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Share a CSS style that shows a list of articles

Recently in helping a friend to deal with a Web site front-end display of the list of articles, one of the alternative ideas, is now sorted out for the needs of friends reference and their own memo. The display effect is: the title is left aligned and the date is right-aligned. The middle of the title and date is replaced by a regular origin ("."), which shows the effect as shown. A

Js click the implementation code of the list text corresponding to the line that shows the background color, js background color

Js click the implementation code of the list text corresponding to the line that shows the background color, js background color This example describes how to display the background color of a javascript click list text line. Share it with you for your reference. The details are as follows:JS controls li. When you click the mouse, the class is automatically adde

"Go" velocity shows the list and map methods

One. Traverse a map type1. Read the background Java program firstJava codeMapString,string>Paramvalues=New HashMapstring, string>();**** * * the intermediate assignment operation omitted***Data.put ("paramvalues", paramvalues); pass the value to velocity 2. Remove the key and value of this map from the foreground velocity template fileJava code#foreach ($param in ${paramvalues.keyset ()})Tr> th> $param th> td>${paramvalues.get ($param)}td> tr>NBSP;NBSP; #end Two. Travers

Xiaomi phone connection adb only shows list of devices attached

Using the Appium process, and colleagues exchanged the next phone, suddenly connected to ADB only hint list of devices attached, no content of BAA ~Later see the C-Big post, the file under Platform-tools, OH yeah~ successThe following content from the C Big blog, reprinted annotated source, thanks to the Big C!Brief introduction:ADB believes that many Android developers will use it to debug the phone,

Know Spring-1.11 from scratch inject list or set (this example shows code reuse)

the creation of a different cake object, or the next get cake will appear two of the same ID cake, this is obviously not in line with the actual situation.(5) But the oven is not the same, because for the bakery, the number of ovens is certain, can not appear multiple ovens, so they must use the default singleton mode(6) When you configure the oven properties in the chef, we use set, so that even if the configuration is more than the above, it will not be repeated, because this collection has t

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