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Unity3D game development practices original video Lecture Series 13 hat tricks game development (advance notice), unity3d Game Development

Unity3D game development practices original video Lecture Series 13 hat tricks game development (advance notice), unity3d Game Development Directory Lecture 1 game Demo project creation... 1 Ii. Editing of game scenarios... 1

Video Game Development Series courses (video course instructor: ou yanliang)

first time, you will also learn how the game achieves score statistics. Course Lecturer: Beijing University of Technology, Development and Technical Manager of the Development and platform technology department of Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd... [Preview] Video game development series course (8): the action of creating

Video Game Development Study Notes (2)

simple:After a bullet hits the Condor, it will die. Otherwise, it will continue to exercise. Condor BehaviorCreate a list of all conflict elvesEach element is in the list.If the element is a bullet object, execute the bullet action for the conflictIf the element is a cavalry object, perform cavalry actions for the conflict Bullet BehaviorIf a bullet hits the Condor, the bullet disappears (as a colleague of the Condor)If the bullet does not hit any ob

Video tutorial on Unity game development Combat

Unity Client Architecture design and network game key technologies (Avatar, hot update, PROTOBUF)Course Category: Game developmentSuitable for people: intermediateNumber of lessons: 20 (42 sessions)Using technology: Unity client, UI design framework, Avatar Dressup, protobuf-net, etc.Project: Build Unity client UI design framework and Avatar Dressup and mobile-end hot new technology implementations and prot

Video tutorial on large-scale C + + network game development

China's first large-scale C + + network game development tutorial (300+ hours, mini run, Fruit Ninja, DirectX technology, legendary Game 3)Course Category: Game developmentSuitable for people: BeginnerNumber of lessons: 343 hoursUsing the technology: C + +Projects covered: Mini run, Fruit Ninja, DirectX technology, legendary games 3Consulting qq:1840215592Game de

Open Source Game List

OpenArena Game Name Publish Update Game Type Engine Licensing Protocol Content Licensing Agreement Supplemental Information 0 A.D. 2003 2015 Instant Strategy game GPLv2 Cc-by-sa Style similar to Age of Empires Abuse (

Large-scale C + + online game development Video tutorial

Domestic first large-scale C + + network game development Course (300+ class, Mini run, Fruit Ninja, DirectX technology, legendary Game 3)Lecturer: It's windy tonight.Course Category: Game developmentSuitable for the crowd: primaryNumber of Hours: 343 hoursTechnology used: C + +Projects involved: Mini run, Fruit Ninja, DirectX technology, legendary

Future plans for two stages of online video training for mobile apps and game development

based on Xmpp+openfire can build its own server.Figure 2 is the second phase of the mobile development Learning route network. In this network will be across Android and iOS app development and game development two major areas (there may be related to other mobile systems, such as Windows Phone, this tbd). This series of mobile development video tutorials will b

C # Basic Video tutorial 7.4 How to write a simple game

, but at this time can not immediately empty the scene (the screen to show where he crashed), click the OK button before going to empty the scene (the original list saves the pipe is thrown away, the bird also back to the initial position, etc., a lot of Boolean value to reset)?has been able to test the full run, click on the birds flying, bypassing obstacles, then score, hit the game to tip the end, the ne

Cocos2d-x 3.0final mobile game Development Video Tutorial 2014-Self-Learning programming-(updated in succession)

hours)5. Through the HelloWorld project tracking, analysis of cocos2d-x3.0final engine architecture principles and core class implementation (1 a.m.)6.Learn the main node,scene. Use of the Director,application class (1 days)7. Start reading the Testcpp engine source code (very many game programmers go to study testcpp, make their own confused, sweat sweat, can first get the above 6 steps) (1 months)1 months and 4 days later, you can write your own "2

Unity3D game development practices original video Lecture Series 12 U3D new 2D development methods practices, unity3du3d

Unity3D game development practices original video Lecture Series 12 U3D new 2D development methods practices, unity3du3d U3D's new 2D development method (New Method and Application of 2D game development for airplane hitting in Unity3d-4.x) Outline: Without NGUI and TK2d plug-ins, U3D provides the most powerful built-in tools. The development process is designe

C + + Network game 0 Basic Development Video Tutorials (300+ hours, mini run, Fruit Ninja, DirectX technology, Sky Eagle 3D online games)

C + + network game 0 Basic Development Video tutorial (300+ hours, mini run, Fruit Ninja, DirectX technology, Sky Eagle 3D online games) download Contact qq:1026270010Since the birth of the C + + language in the the 1980s, it is now more than 30 years old, and with the development of the C + + language, it has been applied in more and more fields. C + + is a multi-generic programming language that can be bo

3000 Yuan i3-4330 HD home video game configuration

Large-screen LCD TVs are already very popular in the family, however, only to watch TV, and there is no big entertainment, first of all, can not play online games, the other TV movies and TV programs are not rich in the network, so many home users will be matching a HTPC host to meet the network rich audio-visual and game entertainment needs, The combination of Super large screen LCD display, entertaining is very good. For everyone to recommend a bala

Asynchronous caching and playback of video in a sliding list

Video in the sliding list of asynchronous caching and playback, to a large number of high-quality game application source of the crowdfunding forumHttp:// seen on GitHub, Videoplayermanager is a project that plays a small video in the ListView and Recyclerview

If water software forum over game-driven Protection video tutorial

, string copying, comparison, case/integer/String conversionE, ansi_string strings and unicode_string strings convert each other21. File operationA, the creation of filesB, open the fileC. Get and modify file propertiesD. write files and read files22. IAT Hook ProgrammingA. Initial knowledge of IATB, IAT table related structureC. Read the IAT entryD, write code test analysis??E, HOOK IATF, test analysis23. Application Layer Inline HOOKA, InLine HOOK principle AnalysisB, InLine HOOK code writingC

[Reprint] MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 video codecs list (from doom9)

Now we prepare information for second H. 264 codecs comparison test, that will be compared with more advanced metrics. so we collect information about current available codecs and there stage. if you have any information about this codecs or another codecs please replay this message!List of MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 video codecs(Last updated 1 December 2005-62 items now !) --------------------------------------

Master LU 3D Game performance Comprehensive test list

Game Performance Test: The performance of 3D performance of the video card is evaluated through the game simulation scene provided by Master Lu. Test results and recommendations are output after the test is completed. The following figure: Your evaluation results are: Your video

MMORPG for Silverlight game video sharing

Video of the Web Game wowo world (Chinese name nest world, tentative) Silverlight technology seminar sharing, declined to reprint, thank you! For online games developed using silverlightj technology, the current function implementation list is as follows: Role System (upgrade, add points, portraits, and occupations) Map System (big map and small map)

List of free open source game cases for iPhone and iPad on iOS platforms

This page lists the opening of some iOS operating systems such as iPhone and iPad.Source code(Open Source) games. These open-source IOS games were once or are being deployed in the app store. These open-source IOS games in the list are excellent learning cases using mainstream engines such as cocos2d and corona. 1.Doom classic-A classic 3D first-person shooter (FPS) iOS

High-end game host configuration List 5555 won i7 4790+gtx970 machine

Here is the set of high-performance, cost-effective game host configuration list: Accessories Model Price Cpu Intel i7 4790 1800 Radiator Kyushu Ice Intelligent version 79 Motherboard MSI Z97 PC Mate 699 Memory Kingston Hacker God strip 8G 419 Hard disk Granville 128G Solid (or 1T mechanical hard dri

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