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Android Select Picture trim take photo compatible with all versions of code

Savebitmap (Bitmap BM) {2File TmpDir =NewFile (environment.getexternalstoragedirectory ()3+ "/xiaoxin");4 if(!tmpdir.exists ()) {5 Tmpdir.mkdir ();6 }7File img =NewFile (Tmpdir.getabsolutepath () + "Love.png");8 Try {9FileOutputStream fos =NewFileOutputStream (IMG);TenBm.compress (Bitmap.CompressFormat.PNG, 85, FOS); One Fos.flush (); A fos.close (); -Toast.maketext (mainactivity. This, "succeeded.", Toast.length_short). Show (); - returnuri.fromfile (IMG); t

Eclipse Import Library: Found 2 versions of Android-support-v4.jar in the dependency list

Error type:[ the-Geneva- - One: About:Geneva-News] Found2Versions ofAndroid-support-v4.jarinch theDependencyList,[ the-Geneva- - One: About:GenevaNews but notAll theVersions is identical (check isBased onSha1Only atThis Time). [ the-Geneva- - One: About:Geneva-News] All versions of theLibraries must be theSame atThis Time. [ the-Geneva- - One: About:Geneva-News]

Android AES Encryption tool class (measurement compatible with all versions, reliable)

[] Encrypt (byte[] raw, byte[] clear) throws Exception {Secretkeyspec Skeyspec = new Secretkeyspec (Raw, "AES"); Cipher Cipher = cipher.getinstance ("AES"); Cipher.init (Cipher.encrypt_mode, Skeyspec, New Ivparameterspec (New byte[ Cipher.getblocksize ()]); byte[] encrypted = cipher.dofinal (clear); return encrypted;} private static byte[] Decrypt (byte[] raw, byte[] encrypted) throws Exception {Secretkeyspec Skeyspec = new Secretkeyspec (RA W, "AES"); Cipher Cipher = cipher.getinstance ("AES");

Android AES encryption tool (tested and compatible with all versions, reliable)

Android AES encryption tool (tested and compatible with all versions, reliable) import android.annotation.SuppressLint;import;import javax.crypto.Cipher;import javax.crypto.KeyGenerator;import javax.crypto.SecretKey;import javax.crypto.spec.IvParameterSpec;import javax.crypto.spec.SecretKeySpec;/** * * * Author:sunger */public class A

Android learning route (19th) Supports different devices-Supports different (Android) platform versions and android routes

can use the XML Attribute of the latest version safely without worrying about the crash of the old version. For example, if you settargetSdkVersion="11"Your app is included in Android 3.0 or later by default.ActionBar. Then add a menu item for the action bar. You need to set it in the resource file under your"ifRoom". It's okay to do this in a cross-version XML file, because Android

All ESPCMS versions can be accessed by any user

All ESPCMS versions can be accessed by any user All ESPCMS versions can be accessed by any user /Interface/memebermain. php $rsMember['userid'] = $this->ec_member_username_id;$rsMember['rankname'] = $this->get_member_purview($rsMember['mcid'], 'rankname');$userid = intval($rsMember['userid']); Follow up with ec_member_

Xcode all Versions

You can find the Dmgs for Xcode and other development tools on Apple ID to Login).You must login to a valid session before downloading anything below.(Newest on top.)For each minor version (6.3, 5.1, etc.) Only the latest revision are kept in the list.) Xcode 7 7.3 7.2.1 7.1.1 7.0.1 Xcode 6 6.4 6.3.2 6.2 6.1.1 6.0.1

[Note] Ubuntu detects kernel security vulnerabilities that affect all versions

On July 6, November 27, Ubuntu developers released important security updates for versions 6.06LTS, 7.10, 8.04LTS, and 8.10, and patches fixed nine kernel security issues, therefore, we strongly recommend that Ubuntu users upgrade their systems as soon as possible. list of kernel Security Vulnerabilities 1. theXenhypervisorblockdrivercouldn 'taccuratelyvalidateincomingreque In November 27, the Ubuntu develo

Ubuntu detected kernel security vulnerabilities affecting all versions

Article title: Ubuntu has detected kernel security vulnerabilities that affect all versions. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. On September 16, 6.06, 7.10, 8.04, 8.10, and, Ubuntu developers released important security updates and patches to fix nine kernel

