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Solving four problems of TD-LTE and lte fdd fusion networking

distribution, TD-LTE mainly work in the 2.6 GHz band, while lte fdd has not yet issued a license, the frequency band is not fixed, we predict its possible frequency band is 1.8 GHz. In this context, the coverage performance of lte fdd is better than that of TD-LTE network. In terms of capacity performance,

Carrier aggregation, LTE-Hi surfaced to seize the commanding heights of LTE-A Evolution

China's LTE commercialization is approaching, and the industry's attention to the subsequent evolution of LTE has reached a new peak. Compared with 3G, LTE significantly improves the spectrum efficiency. However, the industry has not stopped. A few years ago, 3GPP began to research and develop the LTE-Advanced standard

4G TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE two models, do you understand?

4G TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE two models, do you understand? At present, there are two 4G standards based on LTE, namely lte fdd and lte tdd (China is used to call lte tdd TD-LTE, both stand

Td-lte and FDD LTE who faster?

Currently there are two 4G standards based on LTE, namely LTE FDD and LTE TDD (the domestic custom of LTE TDD is called Td-lte). See the name you will have an intuitive impression, the two standards are based on the different branches of

To learn LTE, be sure to read the "LTE Self-study guide" first

LTE beginners, if you also for the LTE self-study and confused;LTE scholars, if you're still worried about the effectiveness of LTE learning,If you want to learn LTE well instead of simply learning about LTE,To make

The Charm Clan MX5 cracked unicom/Mobile 4g/3g (TD-LTE/TD-SCDMA/FDD-LTE/WCDMA)

The Charm Clan MX5 cracked unicom/Mobile 4g/3g (TD-LTE/TD-SCDMA/FDD-LTE/WCDMA) Prerequisite: To ensure adequate electricity, at least 50%. Use pea pods, application treasure, etc. to back up important information. 1, download MX5 General edition firmware ( 2, after downloading, the handset and the computer through the data line connection. Hint: The screenshot b

Translation lte/lte-advanced for Mobile Broadband-10.4

-frame is to allow the terminal to decode the downlink dispatch information at an early stage (the translator note: The terminal can know how to decode the Dl-sch information), so that the terminal before the end of the sub-frame transmission can be Dl-sch demodulation and decoding, reduce dl-sch decoding delay, This reduces the delay of the overall downstream transmission. More importantly, the control domain is placed at the beginning of the sub-frame, then those non-scheduled terminals do not

Brief Introduction to wireless TD-LTE-Advanced Technology

ms as the unit of data scheduling and transmission (TTI ). Sub-frame #1 and #6 can be configured as special sub-frame, which contains three special time slots: DwPTS, GP and UpPTS, meaning and function is similar to the TD-SCDMA system. Taking advantage of the flexible time allocation feature of TDD, wireless TD-LTE supports 7 different upstream/downstream time proportional allocation, from allocating most

Cluster technology into the 4G era: TD-LTE in the private network market first (1)

, on the other hand, the demand for wireless communication in the industry is transitioning from a single voice cluster to a speech cluster, broadband data, and video application integrated scheduling. In addition, it puts forward higher requirements for performance indicators such as latency and capacity." However, due to the bottleneck of network bandwidth, users have higher requirements for industry-specific private network wireless communication,

LTE physical Transmission Resources (1)-Frame structure

only 0.75 times times the normal downlink sub-frame when scheduling , so the amount of data transmitted is small. In general, when the upper and lower sub-frames are matched, special sub-frames are considered as downlink sub-frames. is shown in the TDD format, the seed frame up and down line ratio relationship. and Uppts because the time is too short, not for data transmission, can be used as a random access PRACH (remember the random access DCI Form

