windows are completely different. You will be surprised by the similar complaints from so many people about Linux. They rush to Linux and want to find a free and open-source version of Windows. Generally, this is what the avid

Top ten IT rivals: Linux stand-alone Win Google vs everyone

As the saying goes, "the waves of the Yangtze river go forward, and the waves die on the beach." We can see that IT predecessors are getting old, some are in the middle of the rich age, and some are the younger generation of FengHua zhengmao, in

Desktop Linux: Closed source VS open source

Desktop Linux operating system: Closed source VS open source-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. For more information, see the following. 0: w (5 ( [ENet Silicon Valley Power Paper] Most IT people will first

Why did we succeed in Linux, not BSD?

Why did we succeed in Linux that year, instead of BSD-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information? For details, refer to the following. It has been quite some time since we started to touch Linux and occasionally try to

Use TypeScript to expand your VS Code !, Typescriptcode

Use TypeScript to expand your VS Code !, Typescriptcode0x00 Preface Microsoft held the Connect (); // 2015 Conference in New York, USA a few days ago. Through this conference, we are very happy to see that Microsoft has become more open and

Use VS Code to compile and debug C ++ projects in Linux, and use linuxvs

Use VS Code to compile and debug C ++ projects in Linux, and use linuxvs Recently, the project needs to develop C ++ related projects in Linux. After some exploration, I briefly summarized some precautions for compiling and debugging through VS Code.

Differences between Linux and Windows kernels

[Statement: you are welcome to repost it. For details, refer to the source Cu accessory] There are already many slots about Linux and Windows. This article attempts to compare the similarities

"Reprint" The difference between LINUX and the WINDOWS kernel

The difference between LINUX and the WINDOWS kernel[Disclaimer: Welcome reprint, reprint please specify from CU accessory]There are a lot of saliva stations on Linux and Windows. This paper

Use VS+VISUALGDB to compile the Linux version RCF (equivalent to Linux also has a COM version)

Read Catalogue Configuring Items with wizards Configuring the directory Structure Modify project configuration Add RCF source code Complete the configuration and compile Add a test program Adding test

debugging Linux programs with VS+VISUALGDB compilation

Read Catalogue Configuring virtual Machines Create Demo Editing and debugging Resources Linux program development is becoming more and more, more and more programs, products need cross-platform, and even some open source projects

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