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Okhttp Cache Max-age and Max-stale detailed

First, prefacePrior to understanding the use of okhttp cache, and the use of the cache is a preliminary summary of 80650856. The cache is primarily intended to obtain resource information directly from the cache in the absence of a network, or when

Basic concepts of Max SDK (2)

2. Basic concepts of SDK 2.1 three abstract base classes3DS MAX plug-ins are mainly used for modeling, animation, and rendering. These plug-ins are mainly inherited from one of the following abstract base classes.Anomatable-> referencemaker->

IoT OS Hellox successfully ported to Minnowboard Max Development Board

With the efforts of the Hellox development team and the support of Winzent Tech Inc. (headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden), the latest version of Hellox V1.78 has been successfully ported to the Minnowboard Max Development Board. The relevant source

HPUX 11.31 LVM VG adds one of Max PV methods

Scenario: There is a file system space, need to expand space, the preparation work found that the file system corresponding to the LV VG "free PE" value is 0,VG has no space, so to first expand the VG, and then expand the LV, but the expansion of

3D MAX plug-in of bullet

Write by nine days Yan Ling (jtianling) -- blog.csdn.net/vagrxie Discuss newsgroups and documents Preparation we have long known that bullet has a good Maya plug-in, which is Disney's own stuff. It is then open-source and can be downloaded from

nvarchar (max) length test in SQL

nvarchar (max) length test: Text length can exceed the upper limit of 8000 after using convert to force type conversions.and the maximum length of nvarchar (max) can reach 2^31The following is the validation sql:Declare @A nvarchar (max) set

How to Create a sky box Max generate six images of a sky box

In VR technology, product presentation and scenario roaming are required. If you want to have a virtual 3D sky inside, you must use the sky ball; currently, there are two basic practices for Sky balls: Square and spherical. Currently, the

Min and Max functions in Linux Kernel

These days, in order to sort out the driver knowledge that ldd3 learned some time ago, I went to look at the USB driver. I don't know, but I was shocked. There are a lot of syntaxes in it, which I found to be great at using. It's not like writing

FAQ: Link error of 3DS MAX 5.1 plug-in

Today, I reinstalled the operating system on the computer used to develop the max plug-in, and opened the project of the Max plug-in. rebiwould all, dizzy! There were several Link errors. It was good before the reinstallation! Take a closer look,

Non-Xiaomi Max to see if your phone can upgrade MIUI8?

in yesterday's Xiaomi summer new product launch Conference, in addition to Xiaomi Max Millet also brought a new MIUI 8, the MIUI 8 in the system UI, animation interaction, function and other aspects of the significant improvement, especially

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