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Play Cocos2d-x lua-binding for C + + and LUA hybrid programming

IntroductionCity Wizard Go ( is a cocos2d-x-based lbs social game, through the exploration of real maps, discovering and capturing hidden wild Elves, using the game's rich gameplay to enhance and evolve their own elves team,

Cocos2dx-lua mixed use with C + +

This article is reproduced in of the above questions I think we need to think about before we use LUA, what are the advantages of LUA? What are the drawbacks? Find your own project positioning

Lua language in the game development world

In reality, game development often faces two conflicting pressures: Testing and verifying new ideas, and fast development and delivery.Integrating the scripting language into a game project can improve the development efficiency of the team and

Lua Game Development Practice Guide

Lua Game Development Practice GuideBasic InformationOriginal Title: Game Development with LuaAuthor: (US) Paul schuytema mark manyenTranslator: Tian JianSeries name: Chapter Hua programmer LibraryPress: Machinery Industry PressISBN:

Lua Game Development Practice Guide Study Notes 1

This article provides some learning notes based on the Lua Game Development Practice Guide. It is only used to continue some of your learning knowledge. Lua Basics 1. Language definition: In Lua, identifiers have a lot of flexibility (variables and

Lua Game Development Practice Guide Study Notes 2

Learn more about Lua I take notes from the Lua game development practice guide, which mainly records some knowledge points in the book. 1. Functions A function is the main tool used to divide the game script function. It is a Lua code block called

Lua game script language getting started

Lua gamesScriptLanguageThis document describes how to get started.LuaProgram Design. I suppose everyone has learned at least one programming.LanguageSuch as Basic or C, especially C. BecauseLuaIs used as a script in the Host Program. LuaThe syntax

Lua is not in. Net (not many people seem to be studying it)

I haven't gotten into a blog for a long time. I have been busy with my work since I changed my job. I also think that my personal abilities are relatively limited. But what I can't help but is that many things have oppressed myself on the technical

Cocos2d-x Lua reads Csv files for easier use of data, cocos2d-xcsv

Cocos2d-x Lua reads Csv files for easier use of data, cocos2d-xcsv There is a Csv file shadow in my book or the source code I once sold. Maybe it's preemptible. The longest configuration file I will use at work will be Csv, so I can't help but

Lua Game Development Practice Guide

Book address: One-sentence comment on the book: those who want to use Lua for game Script Development are worth reading! (1) features of this book There are few Chinese books dedicated to Lua on the market.

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