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Batch export of attachments in the Lotus Notes database

Xiao Lei, software engineer, IBM Xiao Lei, software engineer, responsible for c api development in IBM Lotus Domino toolkit team. Kang Jian, Senior Software Engineer, IBM Kang Jian, Senior Software Engineer, responsible for testing in IBM Lotus Sametime team. Wu Zhonghua, software engineer, IBM Wu Zhonghua, Lotus N/d Mr Team Software Engineer, responsible for tes

Lotus Domino and relational database (LEI,DESC,JDBC connection) __ Database

Domino and relational database interaction is a common aspect of day-to-day project development that every Domino developer has written, and this article makes a simple summary of this.One, the tool article1. Use Lei (Lotus Enterprise Integrator)Lei's English full name is Lotus Enterprise Integrator, a previously known notespump upgrade, a server-based data distr

Bulk export of attachments in Lotus Notes database 2

Tags: des style http io os using Java AR forBatch export of attachments in Lotus Notes databaseThe Lotus Notes database is a document database where many attachments (such as Word documents, PDF documents, Excel documents, and so on) are often embedded in the rich text fields of the document. Users often need to export

Lotus Notes/domino 7 Application Performance: Part 2nd: Optimizing Database views

In Lotus Notes/domino 7 application performance, part 1th, we explored how to improve the performance of the Lotus Notes/domino 7 application by effectively using Database properties and collection of documents. In the 2nd part, we'll explain how to build a high-performance view. As in part 1th, this article also provides a lot of code snippets that you can reuse

Use Lotus Enterprise Integrator (LEI) to move Domino attachments to a relational database (graphics process)

Refer to IBM Solutions: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cn/lotus/LEI-attachments/index.htmlReprint Please specify source: http://blog.csdn.net/zhouyuqwert/article/details/6681442Some of these procedures are explained below:First, you need an empty copy of the form without any documentation, since the LEI Virtual documents activity at the back will listen to the empty form,Once the data is created or deleted, it will be reflected in a timely manner t

Lotus Notes/domino 7 Application Performance: Part 1th: Database properties and Document collections

Introduction: Lotus Notes/domino developers who do not want to hear the following comment: "This application is great, but too slow!" In this two-part article series, we'll explain how to build a Notes/domino application that optimizes performance to avoid embarrassing situations like this. One of the biggest drawbacks we know about a great app is that it's too slow to use--it's a waste of time and hard work for users because of their very slow respo

Batch export of attachments in Lotus Notes database

text fieldNtoe.setfolder (folder) ' Define save path 'Set Ntoe.doc=doc ' defines the doc to extract attachmentsNtoe.getobject ("Ocrm") ' extracting an attachment method using a custom classSet ntoe=nothing ' free memorySet Doc=doccol.getnextdocument (DOC)NextEnd IfEnd IfEnd SubTo build one more operation, write on:@Command ([Toolsrunmacro]; " Getemobject ")You can then use this key in the view to download the attachment directly from the view.Source: http://zwm136200.blog.163.com/blog/static/42

Use Lotus enterprise Integrator (LEI) to move Domino attachments to a relational database (Graphic Process)

See IBM solutions: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cn/lotus/LEI-attachments/index.html Reprinted please indicate the source: http://blog.csdn.net/zhouyuqwert/article/details/6681442 Some of these processes are explained as follows: First, an empty form copy without any documents is required, because the Lei virtual documents activity following the empty form will listen to it, Once data is created or deleted, it is immediately reflected in the relat

. NET reads the Lotus Domino file database

; - foreach(ObjectObjinchcols) - { - DiC. Add (ix, obj); - if(obj! =NULL) sb. Append (string. Format ("{0}\r\n", obj)); inix++; - } to } +Notesviewentry ve = view. Getentrybykey ("12345"); - if(ve! =NULL) the { * intIX =0; $ Object[] Objs =ve. Columnvalues;Panax Notoginseng foreach(ObjectObjinchObjs) - { thekeyvaluepairint,Object>

. NET reads the Lotus Domino file database and writes it to a DataTable

{ - Object[] Nobjs = (Object[]) obj; Aboutliststring> list =Newliststring>(); $ foreach(varNobjinchNobjs) - { -Sb. Append (string. Format ("{0}\r\n", nobj)); -List. ADD (string. Format ("{0}", nobj)); A } +Dr[kv. Value.tostring ()] =string. Join ("|", list); the } - Else $ { theSb. Append (string. Format ("{0}\

Database sharding, the "shared-nothing" approach database sharding

W smash a single database on a single server into a single database on multiple servershttp://www.agildata.com/database-sharding/Database Sharding provides a method for scalability across independent servers, each with their own CPU, memory and disk. Contrasted with other traditional methods of achieving greater

The PHP framework, like Blogmi, is a creative way to store site articles and configurations directly in PHP files rather than in a database, using read-write functions. What are the pros and cons of this approach?

