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Learn to do online surveys with me (Iv.)

Online continuation of the article In the previous article, we completed the display of statistical results and survey list of procedures, and finally we completed the background Management page, is also the most important one program. First, backstage management In the admin page survey_manage.asp, we've already listed what it's going to achieve management functions. The process of management is to show all the investigations first, for the

What are the areas of security that machine learning and artificial intelligence will apply to? _ Machine Learning

relevant threats. Over time, the system adjusts its monitoring and analysis according to human input, optimizing the possibility of discovering real network threats and minimizing false positives. Let machine learning make significant progress in the evaluation of first-line safety data, enabling analysts to focus on more advanced investigations of threats rather than tactical data processing.Original link Machine learning is accelerating the pace o

UNIX and NT system recovery guide

intrusion may attract media attention. . Negotiate with legal counsel Before starting your recovery, your organization needs to decide whether to conduct legal investigations. Note that CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) only provides technical help and increases the responsiveness of network hosts to security events. They do not provide legal advice. Therefore, we recommend that you consult your own legal counsel for legal issues. Your legal co

UNIX and NT System Recovery Guide

System Recovery GuideLinuxAid Ni-ZhiQiang Introduction This article mainly describes how to deal with UNIX or NT system intrusion. Note: All your steps during system recovery should be consistent with the network security policy of your organization. A. Preparations 1. discuss security policies If your organization does not have its own security policy, follow these steps: 1. Negotiate with management personnel Notifying management personnel of intrusion incidents may be important in some organi

Wireless LAN (WLAN) Deployment Simulation and on-site survey tools

In the process of deploying WLAN, we are often upset by the Access Point Planning, but this is a task we have to do. Is there a tool that can reduce our workload: Simulate the installation of access points 802.11a, B, or g) and the signal coverage strength of access points in this area including obstacles. With this tool, we can deploy WLAN more accurately and easily. Field investigations are essential Rfrf) the prediction tool can use a computer to s

Apt attacks against Israel and Palestine

by attackers to gain a firm foothold. Only when downloadexcute succeeds will the next intrusion be initiated.As mentioned above, we have conducted a lot of investigations and found some more comprehensive malware in some infrastructure that belong to the Xtreme RAT and Poison Ivy families and use the same domain name as downloadexcute, we can think of it as a software in the second stage after downloadexcute. The observed Poison Ivy uses admin2014 an

What Will MySQL do if it is abandoned by Oracle?

[51CTO quickly translated from in September 22] If you want to give you a minute to become the president of Oracle, you are not required to wear LarryEllison's expensive suit on his yacht, but let you decide the fate of MySQL. What do you do? Just spent 7.4 billion to acquire SunMicrosystems, and the EU anti-monopoly investigation committee suddenly moved out of this person 51CTO is translated from in September 22. If you have a minute to become the president of Oracle, y

How to use Flash cookies for Computer Forensics

Due to privacy issues, Flash cookies have become a hot topic of security. However, from another perspective, Flash cookies (that is, local shared objects) are a good piece of court evidence-because everything that has problems with personal privacy is useful in forensic investigations. This article first introduces the basic knowledge of Flash cookies in detail, then describes its application in forensic analysis, and finally provides a small tool for

Linux BPF/BCC for Oracle tracing

Luca Canali on 2016Topic: In this post you'll find a short discussion and pointers to the code of a few sample scripts that I had written using L Inux BPF/BCC and Uprobes for Oracle tracing.Previous Work and motivationsTools forDynamic Tracingis very useful for troubleshooting and internals investigations ofOracleWorkloads. Dynamic tracing probes on the os/Kernel, can is used to measure the details for I/O latency for example. Moreover probes on the O

A tutorial to implement recursive query in PostgreSQL _ database other

Introduced In Nilenso, the elder brother is engaged in one (open source of Oh!) Used to design and initiate investigations. Here's an example of an investigation: In the interior, it is such a drop: A survey covered a number of issues (question). A range of issues can be grouped into (optional) a taxonomy (category). Our actual data structure is a bit more complicated (especially sub-question part of the sub problem), but first it's only quest

