logos 7 new features

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Build a new theme for Drupal 7

The topic explains the user interface (UI) of the Drupal Web site. Although the theme structure has not changed significantly, Drupal version 7 comes with a new approach to implementing the theme. This article demonstrates how to create a new Drupal

The Origin and Artistic Features of Logo Design

With the rapid development of science and technology, printing, photography, design, and image transmission are becoming more and more important. The development of this non-verbal transmission has a competitive force to compete with language

Introduction to Logo Design Methods

If you want to know how to design a logo, you must know what it is? Symbol: refers to an external sayingLogoIs a sign that indicates the characteristics of a thing. It uses simple, obvious, and easy-to-recognize images, images, or text symbols as

H5 new content and APIs

1. Simplified document type and character set (1) Document type The reason for this is that HTML5 is no longer part of SGML (Standard generalized Markup language, standardized universal Markup language), but is a separate markup language that

Thoughts on website design

Website design involves a lot of content. There are two aspects: On the one hand, the design of pure websites, such as text layout, image production, graphic design, three-dimensional design, static silent text, dynamic sound images, and so on; on

"Bootstrap" 4. Corporate website (to be continued)

The previous chapter has a team of personal site site to do some optimization. This chapter, it is our turn to enrich this work site, to supplement some projects, so as to demonstrate our ability. In other words, we're going to build a relatively

Web Front end Development Specification manual

I. Normative purposes1.1 Overview ......................................................................................................................... ............ 1II. Specification of documents2.1 File Naming conventions ......................

My Windows Phone 8

Learn about Windows Phone 8 development and make a summary of the learning materials you collect (constantly updated). My Windows Phone app Dotamax Myapptostart Wheat Academy WP8.1 Edition (UI shabby)

Android version History

The Android operating system is a mobile device operating system developed by Google and the Open Handheld Alliance, and its earliest version of Android 1.0 beta was released on November 5, 2007 and has been released with multiple updates. These

10 most common errors and their solutions for working with web images

10 most common errors and their solutions for working with web images Images are the most important part of any modern web site development. Currently, statistics have accounted for 60% of the total website bandwidth. is more noticeable when

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