long ringtones for android

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Set ringtones for Android development and ringtones for android Development

Set ringtones for Android development and ringtones for android Development First, we will introduce the supported ringtone formats in Android. There are the following types: 64Hz Midi, AAC, AAC +, AMR, WAV, MP3, Real Audio, WMA, OGG, and other formats. It is easy to set th

Tutorial on setting ringtones for Android phones [set ringtones for Android]

Tutorial on setting ringtones for Android phones [set ringtones for Android]Generally, Android phones can be set with four types of ringtones: incoming calls, SMS, alarm, and system. The specific setting method is as follows:1. Fi

How to set the default ringtones for Android calls and how to set the default ringtones for voice calls

How to set the default ringtones for Android calls and how to set the default ringtones for voice calls 1. Implementation of the default setting of Android incoming call ringtones andoird the default setting of incoming call ringtones

Monitor the volume of ringtones in the Android system (ringtones, volumes, mute, and speakers)

The Android program obtains and sets the ringtone and volume.Obtain the ringtones and volume of the android mobile phone through a program. Similarly, you can set the ringtone and volume easily!AudioManagermAudioManager = (AudioManager) getSystemService (Context. AUDIO_SERVICE );// Call volumeInt max = mAudioManager. getStreamMaxVolume (AudioManager. STREAM_VOICE

Android (Android) phone ringtones set source analysis

, the default is 0, if it is some type, then the Android system defaults to 1, So it's clear why a lot of the sample code for scanning system notifications or ringing calls has a similar conditional statement: Is_notification = 1. Such as: /*** Scan system Internal notification ring*/ code is as follows copy code private void Scannermediafile () { contentresolver cr = This.getcontentresolver (); Cursor Cursor = C

How to add a menu for setting dual-card ringtones in android Music

)){ Long simId = SimInfoManager. getIdBySlot (context, slotId ); MProfileManager. setRingtoneUri (mActiveProfileKey, AudioProfileManager. TYPE_RINGTONE, simId, ringUri ); } Else { Settings. System. putString (resolver, Settings. System. RINGTONE, ringUri. toString ()); } String message = context. getString (R. string. ringtone_set, cursor. getString (2 )); Toast. makeText (context, message, Toast. LENGTH_SHORT). show (); } } Finally { ....

Set ringtones for Android

types. The default value is 0. If it is a type, the android system defaults to 1, therefore, I understand why many sample codes for scanning system notifications or calling ringtones have a similar condition statement: is_notification = 1.For example: /*** Scan the system for internal notification ringtones*/Private void scannerMediaFile (){ContentResolver cr =

android-Ringtones settings and playback

in the Android system, different ringtones are stored in the ringtone path:/system/media/audio/Ringtones Call ringtone/system/media/audio/Notifications SMS Notification ringtones/system/media/audio/alarms settings for alarm ringtones:ImportJava.io.File; Importandroid.app.Activity; Importandroid.content.Intent; ImportAn

Android gets the scene mode and ringtones to achieve vibration, ringing reminders _android

When we want to remind the user by ringing or shaking (similar to the phone call reminder interface), we need to consider the situation pattern of the phone itself. (There is a oppo test mobile phone is found, even if the tone to mute mode, I can still play out the bell), in order to prevent the "supernatural" event, so in the hint before the situation mode to judge so that it is necessary, specially to the code record. 1, get mobile phone situation mode: Audiomanager Audiomanager = (au

Get and set ringtones, volume, mute, and speakers in Android

The android program obtains and sets the ringtone and volume.Obtain the ringtones and volume of the Android mobile phone through a program. Similarly, you can set the ringtone and volume easily! Audiomanager maudiomanager = (audiomanager) getsystemservice (context. audio_service );// Call volume Int max = maudiomanager. getstreammaxvolume (audiomanager. stream_vo

How to Get and set the ringtones and volume of the android System

From: http://www.inandroid.cn/bbs/thread-132546-1-1.htmlObtain the ringtones and volume of the Android mobile phone through a program. Similarly, you can set the ringtone and volume easily!The method for setting the volume is also very simple. audiomanager provides the method:Publicvoidsetstreamvolume (intstreamtype, intindex, intflags) Where streamtype has built-in constants, which can be seen in the docum

