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Domain name status: Has the carrier set a customer Prohibition Against deletion protection? Expired domain names cannot be registered. Why?

Sometimes, we open a website. Sometimes we cannot open it. At this time, we query in the webmaster tool, there will be a domain name status: the operator sets the customer to prohibit the deletion of protection information.This status is good for the customer to avoid accidentally deleting the domain name.After the domain name expires, it can be

Enterprises should beware. Hot domain names such as CC are being registered

Recently, the Heilongjiang Yuquan Wine Industry limited liability company through the hard network domain name rights, take back the company's brand of Chinese Yuquan wine. CC, China Yuquan wine. COM and China Yuquan, Inc. and other three Chinese domain names. Experts say this reflects the awareness of China's corporate brand protection is awakening, on the other

Youmi Bao can reset any user password (all domain names registered here can be hijacked)

Youmi Bao can reset any user password (all domain names registered here can be hijacked) RT Domain Name merchant Security preemptible reset any user password (all domain names registered

April global ". url" total list of domain names: Zdns share still over 99%

rankings declined.There are no changes in the 6 other domain name quotient rankings. Zdns King, there are 337,765 Web sites (xn--ses554g) domain name registrations, the number of net minus 3,095 on the chain, the decline is obvious, the market share is still 99.45%, maintain a single show situation. Another 5 domain name quotient's. URL (xn--ses554g)

The longest history of 100 Internet domain names is only 23 years (list)

According to foreign media reports, the PC World website recently identified 100 longest-history Internet domain names, the first computer manufacturer symbolics registered In addition, HP's ranked ninth, IBM's, sun's, and Intel's ranked Eleven, twelve, and thirteen respectively, both

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