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MySQL error log, binlog log, query log, slow query log simple introduction

ObjectiveThe log of the database is a strong basis for helping the database administrator to track the various events that have occurred in the database before. MySQL provides error log, Binlog log (binary log), investigate log, slow query log. Here,

sql2005 Log Cleanup SQL2005 The method of compressing the log _mssql2005

teach you how to clear SQL log 1. Open Query Analyzer and enter the command dump TRANSACTION database name with NO_LOG2. Then open Enterprise Manager--right--the database you want to compress--all tasks--shrink the database--Shrink the file--Select

C # Base and this

Tag: Add text log to implement local analysis instance system compilation? Is it possible to use base and this in static methods, why?? What are the common uses of base? What are the this often used in?? Can base access all members of the base class?

Log ' main ', ' System ', ' radio ', ' Events ' and Android log analysis

Different logs in Android are written to different devices, with a total of/dev/log/system,/dev/log/main,/dev/log/radion, and/dev/log/events four types. Where default LOG.V is written in/dev/log/main. The slog is written to the/dev/log/system.When

Java Programmer's Path to Logging (2/3)-How to write log

1. One of the most basic examples of using the logging framework to write a log is basically three steps Introduction of Loggerg Class and Logger factory class Statement Logger Record log Let's look at an example1. Introduction

Install & amp; #6.2 based on Suricata + Barnyard 2 + Base in CentOS 12042

0x00 preparations CentOS 6.2 is a minimal installation, and the 163 source is used for update. Therefore, you need to install the following dependency package: [root@root ~]$ sudo yum install gcc make pcre pcre-devel libpcap libpcap-devel Disable

On the writing of log logs

The article comes from the company's Daniel 1 Use of log No matter what programming language is used, log output is almost everywhere. To sum up, there are several uses for the log: L Problem tracking: Through the log not only includes some of our

PostgreSQL Replication's second chapter understands the transaction log of PostgreSQL (1)

In the previous chapters, we have understood the various replication concepts. This is not just a theoretical overview of the things that will enhance your consciousness for the next thing to be introduced, but will also introduce you to a broad

Effective C + + Notes _ clause 43 Learn to handle names within a templated base class

Here is an example code that describes the name (function) within the templated base class around this sample code. mainly because C + + knows that the base class templates is likely to be special, and that the special version of Ken does not

ORACLE awr report log file sync wait for event optimization summary "Turn from Itpub"

from the white master (eel with) to log file sync waiting event Optimization summary, for you puber to learn the reference:The log file Sync average wait time exceeds 7ms, if the waiting time is too long, it means that log write is too long each

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