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C Calling the Lua function is a problem to consider _lua

The issues to consider: 1. Use Lua_pcall to call the LUA function, first put the LUA function into the stack, and then put the parameters into the stack, Lua_pcall (luastate, number of parameters, number of return values, 0);2. To recall the LUA

Call the Lua Function

Translation from Call the Lua Function This is the second tutorial series of Lua script language. In the first article, we learned how to compile and run "Hello, world!" in Windows and Linux! "

How to call the Lua Function

CallLua FunctionThe usage is described in this article. This tutorial covers Lua5.1. InLuaEach version. The following Sample Code cannot be run in the old version of Lua. This article will teach you howLuaDefineFunctionAnd then call it in the C/C ++

Efficient Lua function call

Generally, the following steps are required to call a Lua function: // 1. parse the function name and apply the Lua function to the stack. Findluaitem ( " A. B. C. func " ); // 2. Parameter pressure Stack Lua_push () //

Calling Lua function from C + + Lua function from C + + is very simple. Value passing between C + + Lua goes through stack, LUA C API provides a convenience ways for the call Lua function f Rom C. To call Lua function, you

Call the Lua function (zz) in C/C ++)

Http:// [Convert] The Lua function is called in C/C ++. 1. Configure the Work Environment A. Download The Lua installation B. decompress the

Lua Learning (7)--lua function

There are two main uses of the Lua function:1. Complete the specified task, in which case the function is used as the calling statement;2. Calculates and returns a value, in which case the function is used as an expression of an assignment statement.

Call the Lua function in C.

Let's look at a simple example: Lua_state * l = NULL;// Internally call the Lua function Double F (Double X, Double Y) {Double Z; lua_getglobal (L, "F"); // obtain the Lua function f lua_pushnumber (L, x); // Press Parameters X and Y lua_pushnumber (

Lua function (1)

Function purpose: 1. Complete the specified task. In this case, it is used as a call statement. 2. Calculate and return values. In this case, the function is used as the expression of the value assignment statement. The parameter of the function is

To pass the Lua function to the instance _lua in C + +

Problem In Lua, because a function is also the first class value, there is a parameter that takes the function as another function, or a function as the return value of the function. This mechanism can be more flexible and concise in many places,

Research on LUA function execution flow and function continuation point problem

First: The overall flow of LUA function callsIn the case of a protective call, the process of function calls in Lua is as follows, and the process of unprotected calls is simpler, please trace the Lua_ callfunctionint Docall (lua_state *l, int narg,

Ulua Learning call Lua function (v)

ObjectiveIn my first article in this series, I mentioned the configuration and extensibility of the Lua script for hosting scripts. The call to an external LUA script in the previous section corresponds to the configuration of one of its two major

C + + callback Lua function, implementing event

Based on the previous articleCOCOS2DX exporting C + + classes for LUA useThe previous article was mainly because the LUA function could not be called, but this article can call the LUA function, then the purpose of the implementation is much

Lua function call 1 -- Detailed description of closures and C calls

Here, we will briefly record the knowledge of closures in Lua and C closure calls. Prerequisite: in Lua API Note 2, we have analyzed the structure of the Lua median, which is a combination of tvalue {value, TT}. If you have any questions, please

Two Methods for callback of The Lua function in the C Module

The two methods for callback of The Lua function by the C Module: lua and C. The interaction through the Virtual stack is simple and reliable, but the disadvantage is that C will write a little more code for Stack balancing. Today I will share with

The LUA function is recorded

These standard LUA functions are available in most LUA parsing. It is indisputable that we can look at the LUA Web site, but some of the fewer functions have been blizzard. All LUA functions are listed below. The LUA note in WoW API does not provide

Lua note-implementation of a class that calls the Lua function in C ++

This class is basically obtained from luaplus. Why does it not support luaplus? Because I really don't know how to compile the old version that can be compiled, in addition, the previous versions have bugs, and there are shadows in use. If you don't

C + + calls LUA function 2 in the way Previous sequel .. Where handler  is obtained by manually changing  tolua  generated  cpp files. Void toluafunc::callluafunc (Const char*arg) {Cc_assert (handler > 0,  "Call lua  func  ' s handle 

Required documents for beginners: Lua function learning notes

Lua FunctionLearning notes are the content to be introduced in this article.LUA FunctionSo that we can learn quickly. TheseFunctionAllLuaFor a part of the programming language, Click here for more information. Assert (value)-check whether a value is

Integration of Lua script learning notes in Delphi 2 _ call the Lua function (details)

I have studied in detail the subtle process of the main program calling the Lua function.Call the Lua FunctionFunction add (x, y) Return x + y End After the Lua library has been opened and the script is loaded, the main program uses the following

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