list of functions and features in scrum

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) List of common scrum tools

development concepts such as iteration and user stories. XPlanner provides corresponding management tools. XPlanner supports the XP development process, it also solves the problems encountered by using the XP idea to develop projects. XPlanner features include: Simple Model planning, Virtual note cards, iterations, user stories, and work record tracing. Incomplete stories will be automatically iterated and work time tracking, generate team efficiency

Myreport Report Engine update Related features list

filter--Modify Function: Modify statistic function class--Modify Function: Modify Fixed,ceil,floor,round function--Modify Function: Modify the expression editor function list--Fix BUG: report editor removes design item interface refresh problem--Fix BUG: Modify report right margin refresh problemRelease Redesign expression parsing engine, support for more functions, operators, recursive nesti

Develop list controls with rich features on ASP. NET custom controls on the seventh day

. For example, in the drop-down list, you may want to add a "please select" project for the user, you can use the For the first requirement of this task, you only need to inherit from the ListControl class and output each data item as a hyperlink during rendering. However, this list control has some limitations. It can only use the ListItem class as the data item object type. If you want to modify or add t

List-specific iterator-Special Functions of ListIterator, list iterator

List-specific iterator-Special Functions of ListIterator, list iterator /***List iterator: * ListIterator listIterator (): List set unique iterator* This Iterator inherits the Iterator, so you can directly use the hasNext () and next () methods.*Special

C++11 the list of new features.

************************************************************************/ #include ③④ These two initialization variable methods can also be used to get the heap memory new operator. int *f = new int (a); Double *g = new double{66.0f}; 2. Initialize class {} is not a feature that is exclusive to the built-in types, arrays, and containers in the standard Template library, you can initialize a custom class In c++11, standards always tend to support new

Python's advanced features slice, iterate, list generation, generator

function to implement a Fibonacci sequence2 3 #1 1 2 3 5 84 5 deffib (max):6 7N,a,b = 0,0,18 9 while(nmax):Ten One Printb A -A, B = B, A +b - then = n+1Looking closely, it can be seen that the fib function is actually a calculation rule that defines the Fibonacci sequence, which can be derived from the first element, and the subsequent arbitrary elements, which are actually very similar to generator.In other words, the above functions

JAVA8 new features list __java

In fact, in terms of many linguistic features,. NET has been involved very early, here I simply list the JAVA8 part of the improvement implementation. All new feature improvements can be referenced here: The largest of this improvement is the improvement of lambda expressions; second, the new Nashorn engine allows Java programs to interoperate with JavaScript c

C ++ 11 standard new features: defaulted and deleted Functions

Introduction: This article introduces two new features of the C ++ 11 standard: defaulted and deleted functions. For the defaulted function, the compiler automatically generates the default Function Definition body for it to obtain a higherCodeExecution efficiency can also be exemptedProgramManually define the workload of the function. For the deleted function, the compiler will disable it to avoid some i

jquery multiple-select dropdown list plugin jquery MultiSelect features introduction and usage _jquery

There is a multiple choice of requirements, found on the Internet this plugin: MultiSelect Https:// CSDN Blog on the introduction of this plug-in, many children's shoes have asked such a question, how to get the selected value? Really a good question, because I saw the demo when also found the problem, hehe! Let's talk about this plugin:Jquery-multiselect is based on the Jquery-ui component system. So when using it, first have to import Jquery-ui r

Python functions Advanced Features

Mastering the Python data types, statements, functions, can basically write a lot of useful programs. But in Python, the more code is better, the less the better. The more complex the code is, the better it is, but the simpler the better. Based on this idea, let us introduce the very useful advanced features in Python, the 1 line code can be implemented without using 5 lines of code, always keep in mind tha

Python Basics 5 (collections, advanced features, higher-order functions)

