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Top ten List of SQL and NoSQL databases in the latest rankings _ database other

This ranking is based on the DB engines list, which analyses 200 different databases on the market, listing top 10. Undisputed Top 3 Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server have been occupying the top three of the rankings with absolute advantage,

15 NoSQL databases

1. MongoDBIntroducedMongoDB is a database based on distributed file storage. Written by the C + + language. The main solution is the access efficiency of massive data, providing a scalable and high-performance data storage solution for Web

Comparison of eight mainstream NoSQL Databases

Abstract: Although SQL database is a very useful tool, after 15 years of outstanding performance, the monopoly will be broken. This is only a matter of time: I was forced to use relational databases, but I finally found that I could not meet my

Five reasons why MySQL databases are worth using

The following articles mainly describe the five reasons why MySQL databases are worthy of use. We all know that open source databases are used. That is to say, the MySQL database (the best combination with PHP) has developed to this day. It can be

SQLite profiling (6): temporary files and memory databases

1. Seven temporary filesThe content is organized from different feature of SQLite is that a database consists of a single disk file. This simplifies the use of SQLite, because you only need to copy a single file to

[Reproduced] A distributed algorithm for NoSQL databases

Original: distributed algorithm for NoSQL databasesOn November 9, 2012 in also for rice beam, by JuliashineThis article was translated from distributed algorithms in NoSQL

In-depth analysis of distributed algorithms for NoSQL Databases

In-depth analysis of distributed algorithms for NoSQL Databases System scalability is the main reason for promoting the development of NoSQL, including distributed system coordination, failover, resource management and many other features. In this

Detailed description of distributed algorithms and NoSQL algorithms in nosql Databases

Detailed description of distributed algorithms and NoSQL algorithms in nosql Databases Today, we will study some distributed strategies, such as replication in fault detection. These strategies are marked in italics and divided into three parts:

Differences between odbc and jdbc in Databases

From: ~ Yangdydatabasepaper6.htmJDBC and ODBC Peng Xin Li Long return ---- Heterogeneous Database System is a database system composed of multiple heterogeneous member database systems, heterogeneity is reflected in the differences

Synchronize data between two SQL Server databases-list the steps for configuring replication in sequence

1. Create a publishing and distribution server [Welcome to the configuration release and distribution wizard]-> [select a distribution server] -> [Make "@ servername" its own distribution server, and SQL server will create distribution databases

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