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Calculate logarithm with Basic Mode's calculator

Like this common "ordinary" calculator, in fact everything can be counted (with the limit, what can become subtraction). Among them, the natural logarithm is especially good, this article will provide a method, mainly using the calculator's Open square function. As we all know, the natural logarithm has the following expansion type:\ (Ln{x} = x-\frac{x^{2}}

R-Language logarithm function (known base and power, exponential)

The R language is very powerful and can be used to calculate various types of exponential functions.For example, suppose Y=a^x, seeking x.Function:Log (P1 [, p2])Where P1 is the power, P2 is the base, if P2 does not exist, then the base is E, the result is exponential.Note: Here the e is a mathematical constant, is the base of the natural

E is the base e.vbs_vbs of the natural logarithm

' e=1+1/1! +1/2! +1/3! +1/4! +......+1/n! ' Φkρ=αe ' Wherein, alpha and k are constants, φ is polar, and rho is the polar diameter, and E is the base of the natural logarithm. For the sake of discussion, we define e or the form of "natural law" through a certain transformation and composition of E. Therefore, the core of the "natural Law" is E, whose value is 2.71828 ..., is an infinite number of loops. ' E

Basic Calculator Base Calculator-leetcode

fourth one is (6+8).SoA value that requires the first subtype is equal to the second subtype + fourth subtype.A value of the second subtype is required, which is equal to the 1+ of the third subtype-3. So, first there is a function 1, which takes a pointer to the beginning of a certain subtype, and returns the value of that subtype. Second, a function 2 is used to convert a string of 1, 23 Ah, 84 AH and other strings into the corresponding numeric 1,23,84. If the character to be co

[Leetcode] Basic Calculator II Base Calculator II

Implement a basic calculator to evaluate a simple expression string.The expression string contains only non-negative integers,,, + - * , / operators and empty spaces . The integer division should truncate toward zero.Assume that the given expression was always valid.Some Examples:"3+2*2" = 7 "3/2" = 1 "3+5/2" = 5Note: don't use the eval built-in library function.Credits:Special thanks to @ts for adding this problem and creating all test cases.[Leetc

Operation of Linux base commands (time and date, calendar, Calculator)

Time and dateIf you want to know the current time of the Linux system, use the date command to display it . The time shown is January 24, 2017, Tuesday, 18 points 50 minutes 26 seconds. CST is the time zone abbreviation for Chinese standard Time.If you want to display only the date of the year, you can use the command date +%y/%m/%dOf course, if you just want to know what time it is, you can use the command date +%h:%m:%s to display it separately.CalendarIf you want to see this month's cale

PHP's Base Calculator

Design a computational function that can perform operations and be able to validate unreasonable data and give false hints.Rule: The first number, the second number cannot be emptyIf the operator is/, the second number cannot be 0.1PHP2 Header(' content-type:text/html; Charset=utf-8 ');3 /*Design a computational function that can perform operations and be able to validate unreasonable data and give false hints.4 rule: The first number, the second number cannot be empty5 If the operator is/, the

C # Base 1,100 within the 7-related numbers; 2, calculator, 3, judging is not a positive integer, 4, judging weight

hard, don't be lazy");//}Console.ReadLine ();3, one-yuan two-time equationax*x+bx+c=0;4, Standard weightConsole.Write ("Please enter gender");String S=console.readline ();Console.Write ("Please enter weight (kg)");Double t=convert.todouble (Console.ReadLine ());Console.Write ("Please enter height (cm)");Double g=convert.todouble (Console.ReadLine ());if (s== "male")//{Double n=t-g+100;if (n>=-3n//{Console.Write ("You are the standard weight");//}else if (n>3)//{Console.Write ("You need to lose

Calculator for small programs written in PHP base language

Calculator for small programs written in PHP base language Requirements: Enter numbers in the input box to add, subtract, multiply, divide (html+php) Ideas: 1 first to create input boxes for entering numbers and operators, number with the Text property of input, operator with SELELCT option property 2 Click the = number in the input box to perform the corresponding operation, 3 = number This input box can

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