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Fflib fflua--c++ Embedding lua& extension LUA tool [turn]

Summary:In server development using C + +, scripting techniques are often used, and Lua is one of the best embedded scripts. The lightweight, compact and simple concept of Lua makes him more and more popular. I have also used Python to do embedded

[Script]-learn Lua through examples

Source:   It is said that the author of this article is ogdev's hack master. Use examples to learn about Lua (1) ---- Hello World 1. PrefaceThe scripting language is indispensable in

How to use c api in Lua scripting language

As an Embedded Language, Lua provides a complete c api for Lua code to interact with the host program. Of course, the host language should be C or C ++. For other languages, for example, embedding Lua in the mono environment that has been popular

To write a LUA extension by using C + + in manual

Recently in the study of how to embed Lua in Windows to complete the business module authoring some problems, first Lua as a scripting language, its flexibility and scalability is very high, otherwise cocos2d-x will not embed him to write business

[Unity3D] Lua in Unity3D game development is connected to the game's (medium) and unity3dlua

[Unity3D] Lua in Unity3D game development is connected to the game's (medium) and unity3dlua Certificate ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Deep understanding of the stacks of LUA and C data communication

Note: The original text was also issued in the company's internal forum The stack that LUA interacts with C is an important concept. The article first explains why you should introduce the LUA stack, then summarizes the APIs that are commonly used

[Unity3d] Unity3d game development of Lua and the game's indissoluble Bond (middle)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------Like my blog Please remember my name: Qin Yuanpei , my blog

Lua introduces the application in C # projects.

Application of Lua in C # project: Lua is a small scripting language. The author is Brazilian. The language is designed to be embedded into an application and provide flexible scalability and customization for the application. Its home page is www.

Install PHP's LUA extension library under Linux

First, install LUA 5.3.4Download 4 . Tar.gztar xvf Lua-5.3. 4 . TAR.GZCD Lua-5.3. 4Important: Enter the unzipped path CD .../lua-5.3.4/src open the makefile file on the Cflag line to add options-fpic like this:The line

Design and implementation of Lua1.1 Lua (i.)

Reprint Source: This document is a file in the doc directory of Lua1.1.At the same time this document can be found here: original copyright belongs to the

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