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Overview of Lotus Domino/Notes toolkits (2) c API

2 Lotus C API 2.1 Introduction Among the toolkit of Domino/Notes, c api has the most powerful functions: Attackers can manipulate almost all data objects in the Notes database. Database and ACL Documents and Domains Form Views and

How to integrate J2EE applications with Domino

How to integrate J2EE applications with Domino Domino, Application 1. Domino and notes overview Lotus Notes was first launched in 1989, providing a brand new way for effective team collaboration because it allows team members to easily distribute up-

Lotus Domino/Notes toolkits Overview (1)

1 Overview 1.1 why do you need to know about Lotus toolkits? In the process of developing enterprise applications using Domino/Notes, the problem that Domino should be combined with other business systems is constantly encountered. Domino is a

Integration of J2EE applications and Domino

1. Domino and notes Overview Lotus Notes was first launched in 1989. since it allows team members to easily distribute the latest information and share ideas, it provides a completely new way for effective team collaboration. In 1995, when Lotus

Lotus Notes/domino C API memory management mechanism Introduction

The Lotus C API Toolkit is a series of Notes/domino-based API programming interfaces and data structures published by Notes/domino, which allows users to develop autonomous applications to access the Domino database, which is widely used in Domino

Lotus Domino/Notes toolkits Overview (4) Java

4 toolkit for Java/CORBA 4.1 features This is a for Java toolkit that can process data objects in the Notes database and have certain processing capabilities for data elements: Data Processing Document: Create, copy, modify, delete, and send

Lotus Domino/Notes toolkits Summary (iii) c ++ API

3 Lotus C ++ API 3.1 Introduction C ++ API is another toolkit based on c api. The two are similar: You can manipulate the vast majority of Data Objects in Domino/Notes: Database: Create, copy, copy, delete, and modify an ACL Document:

Lotus Domino/Notes toolkits Summary (6)

Lotus Domino/Notes toolkits Summary (6)6 notessqlNotessql is the ODBC driver of the Notes database and complies with ODBC 2.0 specifications.In terms of functions, notessql is similar to lddj. It is used to access data in the Notes database in

Personal favorites lotuser advanced series-use dsapi to customize user name and password authentication for Domino Web users

This article describes how to use the domino network server application ProgramThe Domino Web Server Application Programming Interface (dsapi) is used to customize user name and password authentication for Web users. A simple example is provided

Use dsapi to customize user name and password authentication for Domino Web users

The World Wide Web uses the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP ). The HTTP protocol includes a simple name-and-password authentication mechanism. It uses the simple challenge/response protocol and requires the user to enter the user name and password,

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