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[SAS base] debuging SAS programs

SAS Program has three types of errors: Programing logic errors (how to identify and resolve ); Syntax errors (how to recogize ANC correct ); Data errors (how to examine and resolve. How to write an efficient SAS Program: Write code that is easy to read as much as possible (one line per sentence, indented layout, and comments more) Test any part of the program Test Program with a small dataset (for

Learn from scratch SAS technology and SAS hard drive

Disk media in the storage area is the most critical device, and all data and information is stored on disk media. The reading speed of the data is determined by the connection interface of the disk media. We used to do data storage through SCSI or SATA interfaces and hard drives. But in recent years a new technology has increasingly been favored by small and medium-sized enterprises and even large enterprises. Is the SAS technology and its correspondi

Path to mathematics-sas memo (10), path to mathematics-sas memo

Path to mathematics-sas memo (10), path to mathematics-sas memo Merge combines two or more data sets. Libname saslib "k: \ sas "; DataSaslib. goodsprice; Input id name $ price6.2; Datalines; 1 mouse 35.6 2 Keyboard 28.95 3 mouse pad 8.2 4 headsets 29.7 ; DataSaslib. goodsquantity; Input id quantity; Datalines; 1 150 2 98 4 162 3 45 ; Proc sortData = saslib. goods

SAS protocol layer (SPL)-SAS protocol layer

Opening remarks: I personally think that the entire SAS protocol family is large, and there are many concepts that are hard to understand. I can only study the actual code at work while reading the protocol in detail. In this way, we can better understand the SAS protocol. It is the best way to understand the protocol according to the code. Think about all the protocols for data transmission. The communicat

Path to mathematics-sas memo (14), path to sas memo 14

Path to mathematics-sas memo (14), path to sas memo 14 Sas Date Format Data _ null _;X = '7jan2012 'd; Put x yymm7 .; Put x yymmc7 .; Put x yymmd7 .; Put x yymmn6 .; Put x yymmp 7 .; Put x yymms7 .; Put x yymon7 .; Put x mmddyy10 .; Put x yymmdd10 .; Run; All content of this blog is original, if reproduced please indicate the source

Path to mathematics-sas memo (18), path to sas memo 18

Path to mathematics-sas memo (18), path to sas memo 18Data _ null _;X = 15.63;Y = 15.13;Xx = ceil (x );Yy = ceil (y );Put xx = yy =;Xx = floor (x );Yy = floor (y );Put xx = yy =;Xx = int (x );Yy = int (y );Put xx = yy =;Xx = round (x, 0.1 );Yy = round (y, 0.1 );Put xx = yy =;Z = trunc (1/3, 3); * stores data in 3 bytes;Put z =;All content of this blog is original, if reproduced please indicate the source ht

Path to mathematics-sas memo (17), path to mathematics-sas memo 17

Path to mathematics-sas memo (17), path to mathematics-sas memo 17SAS Date and Time FormatData _ null _;Input mydate YYMMDD10 .;Put mydate YYMMDDB10 .;Put mydate YYMMDDC10 .;Put mydate YYMMDDD10 .;Put mydate YYMMDDN8 .;Put mydate YYMMDDP10 .;Put mydate YYMMDDS10 .;Cards;2014-05-;Run;All content of this blog is original, if reproduced please indicate the source 05 182014-05-

"Some summary of Ssd,fio,sas selection" Some summary of Ssd,fio,sas selection

recently re-spread on the database, the company's core database every day IO full, in the study with SAS 16*RAID10, or RAID10 ssd*6, or FIO;the principle, no raid-5 for database; eh; the root of all evil ;No.2 principle, most of the time, the database does not need too high CPU, now 2 sockets are basically enough, more MySQL is not used;No.3 principle, large memory, high IO, is the necessary condition of modern web-based database;now the big companies

SAS notes (8) using arrays to reconstruct SAS datasets

In practical applications, we often convert wide data (one patient observation) into long data (one patient observation) or long data (one patient multiple observations) into wide data (one observation for a patient), and in R we can use the Reshape2 package. There are two implementations of the SAS: arrays and transpose. This blog post first explains the use of arrays to reconstruct SAS data, and the next

