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SSE: Using HTTP for data push applications

SSE (Server-sent Events) is a lightweight alternative to WebSocket, using the HTTP protocol.Strictly speaking, the HTTP protocol is not a way to do server push, but when the server to the client state to send flow information, the client will keep

Stock trading day Timing crawl SSE/SZSE all stock market data stored in the database

First, the project mainly consists of the following three steps: Configure Database Information Writing a crawler script Configuring the Jenkins Timer task View Collection Results Ii. detailed procedures 1. Configure

Ffmpeg2.2.3 compilation and Installation

Reference: http://blog.chinaunix.net/uid-23069658-id-4018842.htmlDownload the required decoder:Lame: wget http://nchc.dl.sourceforge.net/project/lame/lame/3.99/lame-3.99.5.tar.gzLibogg: wget

Introduction to Server-Sent Events in HTML5

HTML5 has a Server-Sent Events (SSE) function that allows the Server to push data to the client. (Usually data push ). Let's take a look at the simple sequence diagram of traditional WEB Application Communication: Basic SSE

Python Gets an example of a a-share data list

2015 's stock market is now the hot topic, colleague's friend has made a simple bomb stock to spit the Trough single page PV can reach the 30w+, corresponds to this blog one year PV quantity. So stand on the technical point of view, here also write

Install KVM in CentOS 7

Install KVM in CentOS 7 KVM is short for Kernel Based Virtual Machine. It can use Virtual Hardware extension to provide virtualization software for multiple operating systems. KVM can be managed in two ways, one is command line, the other is a

Analysis notes for thunder mac

Riusksk @ localhost :~ $ Gdb/Applications/Thunder. app/Contents/MacOS/Thunder (gdb) set env DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES =/usr/lib/libgmalloc. dylib (gdb) rStarting program:/Applications/Thunder. app/Contents/MacOS/Thunder GuardMalloc [bash-720]:

The use of system constants in thinkphp

/wen the URL address of the current module/wen/postname the URL address of the current operation/thinkphp-changliang/Current URL AddressApp_debug whether to turn on debug mode (frame two modes: "Default mode" production (in-line mode),Development

How to install and use Xen virtual machines in CentOS systems _xen

First, the principle of explanation The concept of virtualization: Abstract server physical resources into logical resources, let a server become several or even hundreds of isolated virtual servers, we are no longer limited by the physical

Ffmpeg initial experience

[Root @ localhost ffmpeg_new_v4l2_avi2] # FFMPEG-I test. Avi-vcodec Xvid output. Avi FFmpeg version SVN-r7773, copyright (c) 2000-2006 Fabrice bellard, et al. Configuration: -- prefix =/usr -- enable-GPL -- enable-shared -- enable-mp3lame --

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