Android Ringtonemanager Ringtones Management

This article describes the jump to the system ringtone selection interface, the ringtone in Android through Ringtonemanager Management, Ringtonemanager management call Ring (Type_ringtone), beep (type_notification), Alarm Clock Ringtones (type_alarm), Ringtonemanager commonly used methods include: 1.getRingtone ()//Get Ringtones 2.getDefaultUri ()// Gets the defa

Accidentally removed the Android ringtones solution

Since the Android platform has launched a resource manager that can get the highest root of the system, many G2 have tried the software to remove some of the components from the Android system with their phones, but some users often accidentally delete some system components, take the ringtone components. After deletion, there is no support for cell phone ringtones

Android edit MMS, add a few pages of ringtones, preview the Pause interface, the ringtone name is missing

Slideview.java this displayaudioinfo () function should be changed to publicIn Packages/apps. Mms/src/com/android/mms/ui/slideshowpresenter.java revision changed toif (action = = mediaaction.no_active_action) {M:code analyze 006, Fix bug ALPS00272535,Can ' t return even if no_active_action @{Presentaudio (view, (Audiomodel) media, true);((Slideview) view). Displayaudioinfo ();Continue/// @}Android edit MMS,

Android obtains and sets ringtones, volume, mute, and speakers.

Using APIs to retrieve and set ringtones, volume, mute, and speakers is actually quite simple.[Java] view plainCopy // Obtain an audiomanagerAudiomanager maudiomanager = (audiomanager) getsystemservice (context. audio_service );// Call volumeInt max = maudiomanager. getstreammaxvolume (audiomanager. stream_voice_call );Int current = maudiomanager. getstreamvolume (audiomanager. stream_voice_call );Log. D ("vioce_call", "MAX:" + MAX + "current:" + curr

The. nomedia file or folder in Android ICS2 is used to shield files from appearing in the image library or ringtones.

displays 1 or 3 files. therefore, the multimedia files in the SD card will not be displayed in the Image Library. About the android. nomedia file: . Nomedia file: Images in the application are not scanned by the System Image Library. when the nomedia file is placed in any folder, all the media files (images, mp3, and videos) in the folder are hidden from the System Image Library and the ringtones appear. 1

Android set ringtones to implement code _android

This example describes the android Setup ringtone implementation code. Share to everyone for your reference. as follows: public void Setmyringtone (file file) {contentvalues values = new Contentvalues (); Values.put (MediaStore.MediaColumns.DATA, File.getabsolutepath ()); Values.put (MediaStore.MediaColumns.TITLE, File.getname ()); Values.put (MediaStore.MediaColumns.SIZE, File.length ()); Values.put (MediaStore.MediaColumns.MIME_TYPE, "A

Android gridiew and other long and short presses are different (if it is long, the corresponding long press is not executed, and Android will execute short press by default)

1. There are three methods to process key events in Android gridview: Public Boolean onkeydown (INT keycode, keyevent event) Public Boolean onkeyup (INT keycode, keyevent event) Public Boolean onkeylongpress (INT keycode, keyevent event) Obviously, long-press events are handled in the onkeylongpress function. If the time of the gridview is long, the corresponding

Android phone 6GB memory for a long time or the card is what's going on Android Big Memory for a long time why will the card

A TSMC 10nm technology gradually mature, Gaotong 835, MediaTek Helio X30 and Kirin 970 are their customers, so that mobile phone performance is expected to blowout again. However, CPU and GPU performance up, memory can not drag it? No 8GB memory, who has the nerve to match the next generation of processors? By the way, in addition to these new flagship processors, existing processors like Xiao 821 and 653 have added support for 8GB of memory, so the 8GB memory handsets should be available soone

Screen "Power key Long Press", "Home Key", "home button long Press" in Android

(reason.equalsignorecase ("HomeKey")) {///////To Mask Home key//Do some of your own actions here, such as re-opening your lock screen program interface, It's not going to go away. System.out.println ("Home key is triggered");} else if (reason.equalsignorecase ("Recentapps")) {//Shielded Home key Long press method System.out.println ("Home key is long pressed");}}}} @Overrideprotected void OnPause () {//TOD

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