Experienced in person, the response speed is very fast, than from the database to read the article much faster, but this way always feel there will be sequela. Is this approach suitable for personal small sites? (no complex features such as user registration and commenting) Can this framework be applied directly to the production environment? What are the sequelae of long-term use? Reply content: Exper

MySQL database ' replication ' approach

Label:MySQL database ' replication ' approach 2006-01-17 10:36:00 Tags: mysql SQL database casual workplace >mysqldump wap-u Root-ppassword--add-drop-table | MySQL test-u Root-ppasswordIn this way, the local WAP database is copied to the test database. Of course, the example

MySQL This database cannot be China's approach

Label: 1. Change the My.ini file for the MySQL installation folder (C:\Program files\mysql\mysql Server 5.5) Settings: Default-character-set=utf8 Character-set-server=utf8 Then restart the MySQL service. MySQL does not have to restart the command, to stop first, and then start again. Start, cmd, net stop mysql--net start MySQL 2. Set the format of the table encoding, run; ALTER TABLE Ttname CONVERT to CHARACTER SET UTF8; Ttname table name. Copyright notice: This article Bo Master original artic

How do I connect to a database using a pure Java approach?

();int i = stmt.executeupdate ("INSERT into ' subject ' (Subjectname,classhour,gradeid) VALUES (' History ', 101,1)");if (i > 0) {System.out.println ("Add success!"); }} catch (Exception e) {e.printstacktrace ();} finally {//Release Resourcesif (rs! = null) {try {rs.close ();} catch (SQLException e) {e.printstacktrace (); }rs = null; }if (stmt! = null) {try {stmt.close ();} catch (SQLException e) {e.printstacktrace (); }stmt = null; }if (conn! = null) {try {conn.close ();} catch (SQLException e

Python's approach to getting full data from a database

Tags: Imp second article Database connection Pool nbsp 2.0%s Auto-commitPython's approach to getting full data from a database Studied: 79503658 The original worship: ImportPsycopg2.pool fromDatetimeImportdatetime#Bulk Query Sizebatch_size = 1000defcursor_query ():#using a database connection pool, running with a norma

Python's approach to using MySQL database and an example

) cursor.execute (sql_update) Print (Cursor.rowcount) cursor.execute (sql_delete) print (cursor.rowcount) except Exception as E: print (e) conn.rollback () The insert is the same as the update operation, except that the UserID field in the delete is incorrectly written as Useri, which executes the code: You can see that the exception is displayed, so let's look at the database data: There is no change in the data. This is the

The database is not connected to a general approach

authorization is authorized to access the machine IP, determine the DB permissions controlMy problem is that there is a problem at the ②. It turns out that the default firewall of the Win7 system defaults to the 50000 port access that does not open the db. As a private development environment, my solution is simply to turn off the firewall of the database server's machine, so that the problem is solved. In fact, in the production environment, it is b

Accessing the database using an object-oriented approach

* from Car ORDER by Brand,powers #按照两个列排序7. Statistical queries (aggregation functions)Select COUNT (Code) from Car #查询总条数Select Max from Car #查询最大值Select min (Price) from Car #查询最小值Select AVG (price) from Car #查询平均值Select SUM (Price) from Car #查询总和8. Group queriesSelect Code,brand,count (*) from Car GROUP by Brand #根据系列分组查看每组的数据条数SELECT * FROM Car GROUP by Brand have Count (*) >2 #查询分组之后数据条数大于2的9. Paging QuerySELECT * from Car limit 5,5 #跳过几条数据取几条数据10. Go to re-querySelect distinct Nation from

An optimization approach to Oracle Real-time database

", Oracletype.varchar, 100);MYCOMMAND.PARAMETERS.ADD (Opvalue);OracleParameter OPJKD = Neworacleparameter (": Jkdid", Oracletype.varchar, 32);MYCOMMAND.PARAMETERS.ADD (OPJKD);OracleParameter OPJKCS = Neworacleparameter (": Jkdcs", Oracletype.varchar, 200);MYCOMMAND.PARAMETERS.ADD (OPJKCS);for (int p = 0; p {Stringonesql = Myllsls[p];int FS =onesql. IndexOf ("where jkd_id=");String jkdidstr = Onesql. Substring (fs +14);String[]jkdcs = Jkdidstr. Split (new string[] {"' and cs_id= '"},stringsplitop

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