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IBM Lotus workplace product FAQs

IBM Lotus workplace product FAQs As a key part of the IBM Workplace series and a new software product released by IBM, what role does IBM Lotus workplace play in the IBM Workplace Family? I believe that you will have a comprehensive understanding of

Lotus, evergreen tree in the field of collaboration

1. Introduction to Lotus collaboration ideas 1.1 collaboration ideas Personnel play a decisive role in business results. IBM Lotus software focuses on Human Factors in the business and provides flexible, highly secure, and reliable solutions

Seven things Lotus Notes must know

Author:It168Li Qian Compilation2009-01 1   Mention LotusNotes, there are always a variety of responses, from the question of "Lotus is still alive" to the affirmation of "Lotus is vital to applications. As an excellent enterprise collaboration

Write quick search for new code in IBM Lotus Notes and Domino

Raphael Savir, main developer, ls development configurationraphael Savir is the main developer of LS Development Corporation (http://www.lsdevelopment.com) and has been committed to developing notes/Domino applications since the beginning of 1990s

Batch export of attachments in the Lotus Notes database

Xiao Lei, software engineer, IBM Xiao Lei, software engineer, responsible for c api development in IBM Lotus Domino toolkit team. Kang Jian, Senior Software Engineer, IBM Kang Jian, Senior Software Engineer, responsible for testing in IBM Lotus

Lotus Notes and eclipse manage and run Java programs

Use Eclipse IDE to develop Java proxies for Lotus Notes/Domino. Download and install eclipse, and then learn how easy it is to use eclipse to create a project, debug Java, refactor the proxy, and import the proxy to Domino designer. Java and

52. Template and Design elements--lotus notes code reuse

In both theory and practicality, code reuse is an important topic in programming. You can discuss code reuse from two angles. The first is how the code is reused in a logical way. It is not only through the popularization of object-oriented thought

Use adsync to integrate IBM Lotus Domino Directory and Microsoft Active Directory

Enterprise IT environments with multiple directory platforms are very common, while IBM Lotus Domino Directory and Microsoft Active Directory are popular in this case. This article describes a method to use the Lotus Domino active directory

Installation and configuration of the Lotus Sametime Server

Shen Rui, software engineer, IBM CSDL Shen Rui is currently working in ibm csdl activeinsight and is mainly engaged in the development of IBM WebSphere dashboard framework products. He has a strong interest in open-source software, welcome to

Introduction and trial of Lotus Symphony

We saw such a piece of news a few days ago: IBMOf36Ten thousand global employees are about to abandon MicrosoftOfficeUse your own office package insteadLotus Symphony. The message is fromIBMAn internal letter from senior management, but not yet

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