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Website Logo Design Specifications

The logo application has always been the basis and most direct form of CIS import. Its importance is self-evident, especially in the design of network logo. I. Identity Functions As a unique media symbol, logo has always become a visual and cultural

Logo Design: Brand features logo icon design best practices

In this article, we will carefully analyze how to obtain an effective logo design and we also guide you through these rules and the best way to create a brand feature icon. First you need to get a fixed understanding of a good logo design and some

Website Logo Design Code

The application of the design logo has been the basis of CIS import and the most direct form of expression, its importance is self-evident, especially the design of network logo. I. Functions of the Logo:As a unique symbol of the media, logo (logo)

[Design]-12 criteria for determining the logo Quality

ArticleDirectory 1. Great logo 2. The logo should look nice. 3. Black and white logo should look good 4. The logo can have various colors 5. The logo can be easily drawn. 6. The logo looks great in both CMYK and RGB. 7.

Foreign language translation: The most important hint of effective logo design

There have been many creative logo design cases, logo design resources and logo design guidance posted in every corner of the Internet. These help create a powerful toolbox for your logo design. First you need to get a fixed understanding of a good

12 Principles of Logo Design

To be prominent from a competitor, you have to create a unique style to show your design features, not imitate or even copy other designs or styles, only innovation can stand out. Logo (Brand logo) is the brand's "face", so extremely important, a

Website Visual Brand: How is a good logo

Article Description: the importance of a logo for a business don't I say I believe we all know, whether from the visual brand communication, or to convey the enterprise internal and external spiritual and cultural concepts, a small logo are in a

Foreign Excellent logo appreciation

Have an eye-catching logo to the enterprise is a great blessing, after all, logo thousands, but the real memorable works are very few. A good logo must be tailored to quickly convey the value and philosophy of the enterprise. Have an eye-catching

Make the logo of the website International Standard size Reference

International Standard for Logos A unified international standard is needed to facilitate the dissemination of information on the Internet. There is actually a set of standards. The logo on the website, there are currently international standard

Fireworks MX 2004 Making landscape logo whole process

Process Because I am a beginner FW, there is a shortage of places, I hope to point out. Thank you very much! (PS: This tutorial only for the ilogo-snake of this logo to unfold, and does not necessarily have a common or law.) Tutorial object: New

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