listener ora location in oracle 11g

Learn about listener ora location in oracle 11g, we have the largest and most updated listener ora location in oracle 11g information on

Oracle 11g RAC CRS-4535/ORA-15077

After Oracle 11g RAC is installed, why does crsd on the second node fail to start? The error message is CRS-4535: cannot communicate with cluster ready services. The specific error information must be viewed in the crsd. log. 1. Environment [root @

Oracle 11G R2 replicuard construction in CentOS 5.11

Oracle 11G R2 replicuard construction in CentOS 5.11 Datagard is a disaster tolerance solution for Oracle Enterprise Edition. It is widely used in enterprises and I will record the setup process for backup.Host Name database version Instance name

How to build an Oracle 11g license uard

How to build an Oracle 11g license uard   I. PreparationsI have read many tutorials when preparing to build a tracing uard. I followed the tutorials and encountered problems. Then I don't know how to proceed to the next step.Later, I went to the

Asm disk Group loading ORA-15183 error example

Asm disk Group loading ORA-15183 error example In Oracle 11gR2, ASM (Automatic Storage Management) is removed from the Database Component, and as an independent Component, it enters the scope of Grid Management. This article mainly introduces a

Oracle Exception Handling-ORA-12514: the service that the listener currently cannot identify requests in the connection Descriptor

Recently just learned Oracle11g, after installation is complete directly use, today with PLSQL link suddenly reported an error, the error code is: ORA-12514: The Listener is currently unable to identify the connection description Recently I just

Oracle 11g Installation

Oracle 11g Installation ReadinessDirectoryOracle 11g Installation ReadinessOracle 11g:Oracle 11g online Documentation:Oracle 11g R2 Database installation hardware configuration requirements:Linux PlatformsRequired Package Support:Create an Oracle

The simplest 11g Active deployment uard (ADG) configuration process (project steps)

The simplest 11g Active deployment uard (ADG) configuration process (project steps) I. Environment Introduction:I first installed a set of database software on the two Linux virtual machines db01 and db02, and created a database named woo on the db01

CentOS installation Oracle 11g full diagram

Summary : Description: Linux server operating system: CentOS 5.8 32-bit (note: Please separate partition/data for installation of Oracle database) Linux Server IP address: Oracle database version: Linux_11gr2_database wind

Complete display of Oracle 11g RAC crs_stat command results

The result of the Oracle 11g RAC crs_stat command shows that the crs_stat command in Oracle 11g RAC has many new resource types compared with the previous version. By default, the use of crs_stat-t to view resources is a large piece of data that

"Oracle Cluster" Oracle DATABASE 11G RAC detailed tutorial how RAC works and related components (iii)

How RAC Works and related components (iii) Overview: write down the original intent and motivation of this document, derived from the Oracle Basic operating Manual of the previous article. The Oracle Basic Operations Manual is a summary of

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