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Me and my Logo web

Thought for a long time confused still did not find I want the goal! Today I share with you the story of the logo, logo is my favorite before a day did not do logo people will feel uncomfortable! But now I do not know how it will not feel that

Logo Design of the website

With the rapid development of information technology, especially the popularization of PC and network, Internet has become our new way of life. In cyberspace, the website is we publish and obtain the knowledge and the information base, the website

How to make a simple LOGO

Today, personal websites and blogs are spreading like waves in the ocean of the Internet, stacked in layers, countless. In addition to the wonderful content, we also need a striking Logo to make people remember. Some well-known brands and the Logo

265.COM Replacement logo Add Google logo

"Sohu It News" December 2 news, Sohu it from the Web site navigation station 265.COM home found that the site logo has been replaced recently, added the logo of Google words. 265 Original logo 265 new logo Google China's first official admission

Analysis of the ICO Logo of Baidu search results with Penguin as an example

See a lot of people ask Baidu search results title in front of the logo is how to come. In fact, this logo as early as the end of last year appeared, but less so to see the people are not many, now a lot of big stations appear logo, now this

Logo icon Quick Build software (Sothink logo Maker) v3.5 Official designer Edition

Logo icon Quick Build software (Sothink logo Maker) v3.5 Official designer Edition: http://www.cr173.com/soft/10238.htmlHow does the Logo designer remove the background logo?Http://jingyan.baidu.com/article/c275f6bac03b22e33c75674b.html1. After

114 la web site navigation 1.13 version how to modify the logo size-[super simple ].

The question of how to modify the logo size in web site navigation is a concern of many webmasters. It is actually very simple. You just found the wrong location. The logo size is controlled in two places. The first is that the logo image position

The function and features of QR code and the use of Java to generate a QR code with logo

The two-dimensional barcode/two-D code (2-dimensional bar code) is a black-and- white graphic that distributes the data symbol information in a plane (two-dimensional direction) with a particular geometry , and skillfully utilizes the "0" that

Super Cool personalized logo icon automatically generated! _ Application Tips

A lot of friends on the blog to show their own email, MSN, QQ contact or other links, put a vivid icon, link to where you want to go, is not a good idea! If the use of PS and other mapping tools is too much trouble, for most friends is too difficult,

Introduction to COM programming have to read the article: The first part what is COM, how to use COM

Original: Http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/633/Introduction-to-COM-What-It-Is-and-How-to-Use-ItThe purpose of this article is to provide programming guidance to programmers who have just contacted COM and to help them understand the basic

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