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Yetanotherforum. NET + screwturn wiki enhanced Chinese Simplified Chinese version (07-16 updated: Update to v1.2.3 new display Forum moderator information, repair wiki Chinese search) (GPL protocol Source Code released)

This program is Teddy for more convenient collection of a variety of parenting knowledge, ready to hold a parenting Forum + wiki website 5jbb. com, and for yetanotherforum. net's latest version 1.9.1 RC1 (net V2.0)-version 2007-5-16 and screwturn wiki's latest version 2.0.11-2007-7-3 are hand-written, integrated, bug fixes, and feature enhancements. Here we will share the complete program source code to everyone. This is truly free (GPL protocol), pow

_php tutorial on using the Linux-based PHP self-built wiki Wiki website

The advantage of having a wiki on your own computer is that there is no storage space, and the downside is that the whole process is a bit more cumbersome and must have good upload bandwidth. This article teaches you how to quickly build Wiki sites. In the Web 2.0 Revolution, wikis originated earlier than blogs. Blog to be written and maintained by one of thei

How to build your own wiki

The neutrality and copyrights of wikis are very important, they are very difficult to build. In China? A Wiki is a collaborative work platform or called an open editing system. The so-called collaborative work, that is, it allows people browsing the Web page to revise the page, its profile ... What does a Wiki do. Wikis use simplified syntax to replace complex HTML, plus Web interface editing tools to reduc

Wiki Introduction)

What is wiki )? First, we need to clarify that the inventor of the Wiki concept is Ward cunnhan. What does the word wiki mean? According to the FAQ, the word wikiwiki comes from wee Kee in Hawaii, which originally meant "quick. In fact, wiki is simple and fast. You can see that w

Illustration: LoadRunner stress test and loadrunner stress test

Illustration: LoadRunner stress test and loadrunner stress test Software testing is required after the project coding stage ends. As an indispensable part of the software development process, automated testing will gradually replace complicated manual testing. Stress testing is an aspect of software testing's performance evaluation. The following describes some situations when I use

The specific instance teaches you how to perform LoadRunner result analysis, and the instance loadrunner

The specific instance teaches you how to perform LoadRunner result analysis, and the instance loadrunner The most important and difficult part of LoadRunner is the analysis of test results. the remaining recording and pressurization test settings can be easily mastered through several operations. for Results Analysis, I used images and text as an example. I hope

Analysis of the current situation and trend of Wiki Development in China

Analysis of the current situation and trend of Wiki Development in China With the rapid development of the Internet, the Collaborative Design and parallel engineering (concurrent engineering) in the field of computer aided design (CAD), which was widely used within enterprises at the end of the 20th century) the concept is applied to websites, allowing Internet users to participate in content collection, editing, and transmission. In recent years, thi

LoadRunner Basics: LoadRunner Basic concepts and applications

Learning examplesLoadRunner from a website with Webtour to help beginners learn performance testingAfter installing LoadRunner to enter the program files under the Webtour file Plus, start Webtour serviceOpen in Browser: can login Webtour serviceLoadRunner Basic Conceptsmeeting Point (lr_rendezvous): You can synchronize virtual users to better perform tasks at the same time, implementing concurrency.Transaction

[Noun explanation] what is: WIKI

Most of the interest in wikis stems from the success of Wikipedia, an online free encyclopedia that relies on a number of contributors to add and modify its entries. Since its inception in 2001, the English version of Wikipedia has been expanded to include 480,000 entries and many other language versions. Wikipedia may be the most famous wiki, but it's not the first. The first wiki in the world is a comput

Loadrunner obtains the server parameter. The loadrunner Server

Loadrunner obtains the server parameter. The loadrunner ServerFirst, make sure that the server you monitor is in the same LAN as your test server,Monitor windows:1. monitoring preparations before connection1) Go to the monitored windows system, enable the following two services: Remote Procedure Call (RPC) and Remote Registry (START-) Run, enter services. msc, and enable the corresponding service ).2) on th