Take what to save you: our domain pain

If you buy a car and park it in the parking lot, if you want to drive away, the parking lot asks you for complicated formalities to prove that the car is yours and requires you to pay a parking fee for a year or several years, even if you don't want to take the car for a variety of reasons, you must feel ridiculous?However, in the domestic domain name market, this phenomenon is not uncommon. Domain registration is easy, turn out difficult, transfer difficult already is the industry open secret,

Baidu employees to explode the latest adjustment of Baidu's view

false original tools to create a detection of false original article technology, false original articles will be removed. 4, the forum outside the chain aspect Baidu said that can identify some of the forum universal reply, copy paste reply, such replies are not the weight of the transfer effect. 5, Baidu for long-term original site to give high weight The above is my internal staff for Baidu the latest adjustment summary of the 5 points. I look at these points is a little too perfect, if B

Analysis of why the recent Baidu K station serious

Recently many sites have been punished by Baidu many webmasters in Webmaster Network forum post for help and complaining, after a series of investigations this Baidu K station and some large and small punishment affected a lot of the site also let many of the webmaster for the trouble and entanglements, Today, combined with several recent Baidu update to analyze how to do the next site maintenance and optimization. The existence of a long time not up

10 Aspects of enterprise wireless network security

block out an abnormal AP? How do you find it and physically remove it? You need to review all scan results, wireless intrusion detection, or intrusion prevention system alerts and traffic logs to assess potential threats in a timely manner. In fact, using automated tools such as wireless intrusion detection or intrusion prevention systems to track and isolate network connections can stop intrusions in real time. Ensure that the monitoring tool collects sufficient data to make incident response

IBM's Java diagnostics, part 1th

, Dump Analyzer will report one of the following four items: Not enough memory Deadlock detection The VM gets signaled and terminates (due to an internal or middleware/java application error) Need to carry out further investigations The first three items can be mapped to a class of VM issues, which are described in the next section of this article. It does not require background knowledge to read the content later in this article. You can get st

How does Ajax work, you know? A detailed summary of the introduction and principles of Ajax (Classic)

truth, rather than Ajax solves this problem, it is not so much as it just cover up the problem, It just acts as a buffer between the server and the client, letting the user mistakenly assume that the service is not interrupted. To be precise, Ajax does not improve the speed of downloading data from the server side, but only makes this wait less frustrating. But this is enough to have a huge impact and shock, and it actually has a huge impact on desktop software. This I use an example to illustr

Computer stunt and virtual actor-computer honeypot Technology

arranged by network administrators. It seems to be full of loopholes, but it is very valuable to collect intrusion data. The latter is simply a gift to intruders, even if they are infiltrated, they do not necessarily find traces ...... Therefore, the definition of a honeypot is: "A honeypot is a security resource, and its value lies in being detected, attacked, and damaged ." (Figure 2. The honeypot model of John Daly)The purpose of the honeypot design is to allow hackers to intrude into the sy

Principles and Applications of Ajax (reprint, data collection, collation)

Microsoft is so fearful of the impact of Ajax and, in its recent investigations, sees Google as one of the main reasons for its major rivals in the next 10 years. Of course, this change does not completely eliminate the desktop software, and the existing browser does not have a desktop program like Photoshop to deal with complex images. But we cannot ignore the impact of it.3, about the name of AjaxThe full name of Ajax is asynchronous JavaScript and

What Will MySQL do if it is abandoned by Oracle?

If you want to give you a minute to become the president of Oracle, you don't need to wear Larry Ellison's expensive suit on his yacht, but let you decide the fate of MySQL, what do you do? I just spent 7.4 billion yuan to acquire Sun Microsystems, and the European Commission for anti-monopoly investigations suddenly moved out of this everyone's favorite open-source database to find you. How do you choose? Is it a product that doesn't make any money f

What did we think of when the new Internet conference was hacked?

, resulting in the crash of the entire network system, there are not a few such events that every network service provider encounters each year, but often they do not have the chance to be pulled onto the table. According to a saying circulating between networks, some similar incidents are caused by malicious competition in the commercial field or retaliation against market disputes. What is the malicious competition of business competitors in this accident of xinnet? Do you have the power of a

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