Path to mathematics-sas memo (13), path to sas memo 13

Path to mathematics-sas memo (13), path to sas memo 13Libname sastemp 'e:/sastemp /';Option user = sastemp; * specifies the reference name of the next logical database;Page; * The log starts from a new page;Data sales;Input id $ price;Skip 6; * Five blank lines are generated in the log;Cards;1 23.32 99.233 91.01;Proc print;Run;X 'dir. '; * execute the operating system command; all content in this blog is or

Path to mathematics-sas memo (9), path to mathematics-sas memo

Path to mathematics-sas memo (9), path to mathematics-sas memo View Libname saslib "k: \ sas "; DataSaslib. testview4/view = saslib. testview4; Set saslib. test4; Run; Proc printData = saslib. test4 noobs label; Run; Proc SQL; Select as student ID, testview4.score as score fromsaslib. testview4; Quit;All content of this blog is original, if reproduc

Path to mathematics-sas memo (6), path to mathematics-sas memo

Path to mathematics-sas memo (6), path to mathematics-sas memo Connect external data Connect to database type options All content of this blog is original, if reproduced please indicate the source Connection ACCESS: Proc SQL; Connect to access as db (path = "e: \ xx. mdb "); Connect to excel: Proc SQL; Connect to EXCEL (PATH = "k: \ student_excel.xlsx" GETNAMES = YES

Sas memo (1), sas memo

Sas memo (1), sas memo Simple dataset output Logs 85 libname saslib base 'e: \ sasdata '; NOTE: The logical Library Reference name "SASLIB" has been successfully allocated, as shown below: Engine: BASE Physical name: E: \ sasdata 86 87 data saslib. Student; 88 input name $ Age Score; 89 datalines; NOTE: The SASLIB. STUDENT dataset has three observations and three variables. NOTE: time used by the "DATA st

Develop VB client with SAS interaction

Interactive | Client Profile Programmers often ask which language can access SAS, that is, using SAS's it mechanism, which allows development customers to access SAS, programmers can quickly build strong applications with SAS in different languages, this article mainly introduces how to use VB to interact with SAS Need

Differences between the SCSI interface and the SAS Interface

SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) is a new generation of SCSI technology, which is the same as the popular Serial ATA (SATA) hard drive. It uses Serial technology to achieve higher transmission speeds, and improve the internal space by shortening the connection line. SAS is a new interface developed after the parallel SCSI interface. This interface is designed to improve the efficiency, availability, and scalabili

Differences between SAS and SATA hard drives

SASAndSATAHard Disk differences As you know, like ata, SCSI is a parallel technology that can connect multiple devices through their respective data channels. Like ata, SCSI is also evolving towards Serial technology, which is SAS (Serial Attached SCSI ).In short, SAS is a new generation of SCSI, which includes some improvements, such as higher transmission speed, better scalability and reliability. Some pe

Introduction to IDE, SATA, SCSI, SAS, FC, SSD drive types [ZZ]

The main types of hard disk interfaces currently available are IDE, SATA, SCSI, SAS, FC, and so on. The IDE is commonly known as the port, SATA is commonly known as the serial port, both of the hard disk is the PC and low-end server common hard disk. SCSI is the abbreviation for "Small computer system dedicated interface", which is the hard disk with this interface. SAS is the SCSI interface of the serial p

The difference between hard disk SCSI interface and SAS interface

SAS interface technology can be backward-compatible with SATA. Specifically, the compatibility of the two is mainly embodied in the physical layer and the protocol layer compatibility. In the physical layer, the SAS interface and SATA interface are fully compatible, SATA hard disk can be directly used in the SAS environment, from the interface standard, SATA is a

SAS disk array Aerospace Joint log al-7121a to build SMB storage scheme

How to spend a limited amount of money on a more cost-effective storage product is the most vexing problem for the small and medium-sized enterprises that are currently growing in storage demand. In the storage disk array, with the upcoming launch of the 6Gbps SAS standard, in the storage market this unique transition period, in the maturity of 3Gbps SAS related products, but gradually showed a trend of tre

Intel S5000VSA (SAS) motherboard setup RAID steps

Intel S5000VSA (SAS) motherboard setup RAID stepsI recently personally installed a server, with the Intel S5000VSA 4DIMM motherboard, because in the installation process did not notice some details, so in the installation encountered some problems, and then after everyone's research and discussion, finally successfully solved these problems, in order to accumulate experience, Also in order to allow other colleagues to avoid the network, save time, spe

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