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Python crawlers use cookies to simulate login instances.

Python crawlers use cookies to simulate login instances. Cookie refers to the data (usually encrypted) stored on the user's local terminal by some websites to identify users and track sessions ). For example, some websites need to log on to the website to obtain the information you want. If you do not log on to the website, you can use the Urllib2 library to save the previously logged-on cookies, load the c

List of tools for Python crawlers

the partition of a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) string between components (addressing scheme, network location, path, etc.), in order to combine components into a URL string, and convert the "relative URL" to an absolute URL, called the "base url".tldextract– accurately detaches the TLD from the registered domain and subdomain of the URL, using the public suffix list.2) Network Addressnetaddr– a python library for displaying and manipulating networ

PHP Demo login QQ mailbox to get QQ Friends List method

= Boolean//true is open, false mailbox not opened * Cookie = String//Get Data cookie * * ); * @return Array ( * Key=>value,//KEY:QQ, Value:nickname * ); */ function Getfriends ($param) { $friend = Array ( ' url ' = ' http: '/'. $param [' Server_no ']. '. $param [' Sid '], ' Header ' = True, ' Cookie ' = $param [' Cookie '], ' Referer ' = '

Job 1#python Multi-user login with list with three opportunities

1Username = ["Juebai","haha"]2Password = [123,456]3Count =04 whileCount :5_username = input ("User name:")6_password = Int (input ("Password:"))7 if_username = = Username[0] and_password = =Password[0]:8 Print("Login successful, welcome back! ")9 BreakTen elif_username = = Username[1] and_password = = Password[1]: One Print("Login successful, welcome back.") A Brea

IIS7 Publishing MVC3 encountered HTTP error 403.14-forbidden WEB server is configured not to list contents of this directory and login on failed for "IIS apppool\ v4.0" issue

" under the action Bar on the rightRequest Path: *Executable file: C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\aspnet_isapi.dllIn general, there will be no problem, or re-install FRAMEWORK4 bar.Question 2:After publishing, the login screen can be displayed, jump page Access database times wrong, login on failed for "IIS Apppool\ v4.0", found to be the "IIS apppool\ v4.0" Web page without acc

Linux SSH Login permanently added (RSA) to the list of known hosts problem resolution

Article from Http:// SSH login permanently added (RSA) to the list of known hosts problem resolution Login with user name + password The following issue occurred: 1[[emailprotected]]# ssh [emailprotected]2the authenticity of host ' Can ' t be established.3rsa key fingerprint are f4:d0:1a:9c:09:65:78:71:25:33

Implementation of the Java simulated login QQ mailbox of azcat to obtain the friend list

Reference Implementation of the Java simulated login QQ mailbox of azcat to obtain the friend list In this article, I have been sleeping from to in the past few days. I am a good boy. I usually get into bed at, so I can steal food at night. hoho In fact, it's boring. In fact, it's very Bt. The SNS website seems to offer the function of inviting friends overnight. However, even happy users do no

WinForm Development Framework's rights Management System Improvement experience Summary (3) system login black and white list realization

In the general permission system, you may often see the system's blacklist or whitelist interception function. In the general permission system, the common blacklist is to prohibit users to login on some IP system, the whitelist is to allow users to only on certain IP login system. This essay mainly introduces in my permission system, how to achieve this black and white

JS Web effects operation Flow--drop-down menu list and login registration pop-up window effect

 Drop-down menu list Login Registration Pop-up window effectJS Web effects operation Flow--drop-down menu list and login registration pop-up window effect

Landing FTP Server FEAT command error resolution [login cannot get file list solution]_ application Tips

Just a brother/sister (because I do not know so I can not confirm) sent me an email, asked the question, the following is his/her letter: These days I heard that some of the FTP can be used. But I use cuteftp or FLASHFXP to go to the last step to get the list, or the command line to display the list but not see where the list is.I was a rookie, today on the Gu

How does PHP implement WeChat simulation login, get user list and mass message?

This article mainly introduces the PHP implementation of the simulation landing, access to the user list and the bulk of the message function, combined with specific examples of the PHP interface to analyze the relevant calls and operation skills, the need for friends can refer to the next This paper describes the PHP implementation of the simulation login, access to the user

WeChat OAuth Login to get the OpenID, and the attention user list of OpenID different

Website access to the scan code login (oauth) function (automatically follow the public number), login I will get to login user OpenID, save it. I need to use OpenID to send a directed message to the user to test the midnight unsuccessful After debugging, it is found that the OpenID obtained by OAuth and the direct call API get attention to the user

oauth2.0_ Watercress Login _api Error return code description list [GO]

test users 111 RATE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED1 User Access Speed limit 112 RATE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED2 IP Access Speed limit 113 Required_parameter_is_missing Missing parameters 114 Unsupported_grant_type the wrong Grant_type 115 Unsupported_response_type the wrong Response_type 116 Client_secret_mismatch Client_secret mismatch 117 Redirect_uri_mismatch Redirect_uri mismatch

PHP Analog Login 163 email and get address list method _php Tips

This article describes the PHP simulation landing 163 mailbox Email and get address list of methods. Share to everyone for your reference. The implementation methods are as follows: Copy Code code as follows: Header ("content-type:text/html; Charset=utf-8 "); error_reporting (0); /** * Landing * $user 163 User Name * $pass Password **/ function login ($user, $pass) { Landing $url = ' H

Python uses a list to make a simple login

650) this.width=650; "title=" pythonlist.jpg "src=" Wkiol1bbkmzhw8llaaojcnigmzu292.jpg "alt=" Wkiol1bbkmzhw8llaaojcnigmzu292.jpg "/> This is the original post#!/usr/bin/env python#-*-Coding:utf-8-*-file_obj = File (' D:\Python\TEST1.txt ', ' r+ ') #打开TEST1. txt This document is in the r+ wayL = [] #定义一个空listObj_list=file_obj.readlines () #读取TEST1. txt multiple lines I wrote two lines.For Ele in Obj_list:Line= El

How to quickly delete options in the Login name pull list box at SQL Server logon _mssql

Problem: I have previously created a login name such as a KPI, after the "security-login name" deleted, but each login, the login's Drop-down box can always display the login KPI, how to delete it? Solution: 1). SQL Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008 Close the Database Login

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