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While loop statement, Do-while Loop statement, for Loop statement text tutorial detailed

the format of awhile loop statement: 1. Format: while (condition of the loop) { loop statement;} 2, while the Loop statement to note matters:1) The While Loop statement is typically the number of times a variable is controlled by its loop.2) The

Python while loop statement and synchronous parsing (code example)

As a programming language, Python naturally has its own loop statement, where the python while loop and for loop statements are more common. ( students with programming fundamentals should note that in a Python while loop , there is no do...while

The while,for statement of the Python Loop statement

Below for you to share a Python circular statement of the WHILE,FOR statement, with a good reference value, I hope to be helpful to everyone. Come and see it together. There are two types of loops in Python: For Loop and while loop. A For loop can

Java Learning (iv): Java Process Control statements (sequential structure, if condition statement, switch conditional statement, loop statement, and jump statement)

Tags: Java Process Control Statement order structure If conditional statement switch conditional statement Loop statement and jump statementJava Process Control StatementsThis blog post will focus on the control statements that make up the various

Process Control (ii)---loop statement (25TH,FEB)

Label:1. While Loop statementThe While Loop statement also becomes a conditional judgment statement, which loops in a condition that controls whether the statement continues to execute repeatedly. The syntax format is as follows:While(conditional

PHP for While Loop statement Learning Note _php Tutorial

This article is to introduce the basic use of circular statements in PHP, including for Loop, while loop and do While loop use method, this article is very suitable for beginners PHP beginner Oh. Use the For statement to control multiple variables,

A detailed example of the "Do...while" loop statement of the PHP loop control statement

In front of you to explain the PHP loop statement in the while statement loop, in fact, while the statement has another form of expression, which is what we are going to explain to you today, "Do...while" loop statement。 Do...while The concept of

Answers to questions about how to get the values in a loop statement

for ($i = 0; $i <= 2; $i + +) { $i;} echo $i; So why not get the value of getting the loop out of this to get the last one modified into this for ($i = 0; $i <= 2; $i + +) { So that you can get all the values, but some of the

Learn notes for the while Loop statement in PHP

With a For statement, you can control multiple variables to achieve advanced application of multiple loops. Let's look at a program that uses the For statement to output the 9*9 multiplication table: The code is as follows Copy Code

Introduction to Programming (Java) & #183; 3.2.4 Loop Statement "

Label:This article completely copies the contents of the Introduction to Programming (Java) 3.2.4 Loop statement. In addition to the description text in the. Please read and compare other programming materials.I know. Suppose I am a person who has

The Loop statement in JS

Label:JS in the Loop statement can be divided into three kinds: 1.while;2.do......while;3.for.While the syntax forwhile (exp) {statements;}var a=1,b=0; while (a<=1000) { if (a%2==0) { if (b%20==0) {

Single chip microcomputer C language Tutorial: C51 Loop statement

Label:SCM C Language Tutorial 13th lesson C51 Loop StatementLoop statements are used by almost every program, and are used to implement operations that require multiple iterations. such as a 12M 51 chip application circuit requires the

Shell script for, while Loop statement and Case Branch statement

Tags: for statement while statement case statement Shell Yang ShufanThe shell, as a scripting language, also contains other program control structures such as loops, branches, and so on, making it easier to perform more complex and powerful

Shell script app (for, while Loop statement and Case Branch statement)

Tags: AC style stdin experimental tar too service one way1, for: Read different variable values, execute the same set of commands one by one, until the value is complete exit, variable values are separated by a spaceGrammar:For variable value in

"Go Language" "9" go language of the loop statement

Tags: go for loop statement break jump statement continueFirst, the Loop statementThe loop statement is a for statement, and you might say, "No, it's not just for statements, there's a while or a do-while", and it's really a pity that the go

The efficiency of c++/C Loop statement

Tags: program efficiency loop statementof the Loop statement Efficiency:c++/C Loop statement,the F or statement uses the highest frequency,whi l e statement second ,dostatements are seldom used . the basic way to improve the efficiency of the

For Loop statement

Label:For loop format:For (expression 1; expression 2; expression 3){Looping statements}1. First, the value of expression 1 is evaluated.2, then calculate the value of the expression 2, if the value is true (not 0) the execution of the loop

foreach Loop statement

Label:First, the Foreach Loop statement describes:1. Format:For (type variable name: traversed array or collection) {Other operations (output operations)}    2. Function:        Mainly used to simplify the writingSecond, the Foreach Loop statement

ASP Script Loop statement

This article teaches you the ASP script Loop statement: ASP Dynamic Server page environment is characterized by the fact that it is written in one or more scripting languages, scripting language can

ASP Script Loop statement

Script | loop | Statement Author: scholar In the two articles in this article, we learned about the variables, functions, procedures, and conditional statements in the scripting language VBScript, and this article will continue to introduce Vbscipt'

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