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Building an chromium-based application

Chromium is the core of the Google Chrome browser, the first from Apple's WebKit development, because webkit differences in development, and Google wants to have greater freedom in the developer, 2013 Google decided to develop its own branch of WebCore, called the Blink engine, and then Google to the BSD Berkeley Licensing Open source, BSD licensing restrictions more lenient, many browsers are

How does GitHub develop Atom based on node. JS and Chromium?

In the answer, most of them did not answer the point, and some gave very subjective opinions without giving the actual conclusion and the analysis process.There are four problems with the main problem:1. How does Github develop Atom based on node. js and Chromium?Atom is based on Atom-shell (Atom/atom-shell GitHub), Atom-shell is a shell framework that integrates

Client crawler framework based on Devtools protocol +chromium headless

the outside, such as locating an element based on a CSS Selector path and then triggering its Click event. The browser itself usually does not support this, but browser extensions such as Webdriver, which were originally designed to automate web testing, support this Now the question is, Devtools Support does not support these core requirements? devtools is a protocol based on WebSocket Communication an

JQuery select drop-down list box plug-in across devices and browsers, jqueryselect

JQuery select drop-down list box plug-in across devices and browsers, jqueryselectSumoselect is a cross-device, cross-browser jQuery drop-down list box plug-in. The jQuery drop-down list box plug-in can be single-choice or multiple-choice. Its style can be customized through CSS files. Its biggest feature is that it ca

Improved ajax List request experience based on h5. h5historyajax list

Improved ajax List request experience based on h5. h5historyajax list Websites with rich information are usually displayed by page. When you click "next page", many websites use dynamic requests to avoid page refresh. Although we all use ajax, the advantages and disadvantages can be distinguished from some small details. A small detail is whether the browser supp

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