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JavaScript loop speed for loop | | While loop

JavaScript as the scripting language for the client, generally speaking, is the speed of the first. The speed required depends on what makes the fastest. The circulation basically all language all has, is also the most commonly used, its embodiment,

JavaScript loop speed for loop | | While loop

JavaScript as the scripting language for the client, generally speaking, is the speed of the first. The speed required depends on what makes the fastest. The circulation basically all language all has, is also the most commonly used, its embodiment,

Shell Programming (iii)-for loop, while loop, Break,continue,exit

Tags: for loop while loop break usage contiue usage exit usage[TOC]One, for loopRepeated execution of a series of commands is common in programming. Usually you need to repeat a set of commands until you reach a certain condition, such as working

Java Socket dead Loop while how to determine client disconnects

Tags: issue nbsp Red print buffered gen BOOL Div GPOA multithreaded server program thread waits for the client's message part code as follows:Boolean done=clientrequest.isconnected ();//Determine if the client socket is connectedwhile (done)//client

Python Loop (while)

Tags: ODI GPO statement str python BSP run div exampleLoop (while)Use of the statement:While x:CodingFirst determine if the X condition is true, then run the coding sectionExample:x = 2while x = = 1:if x = 1:Print ("Hi,world")ElsePrint ("Oh my

python-Loop (while loop, for loop)

Tags: rand ESS imp repeat user random break login family#循环, Traverse, iterate# for Loop, while loopSee Data typesType (name) intBreak no matter whether the loop is complete or not, end the loop immediatelyContinue end this cycle and proceed to the

Python loop while and for in instances

Python loop while and for in simple instances #!/uer/bin/env python# _*_ coding:utf-8 _*_lucknumber = 5b = 0while b <3: print (' Guss count: ', b) a = Int (input (' You guse number ')) If a > Lucknumber: print (' Youaerbiger ')

Python Learning fifth day flow control branch if and loop while

Tags: Python learning ... nbsp branch als Tin payment Pytho. comAll the logical structures are organized around branches and loops, such as login registration, payment success, and so on, with branching if usage and while usageIf age>30:Print

sql-Logical Loop while if

Label:--Calculation of 1-100 and declare @int int=1; declare @total int=0; while (@int <=100) begin set @[email protected][email protected]; Set @[email protected] +1; End Select @total -Calculates 1-100 even and declare @index int;

MySQL updates data with cursor cursor loop (while)

Label:#要修改的变量DECLARE var_id VARCHAR (+) DEFAULT ';#需要修改的数据的数量DECLARE Var_updatecount INT;#当前循环次数DECLARE Var_whiletimes INT;#定义游标DECLARE Var_cur CURSOR forSELECT ID from table_name;#打开游标OPEN var_cur;#将游标的数据进行赋值FETCH var_cur into var_id;#获取循环次数SELECT

Oracle Plsql Demo-05.while Loop [while Loop]

Label:DECLARE Number: = 6000; begin while < 8000 ) Loop v_sal:=+1; Dbms_output.put_line (v_sal); End Loop; End;Oracle Plsql Demo-05.while Loop [while Loop]

Shell Script VI: Loop while

Tags: strong syntax stop RET bash digital log input TTYWhile loopBasic syntax:While < conditions >do < commands > DoneThe while loop is more used to read the contents of the standard input to implement loopsExample 1: Printing

Oracle Loop, while, for loop

Tags: while loop class code line BER STR blog Oracle margin Loop loop DeclareP_sum Number:= 0; P_i Number;Beginp_i:= 1; Loop p_sum:=P_sum+p_i; P_i:=P_i+ 1; If(p_i> -) ThenSYS. Dbms_output.put_line (p_sum); Exit; End if; EndLoop;End;

PHP Quick Start learning -13 (PHP loop-while loop)

Tags: nbsp str ... span code REAC times written repeatedlyPHP Loop-While Loop Loop executes the number of times specified by the code block, or the loop executes the code block when the specified condition is true. PHP LoopsWhen you

python-the risk of a variable iterative object in a for loop risk on for loop while looping mutable iterable object

Label:>>> A = [1,2,3,4,5,6]>>> for item in a: ... A.remove (item) ... >>> a[2, 4, 6]Does it feel strange to see the code above? Intuitively, we just want to remove each element of queue a sequentially, in turn, and

Shell Scripts-Loop while,until,for

Tags: while until for shell scriptsWhile...do...doneUntil...do...doneFor...do...doneCopyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission not reproduced.Shell Scripts-Loop while,until,for

Python basic knowledge data type string operation if statement is not usage for loop while loop

Tags: star array abc sign upper dig ber split mustPython all data types are objectsprint(type(123))print(type(4545.666))print(type(1323.))print(type(‘adbn‘))<class ‘int‘><class ‘float‘><class ‘float‘><class ‘str‘>All data

Python Loop while,for Statement

Tags: while for break continueOneLoop statements (there are two types):While statementFor statementWhile statement:Problem: Enter an integer n to allow the program to output n rows:Hello 1Hello 2.......Hell NWhile statement:Function: Executes a

python-Loop while

Tags: = = Continue ber exits else while loop output append#python while loop statement numbers=[12,37,5,42,8,3]even=[]old=[]while len (numbers) >0: num=numbers.pop () if num%2 ==0: even.append (num) print (' even ', even)

PHP Loop-While loop understanding and use

The PHP loop-while loop plays an important role in PHP and is explained in this article. PHP Loops When you write code, you often need to have the same code block run repeatedly again and again. We can use loop statements in our code to accomplish

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