) # Delete the existing element if it does not exist, do nothing;S.pop (), # Deletes the collection element without adding any parameters;-copy: S1 = s.copy () #s和s1的id不同-Empty: S.clear ()# Frozen Set (Frozenset)-Freeze the set, can not be deleted or modified;-Frozenset (SET)-Set (Frozenset)# Advanced Features# # Slice# # Iterations-any object that can be iterated can be traversed with a for loop;-Iteration of the dictionary: The default is to iterate

Python: Advanced Features of functions

countercount = Create _counter1 ();p rint ([count (), count (), count ()])Output:[1, 2, 3]For a neat and tidy programmer, you might find it a bit wasteful to set up a list that only holds 1 elements. You can change the wording:Def create_counter2 (): n = 0 def counter (): nonlocal n n + = 1 return n return countercount = Crea Te_counter2 ();p rint ([count (), count (), count ()])Output:[1, 2, 3]Note Here is a keyword non

Understanding OpenStack Swift (2): Architecture, Principles and functions [Architecture, Implementation and Features]

completion, but for some functions it is still incomplete (like multi-range (Multi-range) reads) and does not have a complete performance estimate. This feature is dependent on ssync for persistence. The Deployer urged us to do a larger-scale test, and not to use erasure-coded storage policies in a production environment deployment. Upgrade TipsAs always, you can upgrade to this version of Swift without compromising the end user experience.

03. NopCommerce functions and features

The first two sections mainly introduce NopCommerce download and installation and the NopCommerce Chinese Language Pack, so that you can experience NopCommerce. This time we will mainly introduce the functions and features of NopCommerce. NopCommerce is known as the best e-commerce website in the. NET field. It is open-source and free (NopCommerce copyright logo must be kept at the bottom of the website).

Nine php functions and features that you must know and use very well

The following small series will introduce nine php functions and features that you must know and can use. Very practical! If you need a friend, you can refer to the following nine useful functions in PHP. do you know you have used them? 1. any number of parameters of the functionYou may know that PHP allows you to define a default parameter function. But you may

JavaScript functions and JS package features at a glance

Function four elements: return type, function name, argument list, function bodyfunction typeSimple functions1 function Ceshi () {2 alert ("This is the test"); 3 }4 Ceshi ();Parametric functions1 function Ceshi (A, b) {2 alert (a+b); 3 }4 Ceshi (2,3);There is a default function (JS is not supported)1 function Ceshi (a,b=5) {2 alert (a+b); 3 }4 Ceshi (2);Functions that have return values1 function C

Python functions Advanced Features

generation full array[X+y forXinch "ABC" forYinch "XYZ"]#generate [' AX ', ' AY ', ' AZ ', ' BX ', ' by ', ' BZ ', ' CX ', ' CY ', ' CZ ']Generator: Genterator (side loop calculation, if a function contains the yield keyword, then the function is a generator) The list generation [] should be () for in range (1,10)# Call Method:# each time you call the next () method to get the element, you can only get one for theNext () method

Nine PHP functions and features you have to know and are very handy _php tips

Here are nine PHP useful features, do not know you have used it?1. Any number of parameters of the functionYou may know that PHP allows you to define a function of a default parameter. But you may not know that PHP also allows you to define a function of an entirely arbitrary parameterHere is an example of a function that shows you the default parameters: Copy Code code as follows: Two functions

Summary of common functions and features of the infinite tree Jquery plug-in zTree, jqueryztree

Summary of common functions and features of the infinite tree Jquery plug-in zTree, jqueryztree In fact, the Ztree official website already has a detailed API documentation. Everything is subject to the instructions on the official website. Here I will summarize several common features of ztree in combination with practices. (The ztree syntax structure is configu

Using some database functions to initiate dns resolution features for SQL Injection

Using some database functions to initiate dns resolution features for SQL Injection First, describe and normalize the description of the SQL injection type. Four SQL injection methods mentioned earlier. In fact, it is not very appropriate. Specifically, SQL injection should be divided into the following three types. Inband Inband technology uses existing channels between attackers and vulnerable Web applica

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