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Youdao Translation official iOS version to increase the copy translation function easy to achieve cross application translation

In the new version of the Youdao iOS 1.3, the new copy translation function, become the first support across the application of the translation of paragraph translation applications, users only need to select the sentence or paragraph to be translated, click "Copy", you can achieve across the application translation. I

Use Baidu translation API for multilingual translation and Baidu translation api for implementation

Use Baidu translation API for multilingual translation and Baidu translation api for implementation Supported languages: China, Britain, China, Japan, China, Korea, China, France, China, China, West, China, Thailand, Thailand, China, China, Canada, China, Russia, China, Japan, Britain, Japan, Britain, Britain, Thailand, and Britain english, Western, Portuguese, P

Daily API Translation: Baidu translation and api Translation

Daily API Translation: Baidu translation and api Translation What is Baidu translation? Can I eat it? I believe many people are familiar with it. It is an essential part of our life.However, the Baidu translation development platform can only translate 2 million characters e

Postfix set the message header translation, the domain mail does not carry on the message header translation, only sends to the external network carries on the mail header translation?

Postfix set the message header translation, the domain mail does not carry on the message header translation, only sends to the external network carries on the mail header translation?Now set theSmtp_generic_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/= hash:/etc/postfix/== Static:allWill the mail sent to the local domain be translated as well? There is no setting to send only the

Translation software Youdao dictionary translation picture text method

translation software Youdao dictionary translation picture text method. when it comes to translation software, many people immediately think of a dictionary. And when we read the text on the picture, see the picture on the English want to know what it means, because the text is too long do not want to enter the query. The following small series for everyone to sh

NAT (network address translation, network addresses translation)

NAT (Network address translation) is the process of converting an IP address in an IP packet header to another IP address. In practical application, NAT is mainly used to realize the function of private network accessing public network. This way, by using a small number of public IP addresses to represent more private IP addresses, will help to slow the depletion of available IP address space Dnat Destination network addresses

Mobile QQ International version can be instant translation to support the 19 countries language translation

Although from the current situation, carrying Tencent internationalization is the micro-letter rather than mobile phone QQ, but the recent launch of the mobile phone QQ International version, but in the functional to internationalize a big step. The new version of the "QQ International" built in 7 languages, can be real-time translation of chat messages into foreign languages, support including Traditional Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, French, A

How to use Samsung I8580 s instant translation? An illustration of the use of S translation method

1. To ensure that the mobile phone can surf the state, we now enter the "Application."2. Left and then in the interface will see a "s instant translation" we click on it.3. Then we find "s instant translation" and then click "OK" as shown in the following figure.4. The use of S-instant translation needs to use the Samsung account only, we click "Login". (if you d

Linux Install translation software--stardict (King of Star Translation)

As we all know, what is the most effective when we learn new knowledge? Of course, crossing Web API, but a lot of APIs are in English, so we have to find translation software to help. Here is to take you to a very good translation software, also has the word function. 1. Installing StarDictThere are two ways to install in Ubuntu Search directly in the software center Using commands su

[Label] Translation [Javascript-translation] Seven steps to get you to write a better JavaScript code

the sandbox in an automated function closure, thus reducing the use of global variables, Keep the module code clear and concise by passing any external correlation. In addition, you must make your functions easier by using the published and easily tested third-party libraries and frameworks, separating all business logic code from your DOM manipulation and other view-layer code.Large multi-person projects must follow a set of coding specifications, such as Google's JavaScript Style Guide, and t

Develop your own translation tools based on the Baidu translation API

Do you use Web translation tools every day? Have you encountered this situation, the Internet process encountered a long word but can not copy, to open two browsers, one open Baidu translation, according to another page input word? After you have installed a variety of translation software, and then delete, just because you can not bear the ads every time you pla

Full-text translation of Bing Dictionary: English-Chinese translation of the Almighty King

The author's friend Xiao Zhao is a public relations company's clerk, because the customer has many foreign enterprises, often will contact some English related matters. Because of this, the translation of this matter has become a troublesome thing, although the English level of Zhao is not too bad, but also do not have too much material, translation is always powerless. Bing Dictionary Once, X

07: Machine Translation, 07: Machine Translation

07: Machine Translation, 07: Machine Translation7: Machine Translation View Submit Statistics Question Total time limit: 1000 ms Memory limit: 65536kB Description John installed a machine translation software on his computer. He often used it to translate English articles. The principle of this

English-Chinese translation requires only 2 steps WPS Office translation function

In modern society, English is often contacted in daily office, "What does this word mean?" "," the word translated into English how to say? "is a problem that we often encounter. How will you solve it? Pick up a dictionary and turn out the answer or buy a translation software? The money invested is not said to be time-consuming and laborious and not necessarily satisfactory, and may also cause compatibility problems. With WPS Office 2005, you can leav

How to use Yii::t () for text information translation and file translation in Yii framework

1. Set the localized languageIn the Protected/config folder under the main.php, do the following settings:Return Array ( ' BasePath ' =>dirname (__file__). Directory_separator. '. ', ' name ' = ' My Web application ', ' sourcelanguage ' = ' en_us ', ' language ' = > ' ZH_CN ',2. Define translation filesHere I use the PHP file to achieve text information translation (more ways to refer to the Yii

PHP calls the Youdao dictionary translation API to implement the translation function and code

PHP calls Youdao dictionary translation API to implement translation functions and code, where English can be translated and Chinese cannot be translated. what is the problem? Rush Keyfrom = cxvsdffd33 amp; key = 131 PHP call Youdao dictionary translation API to implement translation

How to implement language translation using Python translation scripts

The Python translation script can be used for translation in related languages. This is a very interesting thing. Next we will take a detailed look at the relevant writing process. I hope you will have some gains. Today, I suddenly wanted to write a translation script by myself. Unfortunately, Google provides APIs for network applications. In the book dive into p

Android use Youdao translation API real line translation function

In Android app, add the function of online translator, here is the Youdao translation API.Use Youdao translation API. First of all to apply for a key, the application address is: Youdao translation API application address.After applying, you will get a Keyfrom and a key. The data interface for obtaining the translation

How difficult is it translation? Correction of csdn Translation

Today fenng posted a Chinese translation of csdn on his microblog, "playback and reflection on the worst downtime accident in GitHub history". Http:// Based on my trust in fenng brand, I just clicked to have a look. The first section of the csdn translation is as follows ...... The open-source Chinese community translated some of the content of this blog post, but unfortunat

PHP calls Youdao dictionary translation API to implement translation functions and code

PHP calls Youdao dictionary translation API to implement translation functions and code, where English can be translated and Chinese cannot be translated. what is the problem? Urgent Http:// Keyfrom = cxvsdffd33 key = 1310976914 type = data doctype = xml version = 1.1 q = Chinese" Reply to discussion (solution) Encode keywords with urlencode. You can try using the url

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