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Easy language How to write two threads? A thread loops through the graph. A thread loop button F2.

Easy language How to write two threads?A thread loops through the graph. A thread loop button F2.//. assembly variable parameter, integer type. assembly variable thread handle 1, Integer type. assembly variable thread handle 2, Integer typeStart Thread ( subroutine 1, parameter, thread handle 1)Start Thread ( subroutine 2, thread handle 2)//. Subroutine Sub-Program 1. parameter parameter 1, integer typeInfo

Java implementation Multithreading Classic problem: Using three threads to implement output ABCABC loops

(); }*/}//Output B's thread: class safetestb implements Runnable{Flag Flag; PublicSAFETESTB (flag flag) { This. Flag=flag; } Public voidRun () { while(true) {synchronized (flag) { while(true) {if(flag.i==1) {System.out.println ("B"); Flag.seti (); Flag.notifyall (); }Else{Try{flag.wait (); }Catch(Interruptedexception e) {//TODO auto-generated catch blockE.printstacktrace (); } } } } }

Jstack is simple to use to locate endless loops, thread blocking, deadlocks, and other issues. jstack threads

Jstack is simple to use to locate endless loops, thread blocking, deadlocks, and other issues. jstack threads Address: http://blog.csdn.net/wanglha/article/details/51133819 When we run a java program and find that the program is not moving, but we don't know where the problem is, we can use the jstack tool that comes with JDK to locate it; Let's just look at the example on the window platform;Endless loo

"JVM" Jstack queries consume maximum resource threads | Troubleshoot dead loops, etc.

Jstack applicationsFirst by: Ps-ef|grep JavaGet the Java PIDSee which thread is consuming the most resources:Find out the CPU-intensive threads in the process, and use the PS-LFP pid or ps-mp pid-o thread, Tid, time, or top-hp PID command to see all the thread usage under the process.found that thread 21742 occupies the most.Convert the most CPU-intensive thread ID (21742) to 16 binary命令:printf"%x\n"21742 的到 线程值 :54eeTo view Jstack generated files:Jst

Android Development Practice: Customizing worker threads with Message loops (Looper)

Mlooperrunnable.run () loopProtectedrunnablemlooperrunnable=newrunnable () {@ Overridepublicvoidrun () { while (!mIsLooperQuit) { mlock.lock (); Messagemessage=null; try{ while (!mIsLooperQuit mmessagequeue.isempty () ) { mcondition.await (); //sleep if no message arrives } message=mmessagequeue.poll (); } catch (interruptedexceptione) { e.printstacktrace (); } finally{ mlock.unlock (); } handlemessage (message);} };}(6) Modify the thread's stop () function to wake the dormant message looppub

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