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packages, meta-packages and frameworks in. Net Core (Packages, metapackages and Frameworks)

package, meta-package and frameworkThis article is translated from Packages, Metapackages and Frameworks. . Net Core is a platform made up of NuGet Packages. Some product experiences benefit from fine-grained definitions of code packages, while

Naming rules for Linux software installation packages

After installing Linux software, I will study and study how to install Linux software. I will discuss with you how to install Linux software, I hope it will be useful to you. Install and Uninstall Linux software Type of a Linux software installation

Do you play games? Management of software packages (i)--rpm

RPM Package Manager (RPM, all referred to as the RPM Packages Manager) is a widely used software package management system under Linux. RPM This noun may refer to a. rpm file format package, or it may refer to its own Package Manager (RPM Packages

Upgrade and clean up the packages required after ubuntu 12.04 is installed.

Based on so many operations, I found that the ubuntu system needs to upgrade and clean up some packages after it is installed. Otherwise, the subsequent installation of various software will not be smooth, various problems may occur. The package

Dephil packages)

After the application program is compiled, you can use two methods to deploy it (deploying means to distribute the application to the user ). Applications can be distributed to the public or to users in a company. Regardless of the method used, you

Python3 Modules and Packages

I. Modules and packages (package)1. Module: A file that contains all of the functions and variables you define, followed by a. Py, a. py file is a module2. Package: must contain the folder of the module, usually also contains some other

How to Create software packages in CentOS

In general, there are three main methods for installing software in Linux:One is source code installation, which requires manual compilation by the userThe other is the RPM package (RedHat Linux Packet Manager), which can be installed through the

Installation and management of binary software packages on CentOS

Installation and management of binary software packages on CentOS When the linux System Administrator manages the operating system, the software on the operating system is almost a required function of the system administrator. In earlier debain

Install RPM packages or install Source packages

This series of blogs is from:, thank the original person to provide the introductory knowledgeThe purpose of this series of blogs is to extract the more commonly used LIUNX commands from the author's articles

How to create software packages in CentOS

In general, there are three main methods for installing software in Linux: one is to install the source code, and the other is to manually compile the RPM Package (RedHatLinuxPacketManager ), you can use the RPM command to install it *. binfile. the

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