Ack/Nack bundling and multiplexing in TDD LTE

with pdsch transmission and with pdcch indicating dl sps release 0, 0 1 1 or 5 or 9 0, 1 2 2 or 6 1, 0 3 3 or 7 1, 1 4 0 or 4 or 8 If the UE receives the message, it indicates that the UE will have pusch transmission in the sub-frame n. Otherwise, the UE will not receive the message. At this time, LTE will indicate that the UE should receive n-k, (wherein) downlink sub-frame, there is

New Solution for LTE Networks"

. Everyone has their own advantages and shortcomings. Although diligent, it is not so easy to ask everyone to do this. In a team, using the knowledge and skills of each member to work together and give full play to their personal advantages, this team will be extremely powerful. Scheduling algorithm-Team Incentive Mechanism In LTE, scheduling refers to allocating

Overview of the physical layer of LTE and explanation of basic concepts

(PUCCH)-which contains in Formation including channel quality info, acknowledgements, and scheduling requests. PUCCH is assigned by subframe the instead of by slot. The location of the PUCCH in the first slot alternates in the pattern: Resource Block 0, N-1, 1, N-2, 2, N-3, ... Where N is the frequency width of the frame in units of RB. The location of the PUCCH resource blocks in the second slots is the one, the mirrors the location of the resource

LTE learning path (5)-Physical Layer

(Re,Resource element) For each antenna port, a unit corresponding to a sub-carrier on an OFDM or SC-FDMA symbol is called a resource unit; Resource particle set(REG,Resource Element Group) Reg = 4re Resource Block(Rb,Resource block) In a time slot, a physical resource with a consecutive width of kHz in the frequency domain is called a resource block; The most common scheduling unit in the LTE system. upstre

Highlights of LTE problems (4)

control channel (pucch) transmits upstream control information, and physical downlink control channel (pdcch) transmits DCI. During Enode B scheduling, allocate the data transmission resource location for the UE and notify the UE through DCI. In the middle, at the time of N, the UE first obtained the pdcch blind solution, and obtained any of the DCI formats 1 to 2a, so that we can know the location of the UE downstream data and the modulation encodin

LTE downlink Physical layer transport mechanism (9)-centralized and distributed resource mapping

In LTE systems, the dynamic scheduling of RB resources is implemented on the ENB side, where the "RB resource" is actually referred to as virtualRB rather than physical RB(physical RB). VRB is the MAC layer used in the scheduling, is a logical concept, and PRB is the physical layer in the actual mapping of RE resources need to use, belonging to the actual physica

LTE downlink Physical layer transport mechanism (5) selection and dci1a of-DCI format

role, is the bearer of the current sub-frame pdsch scheduling control information ; the second function is the network side The PDCCH Order is initiated by DCI1A and the non-competitive random access process is triggered . For non-competitive random access related content, please refer to the LTE-TDD random access process (6)-sub-scenario description of competitive access and non-competitive access proces

LTE and FTTH are two technical levers in the next 10 years

In December 5, Wei leping, director of China Telecom Technology Commission, said that after China Telecom obtained a 4G license, it will coordinate the coordinated development of LTE and FTTH and give full play to its respective advantages ~ In the past 10 years, LTE and FTTH will be two major technical levers for China Telecom. In terms of 4G network planning, China Telecom will first adopt TDD and FDD hyb

Influence of LTE technology on PTN

Influence of LTE technology on PTN China and the rest of the world are entering the brand new 4G/LTE era at full speed. As a mobile return technology, PTN faces severe challenges even after years of evolution and maturity. Some of these technological changes are huge enough to trigger a PTN revolution. This article takes into account the deployment of macro base stations and micro base stations, and review

Layered Structure of LTE air Interfaces

Layered Structure of LTE air Interfaces Layered Structure of LTE air Interfaces LTE air interface layer structure, and WCDMA air interface layer structure is the same, from top to bottom is also divided into several layers of RRC-PDCP-RLC-MAC-PHY, RRC belongs to the network layer, PDCP, RLC and MAC belongs to the link layer, PHY belongs to the physical layer. T

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