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Logical Thinking interview questions-java backend interview-,-java backend

Logical Thinking interview questions-java backend interview-,-java backend(-1) Preface I recently participated in an interview and was very interested in the pen questions. I will return to Baidu. Thinking about these questions re

Summary of Java back-end development interview questions of major companies, and java back-end interview questions

Summary of Java back-end development interview questions of major companies, and java back-end interview questions ThreadLocal (thread variable copy) Synchronized implements Memory sharing. ThreadLocal maintains a local variable for each thread. It uses space for time, which is used for data isolation between threads

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Java learning path-simple basic interview questions, java path-Questions 1. What are the features of object orientation? A: The object-oriented features mainly include the following: 1) Abstraction: Abstraction refers to the process of summarizing the common features of a class of objects to construct classes, includin

Java interview questions, java questions

Java interview questions, java questions1. simple principles and applications of the Exception Handling Mechanism in C ++ or Java.When a JAVA program violates the JAVA Semantic Rules, the JAVA Virtual Machine will indicate an erro

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different ways to create objects in JavaA few common questions about Java collectionsWhen classes are loaded and initializedTwo stack implementation queue two queue implementation stackUpdated on 2017/3/12Java Collection.sort () Sort by Time listSingle sign-on principle and simple implementationUpdated on 2017/3/13Aqs detailedJava's concurrent PackageJava Concurrency Toolkit java.util.concurrent User Guide

The answers to the questions in your eyes and the answers to the questions in Java's eyes (we're different)

First and everyone said the joke: a choice in your eyes, see a option well this question should be a, see B option B seems to be right ah, see C option C seems to have seen in the book, see D option This is not and a a meaning. Daniel Eye A option well this question is a, see B option Well this question is a look at the C option well this question is a see D option well this question is a This is the gap between you and Daniel-the basis and know why1, the following statement is correct ()A. Two

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object's metadata. But int is a primitive type of data, so it takes up less space.18. Why is the String in Java immutable (immutable)? (Answer answer)The string in Java is immutable because Java designers believe that strings are used very frequently, and that setting the string to immutable allows multiple clients to share the same string. See the answer for mo

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. JavaScript Common objects6, commonly used in JavaScript value assignment method, for radio button, check box, such as the value assignment method. (Baidu can, JavaScript common basis)7, jquery value Assignment Basic method.8. Get the value of the radio button, get the value of the check box, get the value of the drop-down list, go to the value of the check box, get the value of the radio button Group, text box, text field assignment.9, the Append of jquery and appendto difference.10, the CSS B

Questions on Java basic plane

⑥modelandview view is a logical view, and Dispatcherservlet also uses viewresolver to accomplish parsing from a logical view to a real view object.⑦ when a real view object is obtained, Dispatcherservlet uses the View object to render the model data.The ⑧ client gets a response, either as an ordinary HTML page or as an XML or JSON string, or as a picture or a PDF file.37. Why do you choose to use the Sprin

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difference between collection and collections.You mustn't say that one is singular and one is plural.Collection is the upper interface of the combination class, the sub-interface has list and set, etc., Collections is a tool class under Java.util, and provides some column static methods to synchronize the collection search sort thread.Six, when to use the Assert.An API-level technician might ask this.Used in debugging and optimization to determine whether a

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.char variable?Save Unicode to save Chinese characters20. Start a thread with run () or start ()?Start ();Run () put the executed code insideThird, intermediate simple answerWhat is the difference between 21.sleep () and wait ()?Sleep to the time to wake upWaiting to wake up22.JDBC How do transactions work?Set JDBC Auto-commit false to open transactions after multiple transactions commit exception rollback rollbackHow do I access the database in 23.Java

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questions are ). Nested Class (generally C ++) and Inner Class (generally JAVA ). The biggest difference between Java internal classes and C ++ Nested classes is whether there are external references. For details, see http: // www.frontfree.net/articles/services/view.asp? Id = 704 page = 1 Note: The static internal Class (Inner Class) means that 1 creates an ob

100 Java Surface Questions collection and collation and reference answers

Not accumulate Kuibu not even thousands of miles, here will continue to collect and update the Java Foundation related questions, currently has collected 100 questions.1. What is the B/s structure? What is the C/s architecture b/S (browser/server), browser/server program c/S (client/server), client/server, desktop applications 2. What do you kno

Java interview 30 questions

implemented by another internal class.Third, the difference between static nested class and inner class is that the more you say, the better (the more general the interview questions are ).Nested class (generally C ++) and inner class (generally Java ). The biggest difference between Java internal classes and C ++ Nested classes is whether there are external ref

32 common Java base-plane questions

expression on the left side of is false, the expression on the right will be shorted out directly and will not be evaluated. Most of the time we may need to use instead of , for example, to verify that the user's name is not NULL and is not an empty string when validating the login, it should be written as: 1username ! = null !username. Equals ("") The order of the two cannot be exchanged, not the operator, because if the first condition is not true, the equals of the string ca

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The first one discusses object-oriented programming and its features, common questions about Java and its features, Java collection classes, garbage collectors, and this chapter focuses on exception handling, Java applets, SWING,JDBC, remote method Invocation (RMI), Servlets, and JSPs.Exception handlingJava applets (ap

2017 common 50-way Java Foundation Questions collation (with answer)

1, scope public,private,protected, and the difference when not writtenA : the difference is as follows:2, Anonymous Inner Class (anonymous inner Class) can extends (inherit) other classes, whether you can implements (implement) interface (interface)A : the anonymous inner class is an inner class that has no name. Other classes cannot be extends (inherited), but an inner class can be used as an interface and implemented by another inner class3. The difference between Static Nested class and Inner

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class hello{public static void Main (string[] ARS) {A ab = new B (); Executed here, results: 1a2bAB = new B (); Executed here, results: 1a2b2b}}A: the output is 1a2b2b; the static code snippet for a class can be thought of as code executed by the class for the first load (virtual machine load), and for class loading, the first thing to do is to execute the construction of its base class, and then perform its own construction.50, the Succession time class execution order question, generally is t

Summary of the questions of Java backend development in major companies

(garbage collector), but the memory in the heap is not released immediatelyE. Local variables: By declaring in a method, or a piece of code (such as a For loop), execution to it in the stack to open up memory, when the local variable one but out of scope, memory immediately releasedThe implementation principle of Java polymorphismA. In abstract terms, polymorphism means that the same message can be used in a variety of different ways depending on the

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The basic course of Java language programming Practice Study Questions Reference answers 1th Chapter Java Programming Overview 1.9 Practice Study Questions 1, the Java running platform includes three versions, please select the correct three: () A.

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