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Learning from things | how does content platforms and social media respond to false news?

"Zhi Wu Xue" is a brand topic created by Netease yundun. The words are from Han Wang Chong's "Zheng Heng · shi zhi". People and abilities are superior to each other, so that they can learn things and then learn things. Then they will have wisdom and will not know things without asking. "Learning things from learning" hopes to bring you gains through a piece of technical success, trend interpretation, thinking, and accumulation, and also hope to open your eyes and achieve different things for you

Silicon Valley Social Media 8-contact list page, Silicon Valley Social Media 8-Contact

Silicon Valley Social Media 8-contact list page, Silicon Valley Social Media 8-Contact 1. Is there any red dot setting for the invitation information? // Obtain whether there is any new invitation information. boolean is_notify = SpUtils. getInstace (IMApplication. getGloba

Looking at 10 different types of social platforms

can we select a suitable platform from a social networking platform like the stars? "What social platforms attract your attention and help improve your business ?" On this topic, I asked some young and promising entrepreneurs. Let's take a look at their answers. 1. Angel list Perblue CEO and co-founder Justin Beck: Re

Social media marketing skills and strategies

media marketing. Social media marketing techniques and strategies are very suitable for marketers and entrepreneurs in the new media era. They are also good references for other practitioners. Directory Social media marketing tec

From three aspects of why social media can not replace your SEO

With the development of social media, many enterprises or stationmaster began to fall into hesitation, hesitate is to take social media marketing or continue to use SEO. In fact, the author believes that in order to online marketing success, social

Social Media Marketing: community participation and Community marketing strategy

(creators), reviewers (critics), collectors (collectors), participants (joiners), observers (spectators), Barbarians (inactives), The rules for how to classify these users can be referred to a PPT I share on a micro-disk: Small Business network university-social networking site marketing. Community participation and Community marketing strategy Carefully consider the user's community participation, which can correctly use a variety of different

The eight most important SEO and social media marketing strategies of the 2012

account, you should immediately apply for your own page on these two platforms. Only in these channels have their own pages, you can improve the brand's search engine rankings, because practice has proved that it is reliable and authoritative for search engines. But not just Facebook and Twitter. Google +, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest are not only increasingly important in search engine algorithms, but also in terms of audience coverage.  3, th

55 interesting social media images

Information graphs can almost immediately instill ideas into the human brain, because the data presentation method is neat, concise, concise, and interesting. Therefore, it is always important to make sure that your information graph is simple but rich, interesting, and trustworthy. With these standards, your infographic will not disappoint viewers. Once you have mastered it, you will find that you can easily convert any idea into a map of information. This is an excellent news for all

Scenario application: New trends in social media that influence future marketing patterns

brands, to understand the filter of consumers, so improve their strategy is reasonable.   5. Integration CapabilitiesNow that social media has become the tomb of many brands, tens of thousands of "death" campaigns have lain quietly over the past few years, and few of the campaigns have survived. For brands, social media

10 ways to SEO under social media

part of the flow of users to stay, with micro-bo and micro-letter fans to this part of the crowd to stay, collect the customer's e-mail, plus enterprise QQ and QQ Group is effective to keep users a good platform, These can also collect valid customer information for future database marketing. 3, do a good job of the content so that users spontaneously to spread Good content plus appropriate in the social media

Webmaster social media Promotion you know how much

objective, the effect is not good, can only say that you did not perform well. V: other social promotion. Social media platform a lot of, SNS promotion, light blog promotion, social message promotion, website navigation promotion, and so on, the promotion of these platforms

Full guide to the size of social media pictures

A picture of the world! Want to get attention in the social networking sites, the details in place is the foundation work. Today this information map is a good translator ideal young Huanghuangbao ni portrait dubbed, want to know the size of the major web site picture, collection this on OK >>> It's stressful to stay active in every social media. It's hard to ke

The key to the success of social media marketing: How to find an opinion leader

secondary keywords. For example, a car company, the main key word should be the company to do things, such as company name, "Car", the secondary key word is the company made goods, such as hybrid cars, travel vehicles. Search Google search keywords can be used to locate the user: Use advanced search to view top 100 results for primary keywords, first 30 results for secondary keywords Monitor some social

The WP7 social media application is truly compatible with Bing map.

According to the latest, Windows Phone product manager Anand Iyer posted a series of Windows Phone 7 platform Foursquare social media in his blog ProgramAnd introduction. Although Foursquare has released mobile clients for iPhone, Android, and palm platforms, as one of Microsoft's first Developers announced in mix10, foursquare of WP7 was demons

Live app development social live streaming platform source code construction--Streaming media technology detailed

in the correct order, so that the media data can be continuously output, without the interruption of the playback due to temporary network congestion. Typically, the cache requires less capacity because the cache uses a ring-linked list structure to store data: by discarding content that has already been played, the stream can reuse the vacated cache space to cache subsequent content that has not yet been

50 greasemonkey scripts for social media players

friendfeed into a news reader, marking the news for later reading. Friend feed remove visited links-permanently deletes the link you have accessed. The next page is automatically displayed when the friend feed pagerization fixer-scroll. Friend feed reshare links-allows you to share links in social media such as delicious, Digg, and Reddit in friendfeed. Friend feed easy unsubscribe-Add a cancel subscri

A simple and concise social media sharing menu

Effect Preview As shown above, you can also view the online effect. Live demo. Implementation process 1. Create the HTML of the menu Image 2. Add a CSS style (horizontal style) #social_nav_horizontal { margin-left: 100px; font-family: Futura, Verdana, Sans-Serif; font-size: 18px; color: #8e9090;}#social_nav_horizontal h3 { display:inline; padding: 0px 10px; border-bottom:dashed 1px #ccc;}#social_nav_horizontal ul { margin: 0; padding: 0; margin-top:20px;}#social_nav_horizontal ul li

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