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My MySQL learning experience (15) Log

This article "My MySQL Learning experience (15)" will explain the MySQL logThe logs in MySQL are divided into 4 categories, and using these log files, you can see what's happening inside MySQL.respectively is1, error log: Log the MySQL service start,

Apache log interpretation, Apache log what each column represents?

Apche Log Series (1): Access log Want to know when and what people are browsing the content of the site. See Apache's access log to know. The access log is the standard log for Apache, which explains in detail the contents of the Access log and the

ZZ MySQL Redo Log and recover process analysis

Original address: http://www.cnblogs.com/liuhao/p/3714012.htmlWritten in front: the author level is limited, welcome to enlighten, all to the latest source code prevail.InnoDB Redo LogLet's start with what the next InnoDB redo log is, why you need

MySQL series: innodb source code analysis-redo log structure, mysqlinnodb

MySQL series: innodb source code analysis-redo log structure, mysqlinnodb In innodb Engine implementation, a redo log system is built to ensure transaction persistence. Redo log is composed of two parts: the memory log buffer and the redo log file.

MySQL error log, binlog log, query log, slow query log simple introduction

ObjectiveThe log of the database is a strong basis for helping the database administrator to track the various events that have occurred in the database before. MySQL provides error log, Binlog log (binary log), investigate log, slow query log. Here,

MySQL error log, binary log, slow query log, transaction log

Error log:By default, the error log probably records the following areas of information:1. Information during server startup and shutdown (not necessarily error messages, for example, how MySQL launches InnoDB tablespace files, how to initialize its

[Msql] redo and undo log, msqlredoundolog

[Msql] redo and undo log, msqlredoundolog InnoDB has two very important logs: undo log and redo log. The former is used to ensure the atomicity of transactions and the MVCC of InnoDB, and the latter is used to ensure transaction persistence. Like

A comprehensive explanation of the log function in the PHP Yii Framework and a comprehensive explanation of the yii_PHP tutorial

Fully understand the log function in PHP's Yii Framework and fully understand yii. Fully understand the log function in the PHP Yii Framework, and fully understand that the yiiYii page-level log is enabled in Main. add log segments in php and

MySQL series: innodb source code analysis-redo log structure

MySQL series: innodb source code analysis-redo log structure  1. In the innodb redo log system, the LSN defines an LSN number, which indicates the log Sn. The LSN defines a dulint_t type value in the engine, which is equivalent to uint64_t. The

A comprehensive explanation of the log function in the PHP Yii framework

Yii page-level logs are enabled in Main. in php, the log segment is added and the page log array (classCWebLogRoute, levelstrace, level: tracecategoriessystem. db. * Only information about the database is displayed, including database connection and

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