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Apply Lua in your game

This article is transferred from zx9597446's blog,Welcome to Lua Interested friends exchange, mailto: Apply Lua (1) in your game: run the interpreter in your game code Generally, you want to read some information at the beginning

[Unity3D] Lua in Unity3D game development is connected to the game's (medium) and unity3dlua

[Unity3D] Lua in Unity3D game development is connected to the game's (medium) and unity3dlua Certificate ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

vs2013 how to invoke Lua in C + + (ii)

Lua Learning notes vs2013 How to invoke Lua in C + + (this is a reprint tutorial) I tried it completely.First, the preparatory work1, download Lua source code, Address: (I use the latest version of the current 5.2.3)2

QT Learning notes: Using LUA in QT

Today I want to use LUA for data manipulation in QTIt turns out that there are fewer articles using LUA in Qt, though it's simple, but it's written to provide a primer, by the way, to recordI'm using the QT Creator 3.4.2, with the mingw4.9.2

How to run Lua in Mac OS X (Running lua on Mac OS X)

Reference article:1) in the development of the game for iOS, my development machine is iPhone5. The LUA language is required in the development of the game

Cocos2d-x Lua in-frame animation

Cocos2d-x Lua in-frame animationFrame animation is to display the frame picture at a certain time interval, in a certain order, frame by frame. Our art to draw each frame for the sprite movement, so the frame animation will be composed of a lot of

The development Environment Configuration tutorial for Lua in various operational systems _lua

LUA Development environment settings If you are willing to set up your LUA programming locale, you need to use the following two software on your computer, (a) text editor, (b) Lua interpretation, and (c) the LUA compiler.Text Editor This will be

Cocos2d-x Lua binding implements custom objects that access Lua in C + +

LUA binding is simpler than jsbinding, and it is easy to implement classes and objects that Access C + + in Lua, whether using scripts to automatically bind or manually write bound code. But if you want to access the custom classes and objects in

vs how to invoke Lua in C + +

Recently COCOS2DX learning Jam, the general copy code I do not want to write up, but want to sample also want me dizzy ... To relax the brain and adjust the state, start learning Lua. Lua's grammar learning is relatively simple, learning JavaScript

Application of Lua in online game tasks

Lua was born to be game-related; Since Warcraft launched it, more and more gaming companies have used it. Access to the NPC is closely related to the game logic. A transaction box, create box, and task dialog box are displayed, which are basically

Win32 QT and Lua in use (ii): Using QT classes in LUA scripts

The words are connected to the article. After successfully configuring Qt+lua+tolua, we can implement classes that use each QT in a Lua script. Look directly at the code.#include "include/lua.hpp" #include #include #include #include static int

Unity3d development of Lua in IOS on the pit summary

The same LUA code works on Android, but it may not work properly on IOS, resulting in red, crash, and so on, some of the pits I encountered while using LUA programming are summarized below:1. File.readalltext, such as the following code will

Compile Lua in centos to support dynamic links.

When compiling Lua in Linux, I usually use make generic. In this way, compilation is fine and all programs running Lua are OK. However, this way, the external C dynamics are loaded. Links to the library, but always reports the following errors

Embed Lua in your program

Original: Http:// Introduced This article describes how to embed Lua in your own program. What is LUA LUA is an extended programming language (Dynamic parsing language) with simple data descriptions. It

Calling Lua in c\c++

Calling LUA functions in the 1.c\c++ programMethod One:#include "stdafx.h"#include #include #include #include "lua.hpp"Const char* Lua_function_code = "function dealstr (str) \Return String.gsub (str,\ "world\", \ "Lua\") \End ";void Call_function

Nesting using LUA in Cocos2d-x projects

First, configure the environmentFirst, download Lua's source code to the LUA website ( and extract the following folders:Open the SRC folder in the terminal and enter the following command to compile the LAU/LAUX/LIBLUA.A under

The first use of LUA in String.gsub

Today, in the process of learning Lua and being familiar with the project code, I found string.gsub to be a good senior, so this mark.The following is an introduction to lua5.1 's official documentation.string.gsub(s, pattern, repl [, N]) Returns a

[Original] Two models of asynchronous programming, the closure callback, and the coroutine of Lua, in which case it consumes much more

Today we talked about the CPS variants as closure callbacks (typically C # and JS), and Lua, a coroutine with a real stack that can yield and resume, the pros and cons of two solutions for writing asynchronous processing logic in a synchronous

How to invoke Lua in coco2dx-3.0

A method of exporting classes to LUA with 3.0 of tools, and actively generating the code yourself.Ever wanted to export C + + classes to Lua. You have to manually maintain the pkg file, it is simply a nightmare. After 3.0 you will feel life is very

Call Lua in Lupa-Python

Lupa integrates luajit into the python module and runs Lua in Python.Code. It's interesting. Maybe it will be used later. record it. Basic usage: Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)> >>>

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