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News services of 47 products not yet profitable by Google are on the list

January 9 News, according to foreign media reports, Google is an extremely successful enterprise, which undoubtedly, especially the search business, in the global dominant position. But Google's products are not limited to search, nor does it mean that every product is successful, at least the following 47 products have not yet brought any profit to the company:

List of unreleased services of Google

Tony ruscoe (thanks to gosman's Reminder) is interested in exploring Google's mysterious links and services. Previously, he dug out unreleased services such as Google Weaver and M scrapbook. Now, he not only dug out a lot of new unreleased Google services, but also included

Google integrates its products users can search for products in Gmail

Google said in its Gmail official blog today that when users search the Gmail interface, search results will include content from other Google services such as Google Drive, Calendar, and so on (pictured below). It is understood that this feature will be temporarily open to American users for the next few weeks. Gma

Google Google search cannot open, Google Gmail mailbox and related services can not log on the way to solve.

-opensocial.googleusercontent.com203.208.46.176 4fjvqid3r3oq66t548clrdj52df15coc-a-oz-opensocial.googleusercontent.com203.208.46.176 hsco54a20sh11q9jkmb51ad2n3hmkmrg-a-oz-opensocial.googleusercontent.com203.208.46.176 qhie5b8u979rnch1q0hqbrmbkn9estf7-a-oz-opensocial.googleusercontent.com203.208.46.176 e6ha3snmi09c57cs4h4dnoa006cgfjfu-a-oz-opensocial.googleusercontent.com203.208.46.176 66fl6oqbdsqf5fjl032t5iulimtqjhpa-a-oz-opensocial.googleusercontent.comThe code is a bit long and can be copied d

Google's official tutorials selling In-app products

information based on the user's purchase history. Note 2 You can also use Google Play service to check the details of In-app items, such as local prices and whether you can purchase them. Google Play not only provides a billing interface that allows users to seamlessly interact with In-app billing service, but also provides a more intuitive buying experience for users.This tutorial is written on how to use

Google services and software-favorites)

friends with computers will join us. Google Desktop This is a tool bar placed on the desktop. It provides news, weather, email, and other small programs to learn the latest information. Google directory A super-large Manual classification directory created by goolge allows webpages to be sorted by importance. The Directory Search Service allows users who want to browse related information under a s

Android: new Google Maps Android API now part of Google Play services

03 December 2012 New Google Maps Android API now part of Google Play services Posted by Reto Meier, Evan Rapoport, and Andrew Foster Google Play services is our new platform that offers you better integration with Google

Cisco PIX Firewall full range of products List (2)

) A simple, intuitive, web-based GUI can support remote firewall management Multiple reports based on real-time data and historical data can provide information on usage trends, basic performance, and security events Secure network Management Secure network management access with triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES) encryption Access Control List Supports up to 128,000 access control lists URL

Big Data Services: AWS VS. Azurevs. google

. It is implemented primarily through the Amazon machine learning and IoT platform, which connects many devices to the cloud and expands the number of devices connected to 1 billion and processes trillions of levels of messages. Overall, while Google has a big advantage in search and analysis engines, AWS has a broader range of services, BI, and graphics processing Unit (GPU) instances. Microsoft AZure for

Google software and services

view, 360-degree view, and the effect of image stitching is perfect. Http:// There is no street view map function for domestic maps, but it is only a 2D map. It does a good job in line search and bus search. However, a lot of operation experience is not quite in line with Chinese habits, so I still use go2map a little more. Http:// Online office, including documents, presentations, and workbooks, corresponding to word, PPT, and Excel respectively. Translate.go

Accessing Google's Web services using Visual Basic. NET

google|visual|web| access to Google Web Services using Visual Basic. NET Learn how to access Google's Web API service from the Visual Basic. NET Windows Front-End. This article describes how to invoke a SOAP Web service, perform a Google search, access a page in the Google

10 Google services that can be used on mobile phones and 10 websites that can be viewed on mobile phones

photos. You may find that the mobile device portals of most services are directly added with/m after the web address, maybe you can find other Google services that can be used on mobile devices. Google Picasa was mentioned in 10 Google

Secrets of Android development: tool IDE, SDK, and Google services (1)

BKJIA: when you plan to develop your first Android Application, a large list of tools may be the first obstacle to us. However, the process of downloading and preparing the Android development environment is not complicated, thanks to the convenient integrated software bundle, it can help you use most of the tools you may need at any time, even if not all. The disadvantage of downloading and using this single bundle is that we may not know which speci

Android: Google Play services and oauth identity tools

Document directory Why oauth2.0 matters Preparation Choosing an account Getting a token Registering your app Using your token Google Play services and oauth identity tools Http:// Posted bytim bray The rolout of Google Play services to all Android 2.2 + dev

Amazon and Google dominate cloud computing services

recently ), in this way, enterprise CIOs can move their data out of the firewall with greater peace of mind. Google has won the highest praise from developers in scalability, reliability, uptime, and best value. Janel Garvin, founder of Evans Data and author of the report, said that developers believe that Google is more capable and executive, and the adoption model (adoption patterns) is also relatively s

What services do you use for Google?

share your documents and workbooks online Mobile Services Mobile ServicesUse various Google services from mobile phones Mobile map-Chinese VersionNew!View maps, search for stores, restaurants, or other locations, and contact information.

Google is developing a redesigned Android system that unifies the user experience of applications and services

According to IBTimes , Google is planning to unify the design elements of Android apps and services and launch a design language called "Quantum Paper" (Quantum paper).The news says Google is working on a completely redesigned Android system that is as innovative as Apple iOS 7.This major update program, called "Quantum Paper", will affect all

[Post] overview of Google services

Overview of Google services Transferred from Donghui's blog, and I will add it myself.Web Search: This everyone should be very familiar with it, need to know anything, directly your search Image Search: If you want to find any image, you can refer to here. My British maps are all searched here. Http:// News search: searches for the latest news feeds of news web

Samsung N900 (note3) refreshing decadent n0.8.1 fixed known bugs and integrated Google services

Rom Introduction 8.1 update information: solved the problem that the secphone has stopped when you click home after a call. The desktop information hiding option is removed. This function is not currently supported by the latest official package. Added Google services that need to be verified by netizens (disabled when users do not need to synchronize everything) Rom extracts Code related to debugging infor

Google kubernetes Design Documentation Services-Go

Summary: Kubernetes is Google open source container cluster management system, built on Docker, for containerized applications to provide resource scheduling, deployment operations, service discovery, capacity expansion and other functions. Pods are the smallest deployment units that are created, dispatched, and managed, and this article describes the communication and scheduling between these pods in detailOverviewThe Pods in Kubernetes is not immuta

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