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Lua introduces the application in C # projects.

Application of Lua in C # project: Lua is a small scripting language. The author is Brazilian. The language is designed to be embedded into an application and provide flexible scalability and customization for the application. Its home page is www.

[Unity3d] Unity3d game development Lua and the game's indissoluble bond (next)

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[Unity3D] Lua of Unity3D game development and unity3dlua

[Unity3D] Lua of Unity3D game development and unity3dlua Certificate ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Detailed description of the implementation principles of Lua 5.0

Lua 5.0Implementation principle learning notes are described in this article,LuaThe development language of small software was born in a scientific laboratory. It is widely used in game development by many large projects in the world. What do we

Skills training for LUA Unity3d game development

Below we start today's unity3d skills training. We learn Unity3d training goals: let U3d beginners can more quickly grasp the u3d technology, make changes to their own materials, can be completed independently 2D, 3D small-scale games and web game

Lua is not in. Net (not many people seem to be studying it)

I haven't gotten into a blog for a long time. I have been busy with my work since I changed my job. I also think that my personal abilities are relatively limited. But what I can't help but is that many things have oppressed myself on the technical

A concise introductory tutorial on the Lua scripting language _lua

This is a systematic learning of the scripting language of Lua these days, and the Lua script is a lightweight script that is also known as the most performance-efficient script, used in many areas where performance is required, such as: Game

LUA and. NET CLR call each other

Construction Environment: Download the file, use the DLL as LuaInterface.dll, Lua51.dll, Luanet.dll in the built directory LuaInterface.dll is a C # DLL that needs to be referenced in the project Lua51.dll,

Install LUA error

1. download at the website Download Address 2. Upload to Linux 3. Installation [Root@centos lua-5.2.3]# make /do ' make PLATFORM ' where PLATFORM are one of these: AIX ANSI BSD FreeBSD Gener IC Linux macosx

Introduction to Lua, compiling and installing tutorials and variables, etc. _lua

Business useful to Lua, and Nginx combined to achieve high-performance Web applications, want to understand this knowledge, to understand the learning of the next Lua, welcome to the big click of the advice. 1. Lua Introduction LUA is a simple

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