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Can Google Latitude become the killer of all mobile social networks?

Google released a mobile geographic location awareness service called latitude yesterday, which can help users use mobile phones to get location information from friends. Google Latitude is a major action for the mobile social network that has just started. Our question is, Will Google dominate the mobile social network and become the killer of all competitors? W

Social networks and health:communicable but not infectious

happiness to people living within a mile, and although obesity do not spread between Neighbors, happiness did. But physical proximity on the job does not allow happiness to spread amongcoworkers. Like obesity, happiness spread more readily between members of the same sex than between people of the opposite sex. Like obesity, the spread of happiness seemed to reach across in least three degrees of separation, spreading, for example, From a friend to the friend of a friend and then to the friend

Let Social networks change website SEO

, Twitter "bird", social sharing although not necessarily become a site SEO very useful help, but still be search engine "observation" social network influence compared to SEO, The crowd may be wider. Let's take a look at how the big search engines judge Social networks: Bing: "We do look at the

Looking at social networks from a mathematical perspective

statistical analysis, and then the probability of some macroscopic results is obtained. But if we put aside the hypothesis of independence, we think that all relationships are potential dependencies, and that is where graph theory comes into play. Nodes represent the independent actors within the network, which represent the direct relationship of the actors, and thus describe social

Using social networks to connect to WebSphere MQ: Twitter notifications for Queue manager and MQ applications

Today, social networks are ubiquitous-to connect with friends, to keep up with the times, or to keep people informed of the latest developments in topics of common interest. Social networking is also useful in businesses. This article will show you how to quickly and easily use social networking software (such as Twitt

Can Unified Communication and social networks be "compatible?

the time to do something unrelated to the work, or to process some transactions that are directly associated with the work. The ROI of Unified Communication is complex enough. Once a social network is introduced, the overall evaluation is more difficult and enterprises need to take on more risks. Therefore, the combination of Social Network and unified communication may be limited to some industries or on

Social networks should deliberately be designed "imperfect"

On the design of social networking sites, the Internet blog is overwhelming, but the systematic compilation of the book is rare. The book "Social Networking Interface Design" was discovered in the library a few days ago. This book shares the author's experience of working in Yahoo, AOL, and other companies for more than more than 10 years, giving advice on every aspect of the site and setting out hundreds o

Enterprise social networks are giving birth to new knowledge

In just a few years, enterprise social networks have become a far-reaching social and economic phenomenon. Users use Weibo to communicate and share content, participate in online communities, organize activities, and obtain suggestions and experience from others. All these are large and there is no boundary limit.

Visual representation of social networks in Excel

According to the spirit of attending the OPCs meeting-"Other people's conferences", the meeting is not about the demographic/professional group, but where you are invited-I am currently attending the Microsoft Research Institute Summit. I'm not a computer scientist, I'm not a college teacher, I have not done any research funded by Microsoft ..., but all of this is so reasonable and enjoyable, because it is a very interesting gathering to find research

The basis for expanding business social networks

With the development and promotion of business social networking websites, more and more people are joining commercial social networking websites. From the first attempt to use the subsequent habits, business social networks have gradually become an indispensable part of our lives. At this time, a secure business and

Trust: The business model of social networks

behavior, just like the protesters at the Bush rally." "Hehe ... That's funny! Similar to Scott, my response is questionable, because I feel that traditional media thinking may be inadvertently pushing them (Fox Interactive Media, FIM) into the wrong direction. As you now realize, the fundamental problem that social networks face when trying to make a profit from an advertising-focused business model is a

Alert! Phishing attacks "love on" social networks

According to the "2012 threat Report" released by the Websense Security Lab, we see phishing attacks based on social networks becoming increasingly rampant, and have even become the main channel for hackers to successfully conduct data theft attacks. Recently, the Websensethreatseeker network has detected on Sina Weibo is happening together with the latest profit-for-purpose fishing attack activities, due t

Emotional analysis based on social Networks III

any two school words similar degree are around 30 degrees. and the cosine angle value in [0,90], its 0 degrees is exactly the same, 90 degrees is completely irrelevant, 30 degrees can be considered more similar.Related Code Links Github:weibo sentiment analysis CSDN Download SummarizeThe base vector building here is based on the use of high-frequency words between two schools, and 10 groups are compared, and 10 groups of base vectors are constructed, and I think that the way t

ViralNova uses a story-based headline to attract attention and often makes users go crazy after being posted on social networks.

simple way of operating a yearly income of millions of dollars. ViralNova uses a story-based headline to attract attention and often makes users go crazy after being posted on social networks.The article title resembles:"It might look like A Normal chandelier. But when you stand underneath It and look up ... Wow.This guy's Crazy idea Started to make his Wife nervous. But it was Worth it, Trust Me. "ViralNova's development is mainly because Facebook,

Change management in the organization and implementation of enterprise social networks

Implement collaboration and communication tools.Enterprise social networksThe mentality and organizational culture have changed, and all changes must show in order that all transformation potentials can be managed. Change management includes the use of maps to indicate the goals required by the path, one of which is based on the principles set by change leaders.

Link prediction in social networks.

The basic approach for predicting links is to rank all node pairs based on proximities in their graph. Let denote the set of neighbors of in a social network. Common neighbors [1]: Adamic and Adar [2] refine the common neighbors by taking rarer neighbors more heavily: Preferential attachment is based on an assumption that the probability that a new link involves node X is proportional to the number

Ultra High Speed: optical switching/Optical routing creates all Optical Networks

Original Author: Li Guangcheng, vice president of beacon Communication Technology Co., Ltd. With the advancement of society, the social needs of emerging data services such as broadband video, multimedia services, real-time and quasi-real-time IP-based services that can greatly enrich and improve the communication performance and quality of people are growing. As emerging businesses consume a large amount of bandwidth resources, high-speed broadband i

Difficulties in checking the Social Security list

Access database of "XXX local tax bureau Social Insurance report collection system" and import the name and ID card in the table "STAFF_INFO" to the same database. Step 4: convert all the above-mentioned ID cards into 15 (in the age of 15-bit and 18-bit mixed storage) The problem is that the ID cards in both tables may not be correct (the same is true)-Question: Why didn't the original (15-digit) ID cards

All Python API summaries for the Nova component networks in OpenStack

. parameter S: network , Haven ID of the network to get. return type: network /dl> List ( ) Get a list of all

Describes the functions of softswitch to list all the key points

The technical functions of softswitch are described as a list of key points. The technical functions of softswitch are very important. But how do we master the key points of the technical functions of softswitch? The Softswitch technology menu is as follows. Main features and functions of Softswitch Technology The Softswitch technology menu is available in the following aspects: ◆ Supports programmable call processing systems for various

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