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Common shortcut keys for iOS development

iOS development frequently used shortcuts recently summed up some of the iOS developers very useful shortcuts, and according to the use of frequency from high to low row, these shortcuts do not need to remember, use the time to check on the good. Xcode:command+shift+n Quick Create projectcommand+n Quick Create File Command + Alt + N = Quick Create Group (folder) Command +0, Hide/show Navigationbarcommand +

iOS often use shortcut keys

Shortcuts that iOS often usecommand+[: Left IndentCommand+]: Right IndentControl-f: One character to the right (forward)Control-b: One character to the left (backward)Control-p: Previous line (previous)Control-n: Back row (next)Control-a: Go to the beginningCONTROL-E: To Line end (end)CONTROL-T: Swap characters on both sides of the cursor (transpose)CONTROL-D: Delete cursor right side character (delete)Cont

Common shortcut keys for iOS development

Xcode:Command+shift+n quickly create projectCommand+n Quick File creationCommand + Alt + N = Quick Create Group (folder)Command + 0, hide/show NavigationbarCommand + ALT + 0, hide/show UtilitiesbarCommand + SHIFT + Y, hide/show DebugareaCommand+enter turning off the secondary viewCommand+option+enter Turn on Auxiliary viewCommand + [, code indentControl + I, aligning the codeCommand + F, the current page search keywords Command + Shift + F in-Project search keywords Command+shift+k replace res

iOS Development-MAC system shortcut keys

: Capture the display contents of the selected windowOption-command-esc: Forced exitControl-eject: Displays a selection dialog box with the option to reopen the system, sleep and shut down, and press the power button Switch button in your notebook to play the same roleControl-command-eject: Close all applications and re-open the systemOption-command-eject or option-command-power switch button: Go to sleep, close the box in the notebook to play the sam

Common shortcut keys for iOS development

Recently summed up some of the iOS developers very useful shortcuts, and according to the use of frequency from high to low row, these shortcuts do not need to be special to remember, use the time to check the good.Xcode:Command+shift+n quickly create projectCommand+n Quick File creationCommand + Alt + N = Quick Create Group (folder)Command + 0 = hide/show NavigationbarCommand + ALT + 0 = hide/show UtilitiesbarCommand + SHIFT + Y = hide/show Debugarea

How does IOS choose Delegate, notification, KVO? Go

developing iOS apps, I've found some excessive use of notification patterns. I personally do not like to use notification hubs. I find it difficult to use notification hubs to grasp the application execution process. UserInfo dictionaries's keys are passed around causing the loss of synchronization, and there is a need to define too many constants in the public space. For a developer working on an existing

[Go] An iOS package size slimming scheme based on the clang plugin

, you can consider the need to abstract out a common framework to deal with, others refer to this project, Or simply use the libz that comes with the system itself to handle it better). Because it can be analyzed at the source level, there are many things you can do with the clang plugin. I also use the clang plug-in to implement the code style check, API validation, the relevant example project is as follows:Code style check: Https://github.com/kangwang1988/XcodeCodingStyle.gitAPI Validati

[Go] Learn the common commands of Mac and help iOS development

Transferred from: http://www.jianshu.com/p/d9ec00d28237Heavy and technical prefaceIn the process of iOS development, more attention to the efficiency of iOS development, familiar with the use of Mac terminal operation of the common commands, you can make a better edge in iOS heavy development. This article focuses on common Mac Terminal Basic instructions and sho

(GO) simplifies 6 Xcode tips for iOS app development

snippets it provides in the Code Snippets Library, or you can create custom code snippets for your own needs, or you can add code snippets to use later. Here's an example of using code snippets:When we add a new Viewcontroller class, the default code snippet is shown below:I want to emulate the structure of the memory-related methods and view the lifecycle methods as follows:To re-use the structure, we need to add this code to the Snippets Library. Now add it and select the text you want to add

"Go" iOS Developer account and certificate

pair of keys in your Mac keychain, including public and private keys, and check login key view.# CSR file contains user's public key and mailbox information2. Upload the CSR file, generate the CER certificate file, certificates, add-on, developer Center, IOS APP Development# WWDR The CSR file using the CA's key to verify that the public key is part of this deve

Go: File sharing between iOS programs

-defined DocumentsThe previous section showed what to import well-known document types, such as PDF. What happens if do want to import your own self-defined document types? For example, you is writing a Sudoku game and wanted to implement your own file format for saving the state of a Sudoku g Ame. In this case, your file might has the. SDK extension, which is only used by your application.To ensure this your application can handle files with the. sdk extension, you'll add the

about using OpenSSL to generate PEM files for the Go language implementation iOS push

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Today in the completion of the iOS push process encountered some problems, colleagues helped me to register an Apple certificate, and then use the certificate to generate the corresponding PEM file, online about the generation of PEM file there are many ways (1) PHP Devicetoken: 2. Generate the app on the server required license

iOS uploads images via HTTP post (GO)

:@"Content-Type: image/png\r\n\r\n"];//声明结束符:--AaB03x--NSString *end=[[NSString alloc]initWithFormat:@"\r\n%@",endMPboundary];//声明myRequestData,用来放入http bodyNSMutableData *myRequestData=[NSMutableData data];//将body字符串转化为UTF8格式的二进制[myRequestData appendData:[body dataUsingEncoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding]];//将image的data加入[myRequestData appendData:data];//加入结束符--AaB03x--[myRequestData appendData:[end dataUsingEncoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding]];//设置HTTPHeader中Content-Type的值NSString *content=[[NSString all

"Go" IOS how to get peripheral broadcast data Advdata

cstringusingencoding:nsutf8stringencoding], valuestring);}} Thanks, but the result isKey:kcbadvdataisconnectable, Value:1Key:kcbadvdatalocalname, Value:simplebleperipheralKey:kcbadvdataserviceuuidsUUID (0): FF F0Key:kcbadvdatatxpowerlevel, value:0I want to get the broadcast data or not read ....For iOS devices, I get broadcast data through Kcbadvdataserviceuuids.Li Zongwu:I also feel that the broadcast data should be in the advertisementdata, can be

The de-weight of IOS arrays (normal unordered de-weight and sorted good go-heavy)

This article reprinted to http://blog.csdn.net/zhaopenghhhhhh/article/details/24972645Sometimes it is necessary to remove duplicate elements from the Nsarray, and the presence of elements in the nsarray is not necessarily the nsstring type. Today I think about it, add friends help, think of two solutions, first divided into the following.1. Using the Nsdictionary AllKeys (allvalues) methodYou can save the elements in the Nsarray in a dictionary, and then use AllKeys or allvalues to get all the

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