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PHP logical operator Instance Usage Summary

An operator is a symbol that tells the compiler to perform a particular arithmetic or logical operation, and usually forms an expression along with the operand, which we often see as participating in mathematical operations or logical operations.

PHP operator (v) "logical operator" Instance explained

Today we are going to show you the fifth operator of PHP, which is also a very important set of operators in our program, " logical Operators”。 What is a logical operator? Logical operation, everyone should be not unfamiliar, in the school math

The logical operator of the operator

using system;using system.collections.generic;using system.linq;using system.text; Namespace _8. Operator's logical operator {    class program    {         static void main (String[] args)          {            //  The logical operator is also

PHP first bullet --- php bit operator "|" and logical operator "|" problems _ PHP Tutorial

The first bullet in PHP is the php bit operator "|" and the logical operator "|. In php, | is a php bit operator, | is the code of the logical operator bit operator :? Php $ a0; $ b0; if ($ a3 | $ b3) {$ a ++; $ B ++;} echo $ a.,. $ B; output 4, 4?

Logical operator overloading for C #

Not only C + +, but also in C # can be overloaded with operators. Such as:Namespace Com.EVSoft.Math{public class Vector3:baseobject{...........public static Vector3 operator + (Vector3 lvector,double RHS);public static Vector3 operator + (Vector3

Javase Review Diary: Java operator \ relational operator \ logical operator \ assignment operator \ string connector \ Ternary operator

//Java operator \ relational operator \ logical operator \ assignment operator \ string connector \ Ternary operator/** What is a Java operator * * java operator? * +,-, *,/,%, + +,--* this Need to pay attention to the difference between a++ and ++a,

The "JS" logical operator is not! With && or | |

The logical operators in JS are not different from other languages when dealing with Boolean judgments, but when dealing with objects, it is necessary to comb the memory.Logical NON (!) Returns False if an operand is an object;Returns False if

PHP operator (5) "logical operator" example

We should be familiar with logical operations. during school hours, there was a knowledge of logical operations in the mathematics textbooks, which we often say "or" not "; logical operators are a group of very important operators in PHP programs.

Smarty logical operator No. summary_php tutorial

Smarty logical operator number summary. I haven't used Smarty for a project for a long time. today, I suddenly want to modify some of my website's content, because my website was made a long time ago using the smarty template engine, I have not used

JavaScript logical operator ' | | ' and "&&"

Alert (true| | false); // TrueAlert (false| | // TrueAlert (true| | // TrueAlert (false| | // false But, in the deep sense, there is another world, try the following codeAlert (0| | 1);Obviously, we know that the previous 0 means false, and

The difference between the logical operator "= =" and "= = =" in JavaScript

SummaryIn JavaScript, the logical operator "= = =" Checks the data type of the operand first, and returns false for different data types. When the "= =" comparison is performed on different types of operands, the type conversion is then

JavaScript logical operator ' | | ' and "&&"

Original: http://www.cnblogs.com/pigtail/archive/2012/03/09/2387486.htmlFirst, to say that | | (logical OR), which, literally, returns false only when both the front and back are false, otherwise it returns true.Alert (true| | FALSE); TrueAlert

Logical operator of C language

A logical operator:&&: Logic and, Read andExpressions are true on both sides of the expression, so the result is true.Formula: a false or False|| : logical OR, read orExpression the left and right sides, there is a true, then the result is

The "JAVA" operator and the logical operator

1. Arithmetic operators+: addition (+ + Plus)-: Subtraction (---self-subtraction)*: Multiplication/: Division%: Take the remainder operation2. Relational operators>: (Same relational operator ">=: (Same relational operator "= =: If you use this

JavaScript logical operator ' | | ' and "&&"

First, to say that | | (logical OR), which, literally, returns false only when both the front and back are false, otherwise it returns true.Alert (true| | FALSE); TrueAlert (false| | true); TrueAlert (true| | true); TrueAlert (false| |

Java Logical operator Understanding

1.1logical OperatorsThe logical operator, which is used for Boolean operations, and the final result of the operation is a Boolean value of True or false. Operator Arithmetic rules Example Results &

Java Foundation-logical operator Logic Operators

Java Foundation-logical operator Logic OperatorsYun ZhengjieCopyright Notice: Original works, declined reprint! Otherwise, the legal liability will be investigated.I. Logical operatorsLogical operators operate on Boolean values, which are common:1>

C language base expression, relational operator, logical operator, bitwise operator, data range, branch structure (If...else, switch...case)

1. Expression: The expression is judged to have no result (value), the simplest expression is a constant or variable, such as: A, A, 3 + 1, a + B, a + 5 are expressions2.BOOL (Boolean) data type: In addition to the basic data types in the C language,

Logical operator _php Tutorial

Table 7-3. Logical Operators (table 7-3 logical operators)   Example name result?/font> $a and $b and true of both $a and $b is true.? /FONT> $a or $b or?/font> true if either $a or $b is true.? /FONT> $a xor $b or?/font> true if either $a Or $b

JavaScript Basics-array-Conditional JUDGMENT statement-logical operator-SELECT STRUCTURE Statement-loop statement

var ateam=new Array (12); In JS, the array is declared using the keyword array, and colleagues can specify the number of the array, that is, the length of the array.var acolor=new Array (); When you do not know the number of arrays, the declaration

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