log queries not using indexes

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MySQL slow query slow query log and unused index (not using Indexes) queries configuration and use

MySQL's "slow query" refers to an SQL statement that exceeds the maximum allowable query time ( long_query_time ), and the "unused index" query, by definition, is the SQL statement that the query statement does not use to the index.Slow query

Using indexes for MySQL query optimization technology lectures

Index is the most important tool for improving the query speed. Of course there are other technologies available for use, but in general, the biggest performance difference is the correct use of indexes. In the MySQL Mail List, people often ask for

Tips for SQL Server database indexing its indexes _mssql

One, what is the index One of the best ways to reduce disk I/O and logical read times is to use the index The index allows SQL Server to look up data in a table without having to scan the entire table. 1.1, the advantages of the index: Become a

Mysql uses indexes for query optimization and mysql index Query Optimization

Mysql uses indexes for query optimization and mysql index Query Optimization The purpose of indexing is to improve the query efficiency. It can be analogous to a dictionary. If you want to query the word "mysql", you must locate the m letter and

Correct use of indexes (SQL optimization), limit paging optimization, execution plan, slow log query

View table-related commands- 查看表结构   desc 表名- 查看生成表的SQL   show create table 表名- 查看索引   show index from  表名Using indexes and not using indexes由于索引是专门用于加速搜索而生,所以加上索引之后,查询效率会快到飞起来。# 有索引Mysql>Select* fromTb1whereName ='Zhangqiye';+-----+-------------+---

My MySQL learning experience (15) Log

This article "My MySQL Learning experience (15)" will explain the MySQL logThe logs in MySQL are divided into 4 categories, and using these log files, you can see what's happening inside MySQL.respectively is1, error log: Log the MySQL service start,

Create and delete indexes in the MySQL database

The following articles mainly describe the creation and deletion of MySQL databases, as well as the detailed parsing of indexes and changing actual table statements. If you are also popular with MySQL databases, you can click the following article

Mysql log file and log type introduction _mysql

Log file type MySQL has several different log files that can help you find out what's going on inside Mysqld: Log files Type of information entered in a file Error log Log a problem that occurs when you start, run,

MySQL duplicate index, redundant index, definition and lookup of unused indexes

1. Redundant and duplicate indexesMySQL allows multiple indexes to be created on the same column, either intentionally or unintentionally, andMySQL needs to maintain duplicate indexes separately, and the optimizer needs to consider each one

SQL uses indexes to optimize performance

Poor SQL statements often come from inappropriate index design, incomplete join conditions, and unoptimizable where clauses. InAfter they are properly optimized, their running speed is significantly improved! I will summarize the following three

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