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Logo Design Analysis: Several logo logo design style

about the exercise of beauty. The designer must make the logo that he designs reflect the connotation of the Middle East beauty. The use of Arabian floral decorations is like a majestic blow, which needs to be handled with care so that it can be used for the corporate image you want to use. The rise of this trend has been accompanied by a revival of imagery, which designers and non-designers have observed in previous years: in print and electronic

Logo Logo Design Reference: 30 Examples of good logo design

Have an eye-catching logo to the enterprise is a great blessing, after all, logo thousands, but the real memorable works are very few. A good logo must be tailored to quickly convey the value and philosophy of the enterprise. But the logo can not just keeps things interesting, but also must have thought, multi-functio

Logo Design: Brand features logo icon design best practices

on your research and profile design drawings. This is the only one of the most important parts of the design process. Inspire and create creativity. As Dainis Graveris once wrote, "A sketch is never a waste of time, but a very good way to put your mind's thoughts on paper." "After that, it will be easier in the real design of the computer." Sketches help us figu

Logo design specifications and techniques and logo Design tutorial Cases

The logo design tutorial is divided into two parts: first, talk about the logo design norms and skills. Second, through a PS inside the logo design tutorial to operate. In view of the IT tribal Exchange technology QQ group often

Design Logo: Logo logo for 28 food and beverage websites

The article collects the 28 dining and Food type website logo logo, involves very wide. There are desserts, drinks, pizza and restaurants and other food websites. Can be used as a reference for the design of such food labels, and these logo logo color is not the same, you ca

The case of logo design: The basic principle of brand image logo design

Article Description: In fact, no matter how "dynamic" your logo, but in the actual operation of the brand image, whether it is technically or conceptually, the same as to adhere to the basic principles of some brands, can not be changed purely to change, for moving and moving. In recent years, the brand of signs in the situation is noteworthy is the "multiple-form" signs of the continuous emergence. The trend of the "multi-form"

Logo Design Six requirements, logo design must kill technology

because the logo itself carries the role of image propaganda, to be responsible for conveying certain information, the audience is the vast number of consumers, therefore,logo design to grasp from several aspects. Below is the logo Designer's favorite logo

Product Logo Design Skills: Professional advice for logo design

Article Description: How to do logo design: 9 professional advice. In fact, logo design is not difficult, to see these 9 professional advice, I believe you will learn a lot. When customers need you to make logo design

Logo and logo design

social economy, politics, science and technology, and culture, after careful design, it has a high degree of practicality and artistry, and has been widely used in all fields of society, it has played a huge role and influence on the development and progress of human society. The emergence of a new science, "symbolic notation", is a historical necessity.Bytes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Design Works Reference: A very imaginative logo logo design

Logo design is a test of the designer's abstract thinking ability, so the graphic designer may not be able to become a good logo designer sometimes. Of course, the accumulation of design experience is also very important. But logo designers are more often required to express

Logo Design Theory: the application of triangle in logo design

Article Description: The triangle of the flag. Left is old flag, right is new flag If the logo is formed using a few letters, you may first think it is Vava, but the figure is a sign of Viva. Viva, a music and entertainment channel for German television, was launched in 1993, and its programs included music video to various American sitcom (such as "Friends"), and Viva was founded by a private company, which was acquired by MTV Europea

Visual design of Brand Logo: Evolution of apple logo changes

Article Description: Evolution from Apple logo--on the development of brand logo. In March this year, we saw the colorful Apple logo on Apple's ipad launch. From the color return to the color, the Apple logo in the design of a return, the color of the halo gradi

Logo Design Case theory: excellent logo and business card

Vissumo is a company that manufactures the next-generation touchscreen, and the name is now being used just from the infini touch, and our mission is to design an excellent logo and business card. Design Main Vissumo began to worry because they felt it was difficult to express Vissumo's technology product concept by simply using a picture, a tag or so

Designer's Reference: Professional logo Logo Design method

Professional Logo logo Designer must sum up some design skills, we appreciate some excellent creative business signs can also find that the logo in this article is very creative, but the basis is to use a number of common logo design

Ebook-logo design, boutique design, image design, cover design, and Ad Design Appreciation

Download Abjornsson Logo Design AppreciationAlena st. James boutique DesignChantal Sanchez boutique Image DesignChip Allen poster Layout DesignChristinacreative boutique Design Enjoy Denise weekley Art and DesignDesign literate cover Poster DesignFabioOverview of Carvalho Interface DesignFirebelly DesignJeffrey baese boutique DesignMichaelHofler

User Design example: Holiday logo Interactive Design discussion

larger interactive animation or online advertising, you can make the audience and advertising more interaction, so as to improve user participation, enhance their brand experience. What if you want to let the consumer realize jump? A well-designed web ad for the user experience usually divides the response area of the jump into separate sections. Summary , whether it is graphic illustrations, Flash animation or interactive animation, as a holiday logo

Website Logo Design Specifications

the era of modern spiritual fast food, longxun's red circle is also becoming fashionable. However, this kind of design can only be received by the website of the design company in China, but the logo of a cable TV's latest film and TV variety show shows a spiral lucky circle, I can sigh, but I have a lot of courage and lack of creativity. 2. special characters:

Foreign language translation: The most important hint of effective logo design

easier in the real design of the computer." Sketches help us figure out what is imagined: once you understand it, you will often start your design work on a blank sheet of paper. Rethinking Constantly breaking in the design process. This will help make your ideas more mature, give you new enthusiasm and make you beg for feedback. At the same time bring a ne

12 Principles of Logo Design

format on television, the Internet, also must be very clear and easy to identify. The surest way to determine if a logo is scaled to all sizes is to test it yourself. Note that it is usually the hardest to reach the minimum size, so you can print the logo on the letterhead or envelope at the outset to check for clarity. You can also print a

The influence of improving design initiative technology on Logo design

From the chaos and complexity of the logo design imagery, the clarity of technology on the logo design of the impact and the context, so that designers to increase the system of expression to understand, so as to improve the design initiative. I. Background of the study

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