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Jive talkin: open source Java forum software

Soon, we decided to adopt Jive. Just like, Jive adopts server-side Java, supports our database (mySQL) and Application Server (JRun), and uses JSP file representation. We have not only one forum, but also many personalized forums. All

Rapid Forum mass software with registration code to provide download _ Common tools

Software Name: Rapid Forum Mass (fastsend)Software version: V1.2.0.0 release date: 2006-7-15Official homepage: team: Tian Chuang Technology Web site:

Download quick Forum Group software with registration code

Software name: FastSend)Software Version: V1.2.0.0 released on: 2006-7-15Official homepage: Team: tianchuang technology web site: implementation without database forum is a point of access|xml| Data | Database Drafting language: Popular forum (we focus on asp,asp. NET forum) Development idea Veteran can skip this section and attend the next section. At present, there are countless different versions of online forums, in the

"Turn" shared software made $1 million, and why didn't you? && my software to promote the success of the road

Some shareware made $1 million, and why didn't you?Transferred from: Dreamgoal Original: Steve PavlinA few months ago, I decided to conduct an informal long-term study of the

The building process of Guangzhou forum

Process At the end of 2005, I made a big decision in my life: I'm going to be a forum for the region. Because people in Guangzhou, so I preferred to do the forum in Guangzhou. The site is for people to serve, of course, the first decision to serve

Discuz! X3.1 how to configure pseudo-static forum rules

Discuz! X3.1IIS/Apache/Linux, virtual host, VPS, independent host, server pseudo-static rule configuration tool/raw material Discuz! X3.1 virtual host or vps host method/Step 1 Discuz! Configure pseudo-static httpd. conf rules for X3.1VPS host: (1)

Michael Lonely Apple Enthusiast forum 2017.5.31 daily software update list

Saaspass for MacOS adds two-step verification software to your computer systemHttp://'s order: The King's Challenge Order of the Thorne the Kings challenge Mac native cracked version role-playing

How to kill and prevent Trojans using the dynamic network forum

First of all, I would like to thank the "hackers" who did not erase them during the development of the Internet. The quotation marks here do not demean anything, but refer to those who are really proficient in code and discover and exploit program

《. The preface of net Software technology learning and practice

PrefaceThis is a book with its own characteristics. It's a book about technology, more about learning methods. This is an implementation from the first to the end "to teach people and fish, it's better to teach people and fish. 2003 Summer Vacation

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