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Live chat, Springmvc,mybatis,web, chat in time

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Laravel 5.3 New features Laravel Echo use: Live chat room

is useful when you need to send an asynchronous live message to a user-whether the message is a notification or a page update data, while keeping the user on the same page without refreshing. Of course, you can use long polling, or some regular JavaScript ping, to do this, but it wastes bandwidth and makes unnecessary requests without updating the server. By contrast, WebSockets is powerful and does not cause additional load to the server, scalable,

Based on Comet server Push technology (Web live chat)

Http:// is also called reverse Ajax or server-side push technology. The idea is simple: push data directly from the server to the browser without waiting for the browser to request data.Main idea: server-side push data to client (browser)I made a simple Web Live chat system: Server push (chat). zipTh

[Nodejs] Build live chat with with EXPRESS4

you test the LAN, replace localhost with the server's IP, same as below)First enter the user separately, then can enter the text to chat, other on-line, the message reminder function I deleted, only to keep the chat.Put a picture:Problems that may occur: Web page load 404Do not modify src in script if it is not accessed with Port 3000If http://localhost:63342/Project/public/client.html please mod

Live chat, Springmvc,mybatis,web, Instant messenger

upload pictures, can preview, there is a progress bar, support drag-and-drop upload (Baidu Webuploader). List dynamic slide zoom display. 23.ehcache Custom Level Two cache, choose cache to store directory, handle concurrency, increase system performance 24. Server internal get POST request 25.uploadify upload plugin, single, batch upload, with progress bar, asynchronous, image, video, other file formats can be uploaded 26. Map points to obtain latitude and longitude coordinates, based on the t

c/S chat room for simple command line interface

thread for each socket and each thread is responsible for communicating with one clientThe county where the client reads the server-side data is also blocked, so the system should start a thread separately. This thread is specifically responsible for reading the server-side data.Now consider implementing a command-line interface of the C/S Chat room application, the server should contain multiple threads,

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