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What does the 2 type LSA do? There are no 2 types of LSA that cannot build a topology?

This question also puzzled me for a long time, a lot of various IE also can't answer up.There are no 2 types of LSA, and I have experimented with topologies that can be drawn according to the 1 class LSA . But one thing is missing: The description of the link is bidirectional. Take point-to-point, two routers will say I connect to you, you connect to me, as follows the first class is point-to. First Class

LSA of the OSPF protocol

LSA of the OSPF protocol The LSA concept of the OSPF protocol describes the router Lsarouter LSA Network lsanetwork LSA Network Rollup lsanetwork Summary LSA ASBR Rollup LSAASBR Summary LSA Autonomous System external lsaautonomou

Six LSA types of OSPF

The six main LSA types of OSPF are: the first type. router LSA. router lsa describes the link or interface connected to the physical interface of the ROUTER, and specifies the status and cost of the link. the router in each OSPF area generates the first LSA. it allows routers to know each other's link interfaces. flood

HCNP Study notes OSPF protocol principle and configuration 5-lsa analysis

Earlier, we have introduced the establishment of adjacency relationship and the synchronization of LSDB. Through the introduction of the synchronization process, we can understand that LSDB synchronization is implemented through the interactive LSA.The content of LSA emitted by different role routers is different, this article will introduce the structure and kind of LSA message, which can help us analyze t

SAP NetWeaver BW: bw layered Scalable Architecture (LSA) Building Blocks

Welcome to my second blog about the BW layered Scalable Architecture (LSA) the reference architecture for large scale BW dwhs/edws. in this blog we will have a look at the LSA building blocks, the cornerstones of your future BW architecture.What we discussed so far In my blog 'sap NetWeaver BW: What is the BW layered Scalable Architecture (LSA) all about? 'We hi

OSPF-7 Types of LSA

Because the OSPF protocol defines the types of routers, it is also necessary to define the types of various LSA advertisements.For example: A DR Router must advertise multiple access links and all routers connected to the link, while other types of routers will not need to advertise this type of information.Seven types of LSA for OSPF:1. Router LSA (Router

Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) Model Learning notes

Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) Model Learning notesLatent Semantic analysis models, implicit semantic analyses, which we often call LSA models. There's his brother pLSA and the LDA model, which we'll talk about later. These are the more classic models in NLP! Learning this model, the main summary of the three aspects: where can the LSA model be applied? The theor

Seven types of LSA in OSPF (link status announcement)

Seven types of LSA (link status announcement) in OSPF are also necessary to define multiple types of LSA announcements because the OSPF protocol defines multiple router types. For example, a DR router must advertise a multi-channel access link and all routers connected to this link, while other types of routersYou do not need to advertise this type of information. Seven types of

Filtering LSA (3) of Type 3 on the ABR in OSPF Environment)

LSA for filtering Type 3 in the OSPF environment-test Test-filter LSA of Type 3 that enters area 0 on R1 R1 (config-router) # area 0 filter-list prefix lsa3in in View the R1 Database R1#showipospfdatabase OSPFRouterwithID( RouterLinkStates(Area0) LinkIDADVRouterAgeSeq#ChecksumLinkcount

Latent Semantic Analysis Note (LSA)

1 LSA IntroductionThe LSA (latent semantic analysis) Latent semantic parsing, also known as LSI (Latent semantic index), is Scott Deerwester, Susan T. A new index and retrieval method was proposed by Dumais and others in 1990. The method, like the traditional vector space model, uses vectors to represent words (terms) and documents, and to determine the relationship between the words and documents through t

Filtering LSA (1) of Type 3 on the ABR in OSPF Environment)

Filter the LSA-topology of Type 3 on the abr in the ospf Environment LSA-requirement for filtering Type 3 in the OSPF Environment Start OSPF on two routers, and make the frame relay interface participate in Area 0. Add three loopback interfaces on each router, loop0, loop1, and loop2, three loopback interfaces of R1 participate in ospf region 1, and three loopback interfaces of R2 participate in ospf Regi

Detailed explanation of multi-area OSPF experiment LSA

One, topology map Ii. purpose of the experiment 1. Observe the content notification ID and link ID of each type of LSA 2. Who issued the various LSA, what is the role 3. Grab the package and look at the contents of the Hello Package Third, the experimental steps Start r3-r8, configure IP address and run OSPF by zone 110 1. Grab the bag and look at the contents of the Hello Package The contents of

OSPF LSA Type Easy Note

LSA Type:The 1-class LSA, the routing LSA, generates one per router, and the domain generates direct-attached neighbors and routed interface information (prefix,mask,metric) that do not span other regions, declaring the internal zone.Note: The 1 class LSA contains 3 link information: another Router (directly a

Scikit-learn: LSA (implicit semantic analysis) via non-negative matrix factorization (NMF or NNMF)

I've written two articles before, namely1) A review of matrix decomposition: scikit-learn:2.5. Matrix factor decomposition problem2) A brief introduction to TRUNCATEDSVD : Scikit-learn: Implementing LSA via TRUNCATEDSVD (implicit semantic analysis)Today, the discovery of NMF is also a very good and practical model, simply introduced, it also belongs to the scikit-learn:2.5. Matrix factor decomposition is part of the problem.The NMF is another method o

Ospf lsa notes

Ospf lsa notesIn AS, routers generate lsa based on classification, and las sets form lsdb. The routing descriptions in ospf are encapsulated in lsa. Router lsa (1): it is generated when no vro is available. It describes the link status and cost of the vro and transmits the Network

Understanding of the OSPF LSA

Routing information: LSA1 (in-domain), LSA3 (domain), LSA5 (extraterritorial) Topology Information: Pending completion Summary of OSPF LSA and stub Lsa:1 1: Each router will produce a class of LSA it contains all the link extremely prefix and mask information, link type. 2: Identify your own Route-id number (who generated this

Filtering Type 3 LSA (2) on the abr in the ospf Environment)

LSA for filtering Type 3 in the OSPF environment-test Test-check the content of the ospf database before applying LSA filtering. R1#showipospfdatabase OSPFRouterwithID( RouterLinkStates(Area0) LinkIDADVRouterAgeSeq#ChecksumLinkcount NetLinkStates(Area0) LinkIDADVRouterAgeSeq#C

Latent Semantic Analysis LSA

space. Find the relevance of words from a semantic point of view, which can be used in the "Choice Answer Model" (Multi choice Qustions answering model). Some of the disadvantages of LSA are as follows: The newly generated matrices are poorly interpreted. For example, {(car), (truck), (flower)}? {(1.3452 * car + 0.2828 * truck), (flower)} (1.3452 * car + 0.2828 * truck) can

Early methods of TopicModel-LSA (implicit Semantic Analysis) SVD

Early methods of TopicModel-LSA (implicit Semantic Analysis) SVD LSA and SVD The purpose of LSA (implicit semantic analysis) is to discover the hidden semantic dimensions-"Topic" or "Concept" from the text ". We know that in the spatial vector model (VSM) of the document, the document is represented as a multidimensional vector consisting of the probability of o

Singular Value Decomposition and application (PCA & amp; LSA)

Singular Value Decomposition and application (PCA LSA), decomposing pca I have saved a lot of mathematical knowledge here. It is recommended that readers with weak mathematics should first look at Chapter 18th of PCA: For details about PCA, see Here we mainly want to explain how to solve PCA from the perspective of SVD. PCA is mainly used to find the spindle with the changing data. We all kn

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