"LoadRunner" Beginner loadrunner--recording scripts, playback, and optimization

One, script recording (recording)Open LoadRunner Select Create/Edit script Newscript Select Protocol (Single Protocol, multiprotocol) Strart recording Select the recording type and recording action (where action is repeatable, login and exit means enter program and complete recording) Start recording "You can add your own action and self-name" record Complete click Stop "program will automatically save and compile" recording completed.Second, script p

The exploration and practice of Wiki

The wiki site emphasizes teamwork, which provides us with a good collaborative environment. There is no concept of copyright, information and knowledge is no longer a one-way from the authoritative top-down distribution, but completely multi-directional exchanges, the role of the center and around the reversal at any time, knowledge is the result of interaction, negotiation, sound noise, wiki site's reading

Moinmoin wiki engine Overview

OverviewMoinmoinwiki is an excellent open-source wiki engine. With the gun GPL protocol, the project has been active for many years. Among the many wiki engines, moinmoinwiki ranks first, but not many users in China (see: wiki engine comparison ),Written in Python (it is not feasible to switch to ironpython now). The file system is used for storage. lupy (Python

LoadRunner-When Discuznt met LoadRunner (on) (forwarded)

When Discuznt met the LoadRunner (on)DISCUZNT3 official version has been released for some time, recently more than half a year to write about the product of the technical article, one is time, two is limited energy. However, after the release of the official version, there was some effort, and one of our business customers after upgrading from version 2.6 to the 3.0 official version, there was an episode that had to be returned to the 2.6 version. Be

LoadRunner-When Discuznt meets LoadRunner (next) (forwarded)

When Discuznt met LoadRunner (next)In the previous two articles, you basically described how to record scripts and generate concurrent users, as well as a brief description of several of the charts in the test report. Today's article is the last of the series and will show you how to see how the system works through the test report, identify the factors that affect performance, and how to optimize it.First, take a look at this picture of the concurren

Working with FitNesse wiki pages

FitNesse provides an easy-to-use wiki to create a Web page for testing. The test page has a button that allows all tests to run on this page, so anyone can go to this page at any time to click on this button to see if the test passed. FitNesse provides a way to run tests automatically, so it can simply add a use case to an automated scripting build.What should the test page look like? A test page should be a wiki

Python practice Exercise: Adding unordered lists to Wiki tags

Title DescriptionItems: Adding unordered lists to Wiki tagsWhen editing a Wikipedia article, you can create an unordered list that takes one row for each item and places an asterisk in front of it. But suppose you have a very large list and want to add the preceding asterisk. You can enter these asterisks at the beginning of each line, one line after the other. Alternatively, you can automate this task with a small Python script.The bulletpointadder.p

Linux Build Wiki

Https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Installing_MediaWikiDetects if the system is installed with MySQL:Rpm-qa | grep MySQLUnloadingRPM-E MySQL // Normal Delete mode rpm-e--nodeps mysql // Brute Force Delete mode, if you use the above command to delete, prompted to have other dependent files, then use this command can be Brute Force removalInstall MySQLYum install mysqlyum install MySQL-serveryum install MySQL-develStart MySQL:Service mysqld StartIn

"LoadRunner" Beginner loadrunner--parameterized settings (XML type)

Not all types of parameters are XML types, only a standard block of XML statements, and you need to select the entire whole XML statement block to use XML parameterization. A single variable is not parameterized for XML. You need to select the start and end tags of the XML statement block when selecting.For example, there is an XML statement in the script that represents the user address, which also contains multiple word tags, including names, telephones, mailboxes, and so on, which can be para

Simple invocation of the Wikipedia API and the escape of Wiki tags (installation and use of pear)

The wiki's API format://language abbreviation. wikipedia.org/w/api.php?action=querytitles= language corresponding to the text format= return format prop= Revisionsrvprop=contentI'm now doing a Chinese history today get XML data (prop for version specific parameters click on the Chinese API and document view)The requested URL is: Http://zh.wikipedia.org/w/api.php?action=querytitles=12 month 31st format=xmlprop=revisions rvprop=content$str = file_get_contents ($need _url);//$content = $result->que

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