Quick Sort all versions comparison of partition functions

The partition function is the central part of the fast lineIts purpose is to divide the array into two parts, There are two kinds of implementation methods, one-way scan version and two- way scanning version , but specific to a version, its implementation method is very different, uneven. In a rigorous scholarly attitude, I will list all the implementations that are currently in contact and make comparisons

Dede CMS injection for All Versions

Title: Dede Cms All Versions SQL Vulnerability ExploitAuthor: [CWH] | Finded By: nashhr: Mr. M4st3r, nashhr, Skote_Vahshat, Nafsh@live.comSoftware official: http://www.dedecms.comHigh riskDevelopment Platform: Php>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Defect address:/List. php? Id = [SQL]/Members. php? Id = [SQL]/Book. php? Id

"Go" list of common Microsoft. NET Framework versions of the download URL

(Contains version 4.0, 4.5, 4.5.1, does not contain 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 editions)For the average personMicrosoft. NET Framework 4.5.2 (Offline installation program) (66.8 MB) NT 6.x, including Windows Vista, 7, R2, 8, 8.1, R2Microsoft. NET Framework 4.5.2 Language Suite (offline installation program)-Chinese (6.4 MB) program developers. NET Framework 4.5.2 Crew

"Android" 8.4 lets the theme adapt to different Android versions

> ... Resources >With the two steps above, you can implement version resilience with a reference to custom themes. This is because when the application is running on Android 5.0 and later devices, the theme specified in the resources/values-v21/styles.xml is automatically used; When the app is below Android 5.0 of devices running on the device (such as API 19), the system automatically uses the custom th

Android rounded corner View implementation and compatibility with different versions, android rounded corner

Android rounded corner View implementation and compatibility with different versions, android rounded corner When creating our own apps, we need to make our own views rounded to make the apps look better. After all, the mainstream also makes many things rounded, it looks similar to Apple and looks good. It is easy to m

Android Learning Route (19) support for different devices--support for different (Android) platform versions

When the latest Android version provides great APIs for your app, you will continue to support the old system version before more devices are updated. This course how to use the new version of the Advanced API in the case of continued support for the lower version of the system.The Platform Versions Dashboard showcases the distribution of Android system

Android official Getting Started document [11] support for different platform versions

/values/styles.xml define your own custom theme:To apply a theme to your entire app (all activities), add the Android:theme attribute to the To apply the theme to the entire application (all activities), add the Android:theme attribute to the For more on creating and using themes, read the Styles and Themes guide.Learn more about creating and using themes, reading styles and topic guidance.Next class:managi

Android apps are compatible with different versions

Backwards compatibility is poor in Android, but an app app can be processed or run between versions. Backward compatibility is not good, different versions of the system its API version is different, naturally some interfaces are different, the new platform can not use the old API, the old platform can not use the new API.For the app to be more compatible, we can

Android projects use Android Studio and Gradle to pack multiple versions of APK

"ApplicationID" attribute is actually present in Build.gradle after the project is created. In the Defaultconfig node under the Android node. and the default ApplicationID and Androidmanifest.xml package properties are the same.Such as:We can see that the default values for these two properties are the same.What is the relationship between ApplicationID and PackageName?After the project is created by default, the two are the same. If you need to buil

Relationship between Android and Linux kernel versions

latest version of the android trunk Repo init-u git: // 8. How to obtain the code of a project For example, kernel/common does not require Repo. You can simply use git. Git clone git: // list all local branches Git Branch10. How to obtain the code of a branch If you need a br

[Node tool] uses node. js to import the list of bugs on Bugzilla to one of the online versions of the Excel table (server side)

("Bug_when"). text (); when= When.replace (/([^\s]+) \s.*$/g, "$"); vardesc = Comments.eq (key). Find ("TheText"). text (); if(key = = 0 who = =oneinfo.reporter) {oneinfo.detail=desc; return true; } oneInfo.comment.push ({' Who ': Who, ' when ': when, ' desc ': desc}); }) Buglists.push (Oneinfo); }) Msg.done=buglists.length; Process.send (msg); returnbuglists; })}The 200 bug IDs are appended to the POST request data, and the resulting data is the XML format for

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